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Arthur #101

"Arthur's Eyes"
For some reason, Arthur isn't doing very well in school anymore. Maybe he just needs some glasses? Problem is, Arthur hates having to wear them. But before he knows it, he's started a trend! Based on a book by the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Jennifer Gee's 2nd Grade Class, James Michael Curley School, Jamaica Plain, MA--Kids drew pictures of Arthur character and classmates. They described the characters and classmates and talked about appearances.

"Francine's Bad Hair Day"
It's school picture day and Muffy is determined that Francine will look her best. Francine has been shamed into rising to the challenge--she's gotten her hair curled, she's even wearing a dress. (Which causes quite a bit of mirth, until Francine threatens to beat everyone up.) But no matter how hard she tries, Francine just can't keep her "new look" together.

Arthur #102

"Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn"
It's the first day of third grade and Arthur's biggest fear has come true--his new teacher is the dreaded Mr. Ratburn. A man who eats nails for breakfast, who turns into a vampire at night, who assigns homework EVERY DAY! But there's a surprise in store when Arthur and Buster get the chance to uncover the REAL Mr. Ratburn. (Based on Marc Brown's "Arthur's Teacher Trouble.")

Ms. Linnea Erlandson's 2nd Grade Class, Murphy School, Dorchester, MA--Kids drew pictures of Ms. Erlandson and talked about the things Ms. Erlandson likes to do when she's not at school.

"Arthur's Spelling Trubble"
It's that time again, the annual all-school spellathon. Arthur is chosen to compete, and after a hard week of studying he finds himself on stage, facing Prunella and The Brain! Will all of his hard work pay off? Or will Prunella continue her winning streak? (Based on Marc Brown's "Arthur's Teacher Trouble.")

Arthur #103

"D.W. All Wet"
The beach! The glorious beach! The crowded, sun-dazzled beach! The Reads are having a wonderful time, except for D.W. who simply refuses to have fun. Doesn't everyone know there are octopuses in the water? And--help!--Arthur's being attacked by one! Will D.W. come to the rescue? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Evelyne Blain's Head Start class, Mattapan Head Start, Mattapan, MA--The New England Aquarium's Beach Teach program visited and brought tanks with sea creatures. They led the kids on an imaginary trip to the beach. One kid dressed up in a starfish costume.

"Buster's Dino Dilemma"
Buster and Arthur make a long-awaited field trip to a dinosaur excavation. On his own, Buster discovers a very interesting bone--is it the remains of a dinosaur or the left-overs from a local fast-food joint? Despite the call of science, Buster doesn't want to relinquish his find. The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #104

"D.W.'s Imaginary Friend"
Someone only D.W. can see has moved in with the Reads. Her name is Nadine, and she follows D.W. everywhere. (Be careful where you sit, or what you say, because Nadine is VERY sensitive.) But when D.W. insists on bringing Nadine to the amusement park, that's the last straw for Arthur. Does he have to be embarrassed by D.W. in front of all of his friends?

Ms. Susan Crossen's 3rd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA--Kids sat in a circle to talk about imaginary friends--if they had one, what would he/she/it be like? What kids of things would an imaginary friend be useful for? Kids then drew pictures of their imaginary friend and wrote a poem about their friend.

"Arthur's Lost Library Book"
Arthur is the first to take out the newest Scare-Your-Pants-Off book from the library. Unfortunately, a week later, he just can't figure out where he put it!

Arthur #105

"Arthur's Pet Business"
How can Arthur prove to his parents that he's responsible enough to take care of his very own puppy? "Get a job," suggests D.W., "and don't forget you owe me seven dollars." Within two days, Arthur's Pet Sitting Business has its first client. Meet Jaws--AKA "Perky"--enemy of mailmen and pet sitters alike. Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Susan Crossen's 3rd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA--Kids planned their own pet businesses, describing the store design, inventory, logo, motto. They also wrote and performed a jingle/skit for their business.

"D.W. the Copycat"
Yet another personality change for D.W., who's decided that from now on, she'll be just like Arthur. She'll walk like him, talk like him, follow him wherever he goes. How can Arthur persuade D.W. that the world is only big enough for one Arthur?

Arthur #106

"Locked in the Library!"
Arthur and Francine are fighting. (If only Arthur hadn't felt compelled to call Francine a marshmallow.) But when they both get locked inside the Elwood City Library they either have to make up, or prepare for a long, dreary, scary evening. The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Ms. Pat Taurasi's 2nd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA--The class wrote and sang a hero rap, which described what a hero/heroine is and listed about 27 heroes. They also drew pictures of their heroes on the cover of "Classroom Weekly."

"Arthur Accused!"
When Buster opens his detective agency, he has no idea his first job will involve Arthur. Is Arthur really a thief? If not, then what happened to that bag of quarters Arthur was collecting for the fire department? The answer has something to do with Mrs. MacGrady (the lunch lady), a blender, and a big bowl of brownie dough. The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #107

"Arthur Goes To Camp"
Arthur and his friends go to summer camp, where it's strictly boys vs. girls. Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown

Ms. Mary Barrett's 3rd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA--Kids drew pictures on a paper "suitcase" of what they would bring to camp. They also wrote letters to Arthur giving advice on how boys and girls could cooperate.

