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Learn to Read with Arthur

This guide focuses on early literacy and reading for kindergarten and first grade classrooms. It contains developmentally appropriate activities to help build phonetic awareness, word recognition, reading comprehension and fluency, and writing skills, while also encouraging a love of books and reading.

You can download the activity sheets from this teacher guide. You'll also find links to some related online activities on the ARTHUR Web site.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these PDF files.

Activity Sheets
Download the activity sheets from the Learn to Read with Arthur guide.

A Is for Arthur! (78K)
As they create simple rebus sentences, children will enjoy exploring letters, letter sounds, and alphabetical order. Use our special ARTHUR Art (132K) with this activity.

Around the Town (66K)
This collection of games for 2-3 partners uses everyday words and names to develop phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling skills.

Arthur's Reading Tips (58K)
By creating a list of successful strategies for figuring out new words, children will improve their independent reading skills.

Dad's Super Snack (133K)
Children develop their functional reading abilities as they read and prepare a recipe -- just like one Arthur's dad might make.

My Story (69K)
Many children identify with Arthur, D. W., and their family. Using the writing process, children tell about experiences they have in common with the characters, and contribute to a class book.

Say It with Feeling! (72K)
By using word, text, and character clues, children can practice reading dialogue with appropriate expression.

The Rhythm of the Street (58K)
Through choral reading, the joyful reggae beat of ARTHUR's theme song helps children learn the words and read them with expression.

What Happened Next? (54K)
By retelling familiar stories about Arthur and his friends, children develop sequencing, reading comprehension, and oral presentation skills.

Related Online Activities
No kidding! There are some great activities here on the ARTHUR Web site that will fit right into your classroom's Learn to Read plans:

Bookmarks to print and color give children an opportunity to personalize their reading experiences.

Crazy Bus
This is a printable card game that hones reading, memory, and description skills. Players match their set of ARTHUR character cards to description cards drawn from a deck.

Story Scramble
Children help Binky put the mixed-up pieces of a narrative into the correct order. This game promotes reading and comprehension.

The Un-Matching Game
This game features groups of four words, three of which have something in common. Children must identify which word does not belong in a given group. This feature hones categorizing, critical thinking, and reading skills.

To learn more about classroom materials based on PBS programs, visit PBS Teachers.

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