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Take a tour of our interactive and printable features for kids! Each description below includes an explanation of educational goals, and tips for exploring these games with children.

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About Face
About Face lets children match a character's facial expression with how he or she might feel in a given situation. Developed in close consultation with the National Center for Accessible Media, the game can be used to explore the fact that facial expressions are important, especially when communicating with people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Play this game with your children, and ask them to show you the expressions they make when they are happy, sad, confused, etc. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Alien: Assembly Required
Alien: Assembly Required is a game of infinite creative possibilities that lets your children create their own alien race! Children can gain an empowering sense of artistic ownership over their unique online creations. Use this game as an opportunity to build something funny together, or challenge each other to see who can build the craziest creature! (Plug-in required: Flash)
Animal Home Builder
Everybody needs a home — and that goes for animals, too! In Animal Home Builder, players help George build cozy areas for the various cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds that his friends bring in. Players select and paint walls, cut out doors, hammer down roofs, and choose accessories to make these animals as happy as they can be. So, come on down to George's workshop and lend a hand! (Just remember your safety goggles.)
Arthur Delivers
Arthur Delivers is a fast-moving systems-thinking game. Arthur and his friends have a bicycle courier service, and they need your help delivering as many items as they can. The gameplay is simple: just click the gates to guide the bikes. But as more requests are made, and more couriers added, lots of quick choices need to be made to keep the customers happy. As a bonus, if you're logged into Kart Kingdom, the PBS Kids Virtual World, you can earn special powerups to help increase your score!
Arthur's Top 20
Arthur's Top 20 celebrates 20 years of ARTHUR being on the air. This collection of minigames reaches deep into the vaults of ARTHUR lore. Henry Skreever books! The lucky pencil! Thelma the singing bass! Not to mention, Yamlet! (Ah, we knew you well...) These and many other classic items are featured in a variety of simple-yet-challenging games to test a player's reflexes, logic — and nostalgia.
Arthur's Tricks and Treats
Arthur's Tricks and Treats combines the thrills of Halloween with systems thinking! Arthur is giving out treats, and it's the player's job to help him dole out each trick-or-treater's requests. Sounds simple? It is! However, what would Halloween be without tricks? Once the scary spiders, spooky ghosts, annoying bats, and eerie power outages appear, it's a true challenge to juggle everything — but careful planning can help lead to a new high score! Bonus: to be accessible to players of different abilities, this game is self-leveling! The better a player does, the harder the game gets, and vice versa. So give it a try — if you dare...
Art Gallery
Art Gallery showcases children's drawings through the eyes of Binky Barnes, who presents them as the works of art they really are. Browse the gallery with your children, and talk about what you see. Encourage your children to send their own drawings to Binky.
Ask Prunella
Ask Prunella is a fun reading activity that gives children a peek into Prunella's crystal ball. Encourage children to make up stories based on some of Prunella's quirky predictions about Arthur and his friends.
Baby Kate Stickers
Baby Kate's Stickers is an interactive feature that introduces pre-readers to the basic concepts of correspondence: create something, send it, and receive a response. Children create a unique note for Baby Kate using a variety of online "stickers," send it to her, and receive an immediate reply. This feature offers lots of creative possibilities and responses, so the more kids play, the more fun they can experience!
Being a Friend
Being a Friend is part of the AIM Buddy Project, and comprises five interactive games and comics designed specifically to be played by a younger child along with an older sibling, parent, or caregiver. These games and comics help kids explore, discuss, and get to the heart of the concepts of generosity, forgiveness, learning from others, honesty, and empathy. Arthur's Giving and Keeping Game helps kids explore the challenges of generosity. Buster's Growing Grudge takes on the concept of forgiveness, and why it can sometimes be difficult. Dear Adil follows Arthur as he learns HOW to learn about a new culture. In Francine's Tough Day, kids explore why honesty can be quite a challenge (even if it is "the best policy.") And So Funny I Forgot to Laugh, focused on empathy, poses the question: what happens when everyday joking crosses the line?
