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Age Range: 3-5

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Meek for a Week

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A Kindness Tree
Explore acts of kindness

  • flowers made from colored paper
  • a tree (trunk, branches, leaves) made of construction paper, taped to a wall
Make a "Kindness Tree" with your children, and show them how to make it bloom.
  1. Comprehend kindness: Have your children name ways that they can be nice to people. Ask questions to prompt ideas: What can you say to make someone feel better when she's sad? How can you help each other every day? What special things can you do to show your friends you like them?
  1. Count kindness: Each day, ask your children to share ways that they have been kind or helpful to a friend or family member, or ways that a friend or family member has been kind to them.
  1. Commemorate kindness: Write down each example on a paper flower and tape it to the tree.
Take It Further
Have your children take photos of people who have been kind. Encourage them to make drawings to illustrate their experiences. Add these photos and drawings to your Kindness Tree.

With a Group
With a group of children participating, your Kindness Tree will bloom even more! Help children read the flowers: Can they find their names? Can they find the names of their friends?

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1