"Buster Makes the Grade"
Buster Baxter: class clown, the life of the party, everyone's favorite jokester. Unfortunately, though, Buster's grades aren't as good as his jokes, and Buster is faced with the prospect of having to repeat third grade while all of his friends move on. How can he possibly get a B on the final test when he's allergic to studying?

Arthur #108

"Arthur's New Puppy"
Arthur's new puppy is exactly what he wanted. He's cute and wriggly, and he follows Arthur everywhere. But training a puppy is harder than Arthur thought. Can he teach Pal to behave--and to pee outside--before his parents get too aggravated. Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Lyda Garvin's 3rd Grade, John Winthrop School, Roxbury, MA -- Kids drew pictures of their pets at home, the class pets, or of an imaginary pet they'd like to have. Kids talked about how to care for pets, and demonstrated proper handling.

"Arthur Bounces Back"
Moon shoes. A mere ten dollars stands between Arthur and the shoes he's been dreaming about. A garage sale yields the money he needs--but at an unexpected cost.

Arthur #109

"Arthur Babysits"
You think running a marathon is hard? Try babysitting for the Terrible Tibble Twins. First you'll have find them, then you'll have to deal with the "throw all your food on the floor" trick and the "tie your babysitter to a chair" game. Clearly, this is a job for--SWAMP THING! Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Jean Rooney's 2nd Grade Class, Murphy School, Dorchester, MA -- Each kid made a page for the class' Babysitting Handbook.

"Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"
Arthur's family is hosting the once-a-year-is-more-than-enough family reunion. This is where Uncle Bud blinds everyone with his new flash, Dad plans hours of fun, fun, fun, and Arthur's cousin Mo spends the day being a pest. But a major thunderstorm turns this into a reunion to remember....

Arthur #110

"Arthur's Birthday"
Only four more days until Arthur's birthday party! But to Arthur's horror, it turns out Muffy's having her birthday party on the very same day. Muffy quickly raises the stakes--anyone who doesn't go to her party can't be her friend. Can Arthur find a solution that will make everyone happy? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Eileen Kirkbride's 2nd Grade Class, James Michael Curley School, Jamaica Plain, MA -- Kids had a group birthday party, wrote and drew birthday cards for each other and enjoyed cupcakes, balloons and streamers.

"Francine Frensky, Superstar"
Now that Francine finally has the lead in a school play, she's has become a stage tyrant. Moments before curtain, Francine's stardom has completely gone to her head. Can the show still go on?

Arthur #111

"Arthur's Baby"
Arthur is not too sure he's ready for a new baby in the house. What do babies do besides cry... crY... cRY... CRY! As the months fly by, Arthur imagines life with the new baby. Some of his fears seem to ring true: Kate doesn't like him. Or does she? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Laura Loftus, Guidance Counselor, and students, North Elementary School, Stoughton, MA -- Laura assembled a group of kids who's moms were expecting or who have a sibling less than two years old. Kids drew pictures of themselves with their younger sibling and made construction paper frames for the drawings. Kids talked about what kinds of things a family does to prepare for a new baby, and what kinds of things they can do with their younger sibling.

"D.W.'s Baby"
Living with a baby is no picnic. No one ever told D.W. that babies cried all the time, and threw up on your clothes, and got all the attention. Just how long will Baby Kate be hanging around, anyway? And who would even miss D.W. if she ran away to Button Island?

Arthur #112

"Arthur Writes a Story"
Struggling with a school assignment, Arthur decides that his regular old life is just too boring to write about. But when his tale of getting Pal starts to involve invisible elephants and trips to outer space, Arthur loses his audience. Sometimes truth is more interesting than fiction! The basis of an Arthur picture book.

Ms. Kowaleski's 2nd Grade Class, South Grafton Elementary School, Grafton, MA -- Kids read stories they'd written and had published at the school's publishing center. They talked about the various steps of writing a story, and demonstrated by working on stories at various stages of completion.

"Arthur's Lost Dog"
Unfortunately, Arthur is the only one who believes in the superior intelligence of his dog, Pal. But even Arthur gets confused when Pal runs away at a local parade. Is Pal unhappy at home? Or does Pal's disappearance have something to do with Baby Kate's hysterics?

Arthur #113

"So Long, Spanky"
D.W.'s beloved bird gets very sick, and despite D.W.'s eager ministrations, (or maybe because of them) Spanky dies. But when a lonely frog decides to adopt D.W. , she faces her greatest test--can she risk giving her heart to another pet?

Ms. Heide Signes' 3rd Grade Class, James Michael Curley School, Jamaica Plain, MA -- Kids wrote letters to DW offering comfort, advice, and their own favorite memories of parents, pets, friends they've lost.

"Buster's New Friend"
All of a sudden, Buster doesn't have time for Arthur. And all he wants to talk about is a new friend named Mike. Mike can do this; Mike can do that. Is Arthur losing his best friend to a super cool, mini golfing, pro bowler?

Arthur #114

"Arthur the Wrecker"
Arthur always seems to wreck things, and this time it's Mom's computer--not a great position to be in when your mom is an accountant and it's the middle of tax season. Can he get it fixed before Mom finds out? Arthur the Wrecker is also a book, called "Arthur's Computer Trouble"--check it out! The basis of an Arthur picture book.

