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Next Back ARTHUR is a show about growing up, exploring the world, and finding your place in it. Arthur is an 8-year-old aardvark. He and his friends experience situations that real kids face everyday. ARTHUR promotes six basic ideas: 1. Reading Is Fun
The show models reading and learning as positive experiences.
2. Solving Problems Creatively
Arthur and his friends try to deal with their problems carefully and fairly.
3. Being a Good Friend
Though it can be hard sometimes, the characters try to
share, cooperate, help, and listen.
4. Connecting to Family
The kids on the show learn to relate to siblings, parents, and grandparents.
5. Appreciating Diversity
The show explores diversity by featuring economic, cultural,
and family structure variations.
6. Having Fun
Arthur and his friends share the natural sense of fun that every kid possesses.
The ARTHUR Web site supports series goals through online and printable activities for kids, as well as resources for parents and teachers. Use ARTHUR to promote reading and social skills: