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ARTHUR's Guide to Media Literacy

This guide is designed to help teachers and caregivers discuss media literacy issues with kids. Each lesson uses a different ARTHUR episode to launch a guided discussion and classroom activities based on a media literacy theme. Some lessons also touch upon the related topics of purchasing power and peer pressure. Through these experiences, students will start to develop critical thinking skills that will help them evaluate media messages and move toward an understanding of how these messages can shape their attitudes and behavior.

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Arthur Bounces Back (Episode #108)
Students will begin to develop an awareness of money, and of persuasion in advertising.
(Subject Areas: Math, Reading Comprehension)

Buster's Sweet Success (Episode #602)
Students will examine some techniques used to sell products.
(Subject Area: Reading Comprehension)

Citizen Frensky (Episode #606)
Students will examine the role a journalist plays in creating messages, and how a picture caption can affect the meaning of a message.
(Subject Areas: Reading Comprehension, Writing)

Arthur Rides the Bandwagon (Episode #307)
Students will examine the power that advertising has on purchasing.
(Subject Areas: Math, Life Skills)

Francine's Bad Hair Day (Episode #101)
Students will examine how media affects feelings toward body image and gender stereotypes.
(Subject Areas: Health, Math)

Just Desserts (Episode #509)
Students will begin to develop an awareness of what kinds of foods are marketed to kids and which foods are healthy.
(Subject Area: Health)

Prunella's Prediction (Episode #408)
Students will explore the marketing effects of a simple logo, as well as media's role in determining who and what is "cool."
(Subject Area: Life Skills)

Popular Girls (Episode #308)
Students will learn to identify distinctions between fact and opinion.
(Subject Area: Reading Comprehension)

The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club (Episode #128)
Students will explore techniques used in creating messages to support each side of a controversy, and discuss the idea of censorship.
(Subject Area: Persuasive Writing and Speaking)

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