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How can trains go through mountains, cars drive under water, or people walk under busy roads? Tunnels! These strong structures are important for moving people and things from one place to another, but building them can take a long time. Large, heavy blocks must be positioned and glued in place, and then the glue needs to dry for a month before the tunnel is safe to use. So, one construction company invented a way to build sturdy tunnels 90% faster than usual. 

The new building technique uses connectable bricks and a new kind of construction truck with a tunnel-shaped top. A crane stacks large concrete blocks on the truck to make the tunnel walls, using the truck as a frame. Each block connects to the ones above and below it, like Legos do. The blocks settle into place as the truck drives away. The new tunnel keeps its arched shape without any glue at all, so there is no need to wait a month before using it! 

Click the image below to see a tunnel being built:

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