Brain Game
Brain Game is an ARTHUR trivia quiz. Children will love testing their ARTHUR knowledge, and they'll be practicing their reading skills as they do it! (They can access helpful hints if they get stumped.) Try playing this game with your children by taking turns reading questions aloud and submitting answers.
Buster Baxter, Lung Defender
Buster Baxter, Lung Defender lets kids travel into Buster's lungs to protect him from asthma triggers. Along the way kids will learn about the different triggers, how they can affect the lungs of someone with asthma, and how an inhaler works to help Buster feel better. Plus, with success comes reward: kids can work their way up from cadet all the way to Extra Super-Duper Awesome Defender! (Plug-in required: Flash)
Character Builder
Character Builder allows you to have fun building your own ARTHUR character! Choose a girl or boy, then customize everything from clothing to face to hair. When you're done, you can pose your character, or save to your desktop. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Comic Creator
Comic Creator lets kids create their own Arthur comic! Comics can either be imagined from scratch or can begin with a "Story Starter," a comic that needs some finishing! With tons of characters, backgrounds, props, speech bubbles, and the ability to type in their own dialogue and stories, there are endless creative possibilities. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Connect the World
Connect the World is an interactive card game that children play online against Buster. Along the way, they learn interesting tidbits about some of the world's cultures, and gain a greater awareness that they are part of a diverse world neighborhood. Supporting information is provided via an interactive world map. Use this game to spark a conversation about differences and similarities between cultures. Please note that this game can be very challenging, and children may not always win. Discuss the ideas of winning and losing with your children, and encourage them to keep trying. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Crank It Up
Crank It Up allows children to mix funky sounds made by everyday objects to create their own unique musical compositions. This feature not only allows children to create their own multi-layered rhythms, but also to use sounds coded to the computer keyboard to riff on top. (Children can even record their musical masterpieces and send them to friends!) The main goal of this feature is to enforce the idea that music is a form of self-expression that is accessible to everyone. After playing this game with your children, use some everyday household items (pots, pans, wooden spoons, etc.) and make music together! (Plug-in required: Flash)
Don't Wake Kate
Don't Wake Kate is an interactive game in which children help D.W. get across a darkened room without tripping on Baby Kate's toys. This increasingly tricky memory activity encourages children to remember sounds and visual cues as they build a mental map of the floor. An entertaining game in itself, it was also designed with consultation from the National Center for Accessible Media with the goal of helping sighted children begin to understand what it's like to be blind or have some sight loss. Use this game to talk to your children about how blind people might develop mental maps to find their way across even the most familiar room. (Plug-in required: Flash)
D.W. & Bud's Backyard Adventure
D.W. & Bud's Backyard Adventure finds the duo embarking on an epic quest, using their powers of imagination, collaboration, and problem solving. Join them as they make their way past trap doors, sliding walls, and lots of other obstacles... including snakes (why did it have to be snakes?). Help them collect all the statue pieces and put them back together!
D.W.'s Island Bugball
D.W.'s Island Bugball is a minigolf-style game celebrating D.W.'s birthday! In PLAY mode, players can enjoy the nine-hole bugball course, with the ability to adjust the difficulty level. In MAKE mode, players can create their own hole, customizing it however they want. Full of variability, and fun and challenging gameplay, D.W's Island Bugball gives players the chance to experiment and test levels — and maybe even offer challenges to their friends and family!
Effective Detective
Effective Detective is an online game in which children help Fern distinguish one specific ARTHUR character from the rest of the pack. Developed to hone observation and description skills, this game can be used to gently enforce the idea that these basic skills are important, especially when communicating with someone who is blind or visually impaired. Away from the computer, take turns describing someone you know and guessing who the person is. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Elwood City Map
Elwood City Map is a great place for kids to get insider information about Arthur's World. This interactive map enables kids to access fun information about the town, its characters, and its main attractions.
