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Accessible Arthur

To expand the reach of the ARTHUR television series, all ARTHUR programs offer closed captions and video description. Both services are provided by the Media Access Group at WGBH, a pioneer in developing and delivering accessible media.

Closed Captions
Closed captions are lines of text that appear on a TV or movie screen and transcribe the words spoken by the characters. Developed for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, closed captions can also benefit young readers and English language learners.

ARTHUR programs offer two types of closed captions. Standard captions represent almost word-for-word what is being said in the program audio. Edited captions present simplified sentences at a slower rate, and are especially intended to serve beginning readers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. (The WGBH Media Access Group can tell you more about edited captions on ARTHUR.)

To view closed captions on your TV, use the remote control or on-screen menu. For ARTHUR programs, select "CC1" for standard captions or "CC2" for edited captions.

To record a captioned program, record the program normally and the closed captions will automatically be included. To view the captions when you watch the tape, use the remote control or on-screen menu.

Check your TV manual for additional information on how to access closed captions.

Video Description
Designed especially for visually impaired audiences, this process provides a complete spoken description of the images on the screen. Descriptions are timed so that they do not interfere with spoken dialogue.

To access video description, you need a TV equipped with stereo. Stereo TVs allow you to choose between three audio options: mono, stereo, and SAP. Activate the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) feature through the TV's remote control or on-screen menu.

To record a described program, your VCR must also have the SAP feature. From the on-screen menu, choose the SAP option on your VCR, and then record the program in the usual way.

Described ARTHUR videos can be found in your library or ordered from DVS Home Video.