Ms. Pena's 2nd Grade Class, Veazie Street School, Providence, RI -- Using computers, kids wrote letters and drew pictures offering advice and tips to Arthur about using computers responsibly.

"Arthur and the True Francine"
Muffy A. Crosswire (that's MISS Crosswire to you) and Francine are absolute best friends, despite their rather obvious differences. (One of them is that Muffy gets chauffeured to school, while Francine has to ride her sister's old bike). It seems nothing can come between them, until Muffy cheats on a math test and lets Francine take the blame. Based on the book "The True Francine" by Marc Brown.

Arthur #115

"Arthur's Family Vacation"
What's got moldy bathrooms, lumpy beds and lots of rain? Arthur's family vacation. (And for this, he missed camp!) But as Arthur discovers, there are fun things to do in the rain. Like visiting alligators, eating fudge and watching happy people on sun-drenched beaches get eaten by sharks (at the movies, that is!). Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. McCarthy's 3rd Grade Class, James Michael Curley School -- Kids drew pictures and wrote postcards (to Arthur) of where they'd been or would like to go on vacation.

"Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm"
Arthur and D.W. go to visit their grandfather who lives on a farm. But the visit doesn't turn out as expected, because Grandpa Dave isn't your usual kind of grandfather. What's more, he's finding it harder and harder to keep up with things. Will Grandpa Dave have to give up his farm?

Arthur #116

"Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest"
A year's supply of Crunch Cereal is in store for the person who can write the new Crunch Cereal jingle. Arthur is sure he can do it, but when it comes to writing the song, something seems to be lacking--a melody, to be exact. The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Ms. Mirta Torres' 3rd Grade, Rafael Hernandez School, Roxbury, MA -- Kids wrote and enacted their own Crunch Cereal commercials.

"D.W. Flips"
How hard can it be to do a cartwheel on a balance beam? And what choice does D.W. have when her honor is at stake? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Arthur #117

"Meek for a Week"
Muffy bets Francine she can't be nice to everyone for a whole week--and soon wishes she hadn't.

Ms. Sullivan's 2nd Grade Class, Veazie Street School, Providence, RI -- Kids made a mural project and also wrote letters to Francine suggesting ways she can be nice to others.

"Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper"
OK, Arthur didn't mean to tell a lie, he just got stuck in a sort of fib, because he thought it was cool to be a Gleeper. (Too late, he finds out that gleeping means stealing...!) But when put to the test, Arthur has to admit that not only isn't he the world's greatest gleeper, he's not a gleeper at all.

Arthur #118

"Arthur's Chicken Pox"
The circus is in town! The whole family's excited--Father gets tickets, Mother gets film for the camera, and Arthur gets... CHICKEN POX! (Yuk.) Will he recover in time? Or will D.W. get to torment him forever? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Patricia Taurasi's 2nd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA -- Kids drew pictures of themselves with chicken pox and wrote get well cards to themselves. One had written a poem about chicken pox.

"Sick as a Dog"
Arthur's worst fears come true when poor, sick Pal has to sleep overnight at the Vet's. It's D.W.'s fault, he's sure. Or could it have something to do with the hot dogs and Halloween candy Arthur's been feeding him?

Arthur #119

"D.W. Rides Again"
In the heart of four-year-old lurks one big, gnawing desire... TO GET RID OF THOSE TRAINING WHEELS! With Arthur's help, D.W. embarks on a crash course to learn the rules of the road (like how to use your brakes). Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Dottie Cunningham's Skating Program, RI Sports Center, Smithfield, RI -- Kids skated and talked about the challenges and rewards of learning how to skate, comparing it to learning how to ride a bike.

"Arthur Makes the Team"
Arthur's playing baseball on a team with Binky, Buster, Francine and The Brain. Can Coach Frensky work with a team where everyone is fighting about who gets to be pitcher and no one wants to practice? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #120

"Arthur's Almost Boring Day"
It's raining, it's pouring and boy is it BORING! D.W. and Arthur have played every game known they know, and worn their crayons out with coloring. But then, in Grandma Thora's attic, Arthur and D.W. discover some really FASCINATING stuff about their parents.

Mr. McFadden's 3rd Grade ESL Class, Veazie Street School, Providence, RI -- Kids demonstrated things they like to do when they're "bored."

"The Half-Baked Sale"
Grandma Thora is helping to organize a bake sale, only Arthur hasn't the heart to tell her that her cookies lack a certain something--like sugar, for instance. Can Arthur keep Grandma Thora's "goodies" out of sight without hurting her feelings?

Arthur #121

"Sue Ellen Moves In"
A new girl has arrived in town and no one knows anything about her. And judging by the strange things happening at her house no one wants to know. Is she an invisible spy from an alien nation? Or just a regular girl named Sue Ellen?

Laura Loftus, Guidance Counselor, and students, North Elementary School, Stoughton, MA -- Laura assembled a group of kids who were new in school this year or last. Kids drew pictures of themselves with their new friends and wrote letters to Sue Ellen about being the new kids in school, sharing their feelings and offering advice.

"The Perfect Brother"
It's great having a friend spend the weekend, isn't it? He can do his homework quietly, clear the table, say "thank you" and "please" and in general prove what a perfect kid he is--and you aren't.