Facts or Opinions
Facts and Opinions is a quiz game in which Francine and Buster make statements about their friends, and it's your job to help Binky decide whether those statements are facts or opinions. The goal of the game is to help kids learn the difference between facts and opinions (while having fun, of course). Get five answers correct and you'll see a video clip from the show that presents facts and opinions in "real life" situations in Elwood City. The larger media goal for this game is to help kids reflect critically upon the messages they are getting from the media—are these facts or opinions? (Plug-in required: Flash)
Family History Fun
Family History Fun offers a simple, easy-to-use way for kids to interview their family members about their own childhoods. Learn about relatives' nicknames, pets, favorite books, and much more! These one-page interviews — printed, or saved to a mobile device's photo gallery — could be a wonderful and meaningful keepsake for families.
Global Gizmo
Global Gizmo is an online memory game that introduces kids to different musical instruments from around the world. This game has three activities: matching picture to picture, matching sound to sound, and matching picture to sound. Supporting information is provided using an interactive world map, where kids can learn interesting tidbits about these instruments. Use this game to spark a conversation about musical instruments and music in general as a representation of cultural diversity. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Go! George Go!
Go! George Go! is an interactive feature designed to help children gain a general understanding of direction-giving and simple maps. In it, George has a summer job delivering ice cream cones. To prevent the ice cream from melting on the way, players must use landmarks to help George find short routes to various delivery destinations. Extend this game away from the computer by asking children to give you simple directions from one room to another. (You can even ask them to draw a map.) Then follow the directions and discuss how it went. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Go Green Challenge
In the Go Green Challenge, kids join their favorite ARTHUR character in support of a green cause: Buster challenges kids to make greener choices related to food while DW suggest ways to save energy. Kids decorate a challenge page with online stickers, then print it out and post it where they record real world green actions as they take them. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Groovy Garden
Is it greener to recycle paper or reuse it? What's the greenest way to get to school? Find out in the Groovy Garden, an interactive game designed to get kids thinking about the environment and making environmentally-friendly choices. The game is set in the Elwood City Community Garden and is hosted by Fritz, the community gardener (with appearances by Buster and Pal!). Kids test their green knowledge and win seeds to plant in the garden. With sun and water and some green answers, they can watch this groovy garden grow! With the help of Arthur, Buster and the gang, and building on 12 years of great ideas from ARTHUR episodes, the Groovy Garden game helps kids go green! (Plug-in required: Flash)
Let's Draw Arthur
Let's Draw Arthur includes simple step-by-step instructions for drawing the world's most famous aardvark. This feature gives children a glimpse into what makes Arthur look like -- well -- Arthur! It also exercises fine motor skills through drawing. Encourage children to create their own cartoon characters, and to teach you how to draw them!
Letters to
Letters to is a collection of interactive letter-writing activities. In each, children customize a letter to an ARTHUR character, send it, and get a specific response. Designed to help kids exercise reading and letter-writing skills, each letter offers lots of creative possibilities. Encourage children to alter their input and see how it changes the character's response. The set includes: Letters to Arthur, Ask The Brain, Sue Ellen's Travel Tales, and Hey, Francine!

A sub feature of "Letters to" is the Letter writer helper that provides children with the principles of writing a letter, email, greeting card, and postcard.
Lunch-O-Matic is an interactive game in which Brain is helping Mrs. McGrady serve lunch at the cafeteria. Players must help them complete a balanced meal using nutritional information. This game promotes interest and expands knowledge of nutrition, and was developed with a certified nutritionist. Away from your computer, discuss balanced meals with your child while planning and preparing meals.
