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Story Writing with Arthur

Developed for students in grades 1-3, this guide provides a wealth of reading comprehension and writing activities. Students work first to understand the elements of a story, and then are encouraged to create original ARTHUR stories based on their own experiences. This guide has received rave reviews from teachers across the country!

Download the activity sheets from this teacher guide. You'll also find links to some related online activities on the ARTHUR Web site.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these PDF files.

Activity Sheets
Download the activity sheets from the Story Writing with Arthur guide.

Part 1: Understanding ARTHUR Stories
Discussing ARTHUR Books and Videos (31K)
These discussion guidelines help children closely examine ARTHUR stories, including making predictions and personal connections.

The Story Map (70K)
Children work together to identify a story's setting, characters, problem, and solution.

Somebody/Wanted/But/So Then (66K)
Children chart the relationship between the main characters and the problems in a story.

The Question Game (76K)
Children develop oral language and story comprehension skills through a question and answer game.

Secret Character Game (68K)
This simple guessing game helps children develop a better understanding of the characters in ARTHUR stories.

Compare and Contrast with the H-Map (66K)
To learn about the concepts of same and different, children compare and contrast an ARTHUR book and video of the same story.

Part 2: Creating ARTHUR Stories
Group Stories (89K)
Here are various activities for involving the entire class in writing stories.

My Story-Writing Checklist (67K)
This checklist will help students track and understand the steps in the writing process.

Brainstorming Ideas (76K)
This chart will help students generate ideas for their own ARTHUR stories.

My Story Plan (66K)
This handout will help children develop ideas for a story's major events before they begin to write.

My Arthur Cartoon (82K)
Children draw pictures to tell their original ARTHUR stories.

Publishing and Sharing Stories (46K)
Here are some ideas for how to use student stories in other classroom activities.

Related Online Activities
No kidding! There are some great activities here on the ARTHUR Web site that will fit right into your classroom's Story Writing with Arthur plans:

Story Scramble
In this online game, children help Binky put the mixed-up pieces of a narrative into the correct order. This game promotes reading and comprehension.

This feature gives children the tools they need for putting on their very own theatrical event. Children can use the script provided, or develop a story of their own. This feature promotes reading, writing, teamwork, and awareness of the arts.

Poetry Club
Children learn about different types of poems, and have a chance to submit their own work through the site for potential posting. While we cannot guarantee that all submitted poems will appear on the site, you can encourage children by posting their poems on a bulletin board.

Cootie Catcher
This ARTHUR twist on an old favorite is the best of both worlds: children design their own paper fortune-tellers online, and then print them out and use them in the real world. This feature encourages both reading and writing.

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