Arthur #122

"D.W.'s Snow Mystery"
D.W. saves everything. But her most prized possession is a snowball from last winter. "My snowball is gone!" D.W. sniffles. It's time to find the culprit and detective Buster is on the case. Maybe it's Arthur? Maybe it's Grandma Thora? Maybe it's space aliens? Can anyone solve the case of the mysteriously vanishing snowball?

Ms. Pat Connoly's 2nd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA -- Kids enacted alternate endings to the story explaining what might have really happened to the snow ball.

"Team Trouble"
Arthur, Francine, and Buster must do a report on ancient Rome--but can they work as a team to complete the assignment?

Arthur #123

"Bully for Binky"
Is Binky Barnes really the most disgusting, nasty, horrible person on the planet, or is he just misunderstood? When someone--a girl, no less--dares to stand up to Binky, he gets a taste of his own medicine and discovers just how good it is to have friends.

Ms. Natasha Grigger's Special Needs 2nd and 3rd Grade, Curly School, Jamaica Plain, MA -- Kids demonstrated their own special skills and talents -- juggling, tambourine, tic tac toe, math, soccer. Kids also created Olympic-style medals and staged an awards ceremony.

"Misfortune Teller"
What's got four sides and the answer to everything? Prunella's cootie catcher! (Who else could have predicted that Binky would sing a stupid song in front of the class?) Can Arthur and his friends keep their sanity, knowing their every move is in Prunella's hands?

Arthur #124

" Arthur's Tooth"
It's bad enough to wear glasses all the time. But does Arthur have to be the last person in his class to lose his baby teeth? And will Francine ever quit teasing him about it? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Patty Connolly's 2nd Grade, Eliot School, Needham, MA -- Kids drew pictures of themselves with missing/loose teeth. They also drew pictures of what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth. One girl wrote a story about loosing her tooth.

" D.W. Gets Lost"
If you think being lost in a humongous, super-giganto department store would scare a four-year-old, think again. Lost while searching for the earrings of her dreams, D.W. wreaks havoc as she tries to find her way home.

Arthur #125

"D.W. Thinks Big"
Once again, Arthur gets to do everything. Mostly he gets to carry the ring in Aunt Lucy's wedding. "Why can't I carry the ring?" D.W. grumbles. "Because you're too little," Arthur reminds her. But D.W. gets her chance when the ring falls in between the church organ pipes. Suddenly it's a good thing to be little, because only D.W. can save the day! Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Ms. Eleanor Lammer's 2nd Grade, John Winthrop School, Roxbury, MA -- Kids made lists of the things they're small enough to do, and of the things they're big enough to do. They drew pictures illustrating activities from their lists.

"Arthur Cleans Up"
Elwood City's park is in sad shape, and after grumbling about it, the kids find themselves volunteered to clean it up. And even though it's a lot of work, in the end they all decide it feels great to make a difference.

Arthur #126

"My Dad, the Garbage Man"
FIELD TRIP! Mr. Ratburn's class is taking a field trips to visit parents at their jobs. After visiting Muffy's dad at Crosswire's Motors and Brain's mom at the Ice Cream Shop, Francine's not sure she wants the class to know her dad is a GARBAGE MAN. But, Francine soon learns that her dad is the coolest--just as she had always thought!

Ms. Kowaleski's 2nd Grade Class, South Grafton Elementary School, Grafton, MA--Kids had interviewed their parents about what jobs they held. Kids brought in props, uniforms, etc. to demonstrate. Kids drew pictures of their parents working and talked about what they might like to do.

"Poor Muffy"
A new carpet and an attack of sneezing means that Muffy must spend the weekend at Francine's. For poor Muffy this means sharing a room and--gasp!--eating leftovers. Can their friendship possibly survive?

Arthur #127

"D.W.'s Blankie"
D.W., tomboy, gymnast, has one little secret--her blankie. For sleeping, TV watching, and general, all-around comfort, there's nothing quite like it. When it mysteriously disappears, Arthur is pressed into service. Find that blankie--or else!

Ms. Bilodeau's 2nd Grade Class, Veazie Street School, Providence, RI -- Kids brought in objects or pictures of things they cherished and also drew pictures. They talked about why they liked this thing or person. Four kids created and acted out a skit about losing a stuffed animal and finding in the tub drain.

"Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble"
The unbelievable has happened--Mr. Ratburn has gotten sick. And who's going to be the substitute? Ms. Rodentia Ratburn, Mr. Ratburn's younger sister. Is it a fate worse than death? Will they survive until Mr. Ratburn returns?

Arthur #128

"I'm a Poet"
Challenged by Fern to enter a poetry contest, Arthur and his friends each write a poem to be judged by the famous poet Jack Prelutsky.

Ms. Michelle Burgos' 3rd Grade, Rafael Hernandez School, Roxbury, MA -- Kids wrote poems about the sea, which they'd been studying. They also drew pictures illustrating their poems.

"The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club"
Arthur and his friends develop a consuming passion for the Scare-Your-Pants-Off books, a series of hair-raising, spine-tingling ghost stories. Long lines form at the library on Saturday mornings, as everyone vies to get the latest edition. But a group called PAWS--"Parents Against Weird Stories"--wants to take the books away! Can the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club save the day? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #129

"My Club Rules"
The gang can't agree on rules for their club, and each starts his own.