Marthur Sticker Mashup
Marthur Stickerbook Mashup allows kids to play with characters from two of their favorite shows: ARTHUR and MARTHA SPEAKS! Kids choose backgrounds, props, and characters from the ARTHUR and MARTHA SPEAKS series to create one-of-a-kind sticker scenes to save and print. See what happens when Arthur meets Martha! (Plug-in required: Flash)
Movie Maker
Movie Maker lets kids help Buster fix a short movie he created. They need to make the movie happier, sadder, funnier, scarier, or more exciting, depending on Buster's wishes. Kids access a special editing screen that allows them to change the sights and sounds in three scenes, and the overall soundtrack. This game offers kids an opportunity to experiment with media production, and empowers them to make genuine choices that will affect the media they are creating. The goal is to teach kids that all media are constructed, and that different choices made by the media creators have different (emotional) impacts on them as media consumers. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Muffy's Wardrobe
Muffy's Wardrobe is an online dress-up game in which children match outfits to activities in Muffy's hectic social schedule. This feature helps develop both observation and categorizing skills. Once children have solved the puzzles, encourage them to get creative and dress Muffy in some wacky outfits. She won't mind...much. (Plug-in required: Flash)
Planet Pal
Planet Pal is a pattern-matching game set on the fantastical Planet Pal! The dogs — all colorful variations on the one and only ORIGINAL Pal — are lined up and running, organizing themselves into patterns based on their colors. Players must select which dog properly fills in gaps to complete the dog-patterns. With each correct answer, Planet Pal gets more and more lively. So take a trip with Pal and the mysterious Dr. Yowl, and see how far you can go!
Poetry Club
Poetry Club helps children learn about different types of poems, and gives them a chance to submit their own work through the site for potential posting. While we cannot guarantee that all submitted poems will appear on the site, you can encourage children by posting their poems on the fridge or a bulletin board.
Songbook includes six printable ARTHUR song sheets. Print the lyrics, and then sing along with your children to their favorite online ARTHUR tunes.
Supermarket Adventure
Supermarket Adventure is an online sorting game hosted by D.W. The object of the game is to help D.W. complete a shopping assignment using nutritional information. This game promotes interest and expands knowledge of nutrition, and was developed with a certified nutritionist. Play a real-world extension of this game as you and your child do grocery shopping or while storing food at home.
Super Action Challenge
The Tibble Super Action Challenge is an exciting ARTHUR trivia game that fosters association skills. Because it is picture-based and includes extensive audio, it is ideal for younger children who can't yet read or who are emerging readers. (Very young children may still need some parental assistance to play.) The game can be played in two modes: two-player (for children who enjoy multi-player gaming experiences) and one-player (for children who just like to challenge themselves). Play with your child in the two-player mode for a shared online activity. They'll enjoy beating you! (Plug-in required: Flash)
Treehouse Designer
Treehouse Designer lets players design the interior and exterior of new treehouses for the ARTHUR characters to enjoy. Based on requests from Arthur and his friends, the player tailors each treehouse to its owner — encouraging goal-oriented creativity within the design process. When the treehouses are complete, kids can see the results of their handiwork in a fun, animated environment!
The Un-Matching Game
The Un-Matching Game features groups of four words, three of which have something in common. Children must identify which word does not belong in a given group. This feature hones categorizing, critical thinking, and reading skills. Extend this game away from the computer by sorting everyday items into groups, and asking children to figure out the rule you used to do the sort.
Virtual Goose
Virtual Goose is a multi-level game based on pattern matching. Great for all ages, this feature helps children exercise their observation and cognitive skills. Have your very own Goose tournament, just like the kids do in the episode "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked." (Plug-in required: Flash)
Waldo Loves Muffy
Waldo Loves Muffy! In this game based on a curriculum of logical thinking, you help Waldo (Muffy's long-forgotten imaginary friend) find his way back to her, collecting as many hearts as you can along the way. But there are dangerous obstacles: creepy eyeball creatures, tiny passages, and dead ends abound. Players place pieces into the game to turn Waldo left, right, and diagonally; and to help him get past the obstacles. For added fun, guide Waldo to the magic hat, which transforms him into Cowboy Waldo, Elvis Waldo, Sherlock Waldo, and more!
You've Got to Be Kidding
You've Got to Be Kidding is a great game for children and grown-ups to play together. The object of the game is to help ARTHUR characters solve real life problems by choosing the best advice. This feature is designed to hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Games | Printables