Algae Lamp

Green things like trees and algae need carbon dioxide from the air in order to grow. A single tree can use 48 pounds of carbon dioxide a year! Algae may be small, but many of them together can use even more carbon dioxide than a tree. Pierre Calleja, a French biochemist, is using algae to fight climate change with his design for a new lamp.

The lamp is made from a glass container filled with water, where algae can grow, and a light bulb in the center. The algae uses carbon dioxide in the air to create energy that powers the light bulb. The algae lamp can capture over 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. That's more than 150 times as much as a tree absorbs! These lamps can help keep the Earth healthy because too much carbon dioxide can trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to climate change. 

While this design is in its beginning stages, Pierre Calleja hopes that in the future, the algae lamp will appear along highways, city streets, or in homes.

Click the image below to see how the algae lamp works. 

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