Ms. Kowaleski's 2nd Grade Class, South Grafton Elementary School, Grafton, MA -- Kids formed clubs of their own and made badges, posters, etc. They came up with club handshakes. They talked about their clubs, who can join, why being in a club is fun, etc.

"Stolen Bike"
Francine's embarrassed by her crummy old bike. Why can't she have a shiny new one like all her friends? When the teasing gets too much, Francine does the only thing she can--she lets her bike get "stolen." The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #130

"Arthur's First Sleepover"
Have you ever been afraid of the dark? Despite D.W.'s threat of aliens, Arthur sets his tent for his first sleepover. D.W.'s mad that she can't be a part of the sleepover, but she'll have some fun of her own--with the help of alien lights. But, who will have the last joke: Arthur & his friends, D.W., or the aliens? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.

Second Grade Sleepover Party, Jones Elementary School, Stoughton, MA -- The school's entire second grade celebrated the end of their school year (which began with reading Arthur's Eyes) with an ARTHUR-theme sleepover party. Kids slept in classrooms and participated in several activities based on ARTHUR books.

"Arthur's New Year's Eve"
What exactly happens at midnight, December 31st? There are plenty of rumors, but no one seems to know for sure. Arthur is determined to stay up and discover the horrifying truth.

Arthur #201

"Arthur Meets Mister Rogers"
Mister Rogers is staying at Arthur's house! That's the bad news. The good news is that nobody knows about it. Yet. I mean, Mister Rogers is a nice guy and all, and he really understands kids, and he's a lot of fun, but... his show is for babies!! Can Arthur keep his friends in the dark?

Kindergartners come up with their own theories about how Mister Rogers became an Arthur character, and what kind of characters they would be if they could visit Arthur. Mister Rogers explains how it was done.

The trouble starts when Fern draws a not-too-flattering cartoon of Francine. (Who sort of deserved it; after all, she did call Fern a mouse.) This mouse really roars, and soon everyone is drawing nasty cartoons of Francine. Poor Francine pretends not to be care, but it's not much fun being a punch line.

Arthur #202

"Binky Barnes, Art Expert"
It's a nightmare come true--Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky. On an art project, which they're sure will be a disaster! I mean, what does a bully like Binky know about art? A lot more than they do, as it turns out.

Art students display their work and discuss.

"Arthur's Lucky Pencil"
Arthur discovers the secret to success--a pencil that brings good luck to whoever possesses it. Trouble is, pencils have a bad habit of getting shorter each time they're sharpened. Pretty soon, Arthur's entire future rests on a small stub of lead.

Arthur #203

"D.W., the Picky Eater"
It's wrong to call D.W. a picky eater. Just wrong. The only things she won't eat are vegetables, fish, fruit, and meat. So it's not her fault when she has a tantrum in a restaurant--I mean, someone tried to slip her some spinach! Is this the end of D.W.'s nights on the town? Will she miss Grandma Thora's birthday bash? (Based on the book by Marc Brown.)

First graders design their own sandwich recipes and then are turned lose in the school cafeteria to make them!

"Buster and the Daredevils"
Arthur and Buster meet two really cool kids and, naturally, are utterly dazzled. Toby and Slink agree to teach Buster some skateboard tricks but there's one small catch--he has to do whatever they dare him to. How far will Buster go to be cool?

Arthur #204

"Arthur Makes a Movie"
Too young to see a real "James Hound" movie, the kids decide they'll make a film of their own. With Muffy directing and Arthur playing the dashing, urbane hero, how bad could it be? Hmmm--don't answer that.

Third graders re-write a classic fairy tale and make a movie of it.

"Go To Your Room, D.W."
Poor D.W. How would YOU like to be four years old and completely misunderstood by your parents? And then be sent to your room for ten whole minutes?? The indignity of it all!! Those long, dragging minutes give D.W. a chance to re-live her tragic childhood and plan a fool-proof means of escape.

Arthur #205

"Arthur's Underwear"
Arthur thinks it's hilarious when Binky Barnes' pants split during class--until he starts having nightmares about it happening to him. Could there be anything worse than having people see your underwear? Arthur hopes he never finds out.

Kids tell us about their dreams, and how to deal with the bad ones.

"Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider"
All her life, Francine has dreamed of owning a horse. In her secret heart, she wants to be an Olympic equestrienne, but first she has to learn to ride. Francine's dream threatens to derail when it turns out her prissy sister Catherine is a way better rider! Can Francine stand the humiliation of being second-best?

Arthur #206

"Buster Baxter, Cat Saver"
A cat gets stuck in a tree and Buster Baxter saves the day! Risking life and limb! (Well, actually, the cat just jumped and landed on him.) It's not every day that your best friend is lionized, canonized and just plain admired... and Arthur, for one, is sick of it.

Kids imagine some pretty bizarre things that can happen to pets -- and explain how to deal with them.

"Play It Again, D.W."
It's totally obnoxious and filled with goofy words that no self-respecting eight-year-old would ever repeat. What is it? It's Crazy Bus--the song, the CD, the motion picture, the spectacle. Crazy Bus is EVERYWHERE but mostly it's in the Read's home, because D.W. has to play it 4000 times a day. When the CD goes missing, D.W. suspects that Arthur has finally snapped.

