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Age Range: 3-5

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D.W. Thinks Big
Related Books:
Weddings by Ann Morris
Weddings Around the World
Explore wedding traditions from various cultures

  • music
  • props (see below)
  • Weddings by Ann Morris
Most young children are fascinated by wedding ceremonies, and some may have already been to one.
  1. Read: Share the book Weddings by Ann Morris with your children so they can learn about different wedding traditions.
  1. Discuss: Ask your children to share what they do know about their own family traditions (e.g., who performs the wedding ceremony, what the bride and groom wear, etc.). If possible, also discuss any wedding events your children have attended.
  1. Role-play: Make props (e.g., a ring and pillow for the ring bearer, a broom for broom jumping, etc.). Provide different types of music for dancing. Kids will enjoy the celebration while learning about different cultures.
Take It Further
Help your children make tissue-paper flowers and other wedding decorations.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1