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Arthur's World Neighborhood

These activities, resources, and tips will help kids explore cultural diversity within their own community and around the world. The curriculum was developed especially for students in grades 2-3, but activities can easily be adapted for younger or older audiences.

You can download this teacher guide, as well as additional activity sheets below. You'll also find links to some related online activities on the ARTHUR Web site.

You'll need Adobe Reader to access these PDF files.

The Teacher Guide
You may either download the entire guide (1.4MB) or download it in sections as follows:

About This Guide (384K)
Explore what Arthur's World Neighborhood has to offer.

Around the Block (308K)
Examine diversity within your community.

Around the World (232K)
Look at everyday life in many cultures, then delve deeper to explore a specific culture.

Dear Pen Pal (396K)
Build personal connections through a pen pal exchange.

More Curriculum Connections, Reflections, and Resources (368K)
Enrich your curriculum even further with these ideas.

Activity Sheets
Here are the additional resources referenced in the guide.

Venn Diagram (32K)
Kids can explore their similarities and differences by entering information about themselves into these two overlapping circles.

ARTHUR Compass Rose (44K)
As kids learn about magnetic north and the corresponding points on a compass, they can use this compass rose (with Arthur's face in the middle) to indicate direction on map projects.

Make a Balloon Globe (200K)
Download instructions for creating balloon globes. Cutouts of the continents are provided.

Bibliography for Kids (100K)
This country-by-country bibliography features picture books about children and families living around the world today. Both fiction and nonfiction books are included. (Compiled especially for students in grades 2-3.)

Sharing Stories (English/Spanish, 51K)
Hearing stories about children's lives a generation or two ago helps kids understand that cultures change over time. Ask a parent, grandparent, or other adult to use this activity sheet to share and illustrate a story about their childhood. (This activity sheet is also part of the "Around the Block" PDF above.)

File also available for download in:

English/Chinese (109K)
English/Tagalog (74K)
English/Vietnamese (76K)

Related Online Activities
No kidding! There are some great activities here on the ARTHUR Web site that will fit right into your classroom's World Neighborhood plans:

Arthur's Travel Adventure As part of the World Neighborhood initiative, an Arthur character doll was sent on a world tour. Check out some of the photographic highlights!

Connect the World Kids play against Buster in this interactive card game, learning tidbits about some of the world's cultures and gaining a greater awareness that they are part of a diverse world neighborhood. Supporting information is also provided via an interactive world map.

Go! George Go! George has a summer job delivering ice cream cones. To prevent the ice cream from melting on the way, players must use landmarks to help George find short routes to various delivery destinations. This fun and funny game is meant to assist kids in gaining a general understanding of direction-giving and simple maps.

Sue Ellen's Holiday Scrapbook Sue Ellen put together this scrapbook to describe for one of her pen pals some of the holidays celebrated by different families in Elwood City. In return, her pen pal sent some information about a holiday she celebrates.

E-Cards Kids can practice their letter-writing skills with these electronic postcards.

Letters To... This collection of letter-writing activities allows kids to customize a letter to an ARTHUR character, send it, and get a specific response.

To learn more about classroom materials based on PBS programs, visit PBS Teachers.

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