Arthur #207

"Arthur's TV-Free Week"
It's trouble, right here in Elwood City. The kids--and their parents--have all pledged not to watch TV for one whole week. That's days, hours, and a whole bunch of minutes (10,680 to be exact, as Buster is horrified to discover). Can they last? Who will be the first to break?

Kids illustrate and demonstrate all kinds of fun things they do when they're not watching TV.

"Night Fright"
Big, brave Binky Barnes. He'd be toast if people ever discovered he can't sleep without a night light. It's his deepest, darkest secret. When Arthur spends the night, and discovers the truth, Binky has no choice but to try... bribery.

Arthur #208

"Arthur vs. the Piano"
"Local Boy Wrecks Concert!" "Bad, Bad Musician!" These are the headlines Arthur can all-too-easily imagine, after he gets stage fright during a rehearsal. Now he's terrified of playing to another audience. Will he be able to get through his recital without any mistakes? Or should he just move far, far away?

Kids rehearsing for a recital talk about what music means to them, and what it's like to perform for an audience.

"The Big Blow-Up"
When two very opinionated friends butt heads, look out! Can Francine and The Brain put aside their differences (their "rancor," as Brain would describe it) for the good of the soccer team? Probably not--so Arthur and Buster decide to "write" some wrongs.

Arthur #209

For an eight-year-old, Arthur is usually pretty cool. Except for D.W., there's not too much that upsets him. But one day, Arthur falls asleep on a bus and awakens in a strange--and scary--part of town. Will he ever find his way home? Can he keep himself from crying? And will D.W. ever forgive Arthur for scaring her like that? The basis of an Arthur picture book.

Kids make maps -- of just about anything!

"The Short, Quick Summer"
Summer vacation is over? It just started! What about all those great, fun things Arthur intended to do--like have adventures and explore the unfathomable mysteries of space? As Arthur learns, you don't have to go far from home to have a great summer.

Arthur #210

"D.W. Goes to Washington"
D.W.'s on her way to Washington. (Someone should have called ahead and warned the government). She's bored, bored, BORED by it all until she gets lost during a tour of the White House. A kind employee reunites her with her family and invites them all in for pizza. (Come to think of it, the guy sure has a nice office. And doesn't he look a little... familiar?)

First graders running for president of their class make campaign speeches and posters.

"Arthur's Mystery Envelope"
When Mr. Haney gives Arthur a sealed envelope to bring home to Mom, Arthur fears the worst. (His friends are only too eager to help him imagine what "the worst" might be.) Is Arthur being sentenced to summer school? Does he HAVE to give the envelope to Mom, or could he just sort of... misplace it? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #211

"D.W.'s Deer Friend"
The Reads go on a camping trip, and D.W. wants to bring a little bit of nature back home--a rather large deer named Walter!

A girl who loves primates tells us about them as we visit Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence.

"Buster Hits the Books"
Somehow, Buster has managed to get through school without ever reading a book. But now the pressure's on--he's got just one week to finish a whole, entire book--with CHAPTERS!-- and write about it! Will he live to tell the tale?

Arthur #212

"Arthur's Faraway Friend"
Arthur's in the midst of writing a great adventure story with Buster when he gets some very bad news--Buster is leaving town to go live with his Dad for a while. Is this the end of their story? Is it the end of their friendship?

Second graders collaborate to write their own wacky stories.

"Arthur and the Square Dance"
Does Francine have a crush on Arthur? That's what Binky thinks--and soon even Arthur is beginning to wonder. Can Arthur avoid Francine, and her cooties, for the rest of his life? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #213

"Water and the Brain"
Is The Brain a snob? That seems to be the only explanation for why he won't go to Waterworld with the rest of his friends. But Arthur concludes that theory is all wet as he tries to discover what's really bugging the Brain.

A class discusses their fears and helps each other with them.

"Arthur the Unfunny"
Arthur's a notorious joke-killer. But when he's scheduled to perform as a carnival clown, Arthur decides he'll learn how to make people laugh--or else!

Arthur #214

"Sue Ellen's Lost Diary"
Poor Sue Ellen has lost the one thing she's never without--her diary. But as her friends help her look for it, they start to wonder--how come she won't let them read it? What's IN this diary anyway? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

A video diary of a day in the life of a girl named Nora.

"Arthur's Knee"
Arthur's hurt his knee but won't tell Mom--because then she'd know he'd been playing down at the dump. (Where he was NOT allowed to go). Can The Brain and D.W. convince Arthur to face up to it and take his tetanus shot like a man--umm, an aardvark?

Arthur #215

"Grandma Thora Appreciation Day"
Arthur and D.W. are planning a surprise party for Grandma Thora. They're doing it all by themselves--thank you very much--and they're not even fighting! But somehow, in the midst of all the party-planning mayhem, one teeny detail gets forgotten--the guest of honor!

Kindergartners throw a surprise appreciation party for their principal.

"Fern's Slumber Party"
Shy Fern hosts a slumber party at her mother's urging. Her guests are sure it will be the most boring party of all time--but when disaster strikes, Fern's special talents save the day. Or, in this case, the night!

Arthur #216

"Love Notes for Muffy"
When Muffy tries to bribe the judges at the school science fair, Francine and The Brain plot revenge. But the thrill is short-lived after Muffy turns the tables, and the joke, on them.

Third graders do science experiments with water.

"D.W. Blows the Whistle"
D.W., a newly-deputized Junior Safety Officer, has a reputation for being a strict enforcer of the rules--well, OK, a tattle-tale. How far--or how high--will she go to make sure everyone is safe and sound?

Arthur #217

"Francine Redecorates"
Francine likes bats and lizards, while Catherine's taste runs to lace. Normally, it's fun to be different, but not if you're two sisters sharing the same room. Space gets very tight at the Frensky's, when this odd couple decides they've had enough togetherness.

Dara customizes her new bookcase.

"Arthur the Loser"
There's only one thing in life Arthur really wants--and that's to say "I win!" like the kids he sees on TV. But whether he's playing basketball or a brand-new board game, Arthur just can't stop losing. Is it really so wrong to... cheat a little?

Arthur #218

"Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard"
Arthur and The Brain encounter a new crossing guard on the way home from school. This guard isn't just mean, he's nuts! He charges $10 to cross the street and if you don't pay, his goons will find you!! Is this guy for real?

Third graders discuss what they used to think, and what they know now.

"D.W.'s Very Bad Mood"
D.W. is making Arthur's life miserable! (Hard to imagine, but true.) Francine decides she'd better find the key to D.W.'s cranky behavior before Arthur loses his mind.

Arthur #219

"D.W.'s Name Game"
What's in a name? A lot of hurt feelings, sometimes. At least that's what D.W. and Arthur discover when their efforts to insult each other get out of control. Although the contest improves their vocabulary, the endless name-calling becomes, well, deleterious.

A class makes bizarre masks and role plays some lessons in name calling.

"Finders Key-pers"
Arthur, Brain, and Binky find a key--but to what? The city? The new science museum? A brand new sports car? And which of them will get to keep whatever fabulous thing they find!? When they decide to split it 50-50-50 the trouble really begins!

Arthur #220

"How the Cookie Crumbles"
What's a budding entrepreneur to do when her homemade cookies hit the big time? Especially when the recipe isn't really hers? Should Muffy do the right thing--or just keep quiet and rake in the dough?

Students at the Perkins School for the Blind bake cookies.

"Sue Ellen's Little Sister"
Arthur and Francine would love to lend their sisters to Sue Ellen, who's sick of being an only child. But Sue Ellen realizes you should be careful what you wish for, after her quest for the perfect sibling leads her to... D.W.

Arthur #301

"Buster's Back"
Buster's coming home! Today!! The word spreads fast, but so does the fear that Buster will be...different, somehow. He has been traveling all over the world and even visited countries where they eat snails and stuff. Will he ever want to hang out with plain old Arthur again?

Best friends talk about being friends and the things they like to do together.

"The Ballad of Buster Baxter"
Art Garfunkel lends his voice and likeness to the guitar-strumming moose minstrel who sings The Ballad of Buster Baxter -- the story of how Buster feels when he comes home to Elwood City. It seems to Buster, not only have his friends changed while he was gone, but they've forgotten all about him! Will he ever fit in again?

Arthur #302

"D.W., All Fired Up"
What exactly is a fire drill anyway? When Ms. Morgan announces they'll be having one during preschool, D.W. wants no part of it -- it sounds way too scary. Can she manage to stay home from school every day until the danger passes?

A kindergarten class takes a field trip to the local fire station.

"I'd Rather Read it Myself"
The Tibble Twins are better than D.W. at just about everything -- they can yell louder, bounce higher, and even get dizzier. It would be great if D.W. could at least read before the Tibbles could! Can she spin a tale dazzling enough to convince them she can?

Arthur #303

"Arthur Goes Crosswire"
Since they rescued Wilbur Rabbit (the guy who plays Bionic Bunny on TV!), Arthur and Muffy have been inseparable. Arthur figures it's best that "Friends of Wilbur" stick together, anyway. But the rest of their friends are growing tired of the new Arthur. Can he be "de-Muffified?"

Acting students talk about taking on a role.

"Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous"
Brain's a great partner for a school assignment -- unless you wanted to work on it, too! When he's paired up with Sue Ellen for a team project, she expects to be a team player. Can Brain tolerate anyone else messing with his perfect A?

Arthur #304

"Background Blues"
Wouldn't it be way cool to find out that your ancestors were famous frontier explorers? Or royalty? Or owned a cheese shop? But what if, as Francine and Muffy are about to find out, they were just...plain folks?

Third graders make posters about their favorite ancestors.

"And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids"
The Magic Toolbox show is coming to Ratburn's class to put the kids on TV! The kids prepare for stardom, but a behind-the-scenes star saves the show.

Arthur #305

"The Chips are Down"
What a mysterious, beautiful thing a green potato chip is -- and D.W. just ate a gigantic one! But then she hears a rumor that they're poisonous and she's resolved to live what's left of her life to the fullest because, well, it's only a matter of time...

Second graders take a field trip to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory to see how potato chips are made -- and to ask the green potato chip question.

"Revenge of the Chip"
Sure, kids do some pretty embarrassing things, but do Moms have to tell everyone? When the story about the green potato chip hits the local newspaper, it's just too much! How can D.W. get Mom to stop blabbing about it?

Arthur #306

"Binky Rules"
Writing your own name in graffiti all over the school wouldn't be very smart, right? Binky says he didn't do it, so detectives Fern and Buster are on the case. Can they work together to solve the crime or will their client go up the river? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Second graders follow clues throughout the school to solve a mystery.

"Meet Binky"
You met them first in "Binky Rules" -- the newest, hottest, hippest pop music craze in Elwood City. Arthur and the gang have Binky hats, Binky t-shirts and Binky CDs, but what they really need are Binky concert tickets! The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Arthur #307

"Arthur Rides the Bandwagon"
They all have their own names and personalities and they're so darned cute! They're Woogles, and Arthur's gotta have one. Especially now that everyone else (even the Rat!) is collecting them. But there aren't any more -- stores are sold out. Will Arthur grow up Woogle-less?

Kids invent their own toys and games.

"Dad's Dessert Dilemma"
Arthur wouldn't mind if Dad's infamous dessert "experiments" remained a family secret. But when Dad volunteers to cater a school party, Arthur fears the worst. What will Dad make this time: chunky pudding balls? Cranberry prune crumble?? Turnip muffins?!?

Arthur #308

"Popular Girls"
Sue Ellen and Fern take a popularity quiz they found in a magazine for teenagers. They change their personalities to become more likable, but why does it seem no one likes them anymore? The basis of an Arthur chapter book.

Kids create and play their own musical instruments.

"Buster's Growing Grudge"
Buster's convinced that his great joke will be the difference between a successful oral report and failure. But when Binky steals his material, will Buster stay mad forever?

Arthur #309

"Arthur's Treasure Hunt"
When Buster digs up an ancient arrowhead, everyone else wants to hunt for buried treasures, too. But how can Arthur become a famous discoverer of lost civilizations and stuff if his Mom won't let him dig up the back yard?

Second grade gardeners talk about what you can do with a hole you've dug -- and find a surprise!

"The Return of the King"
A field trip to the Medieval Fair pits Arthur's class against another led by Ratburn's super-tough mentor, Mr. Pryce-Jones. Arthur and the gang suffer defeat after humiliating defeat against the smarter, stronger competitors. Can Arthur save the day -- and be crowned king?

Arthur #310

"Attack of the Turbo Tibbles"
If you think the Tibbles are bad now, imagine what they'd be like if they had super powers! After sneaking a peak at the forbidden "Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team" TV show, the Tibbles are out of control. And when the play gets rough, somebody could get hurt!

Amelia and Eliot create, draw and act out their own TV show.

"D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy"
D.W. needs money, quick. After all, every girl wants to have her own Fluffy Unicorn Clothes-Horse and Horse-Clothes Barn. When she tries to pull a fast one on the Tooth Fairy, will Arthur have to pay?

Arthur #311

"Double Tibble Trouble"
Playing with the Tibble twins requires preparation, endurance and earplugs. But when one gets sick, playing with the other should be a lot easier -- shouldn't it?

Twins talk about what it's like being twins.

"Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival"
Arthur and the gang create their own music videos. What they lack in high-tech video gear, they make up for in state-of-the-art imaginations!

Arthur #312

"What Scared Sue Ellen?"
Sue Ellen's not afraid of much, but when she encounters a really creepy howling noise in the woods, she's scared for real. She musters the gang for a showdown. Will they face their fears and learn the source of the mysterious howls?

Kids try to identify everyday noises.

"Clarissa is Cracked"
Grandma Thora has a lot of fun stuff, especially her porcelain doll, Clarissa. When Grandma lends Clarissa to D.W. for a week they have the most wonderful adventures together. But...will all that fun blemish the fair Clarissa?

Arthur #313

"Arthur's Dummy Disaster"
When painfully shy George brings a ventriloquist dummy to school, a popular kid is born! Suddenly, everybody want's to hang with George and his witty wooden pal, Wally. George and Wally remain inseparable, though, and the gang eventually gets pretty tired of talking to a dummy. Can George make it on his own?

Kids design and draw portraits of their own ventriloquist dummies, and discuss their personalities.

"Francine and the Feline"
Arthur thinks the best pet to have is a dog, and Francine probably would have agreed -- that is, until little Nemo came along. Francine can't help herself -- she's falling for a cute little kitten! What will Arthur think?

Arthur #314

"Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight"
When Mom and Dad fight over spilled milk, Arthur and D.W. fear the worst. Is it Arthur's fault or D.W.'s? And worse, will Mom or Dad have to move out?

Kids talk about what it's like to be angry.

"D.W.'s Perfect Wish"
Turning five is a major, big deal event! But D.W. worries that she fribbled away her preschool years on meaningless pursuits. To make up for it, this year's birthday wish must be especially meaningful.

Arthur #315

"Arthur and D.W. Clean Up"
Arthur just might make it to Happy Crazy Wow Day at the park -- if he and D.W. can work together to clean both their rooms!

Kid crewmates on the Schooner Ernestina must work together to swab the decks, haul lines and clean the galley.

"The Long, Dull Winter"
What's wrong with Arthur? Is he bored? In love?? Arthur -- and the rest of the gang -- realize they are suffering from the January doldrums brought on by an acute lack of holidays. What's the cure? The kids decide to invent their own holiday.