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Age Range: 3-7

Skills/Subjects: Related Episode:
D.W. Goes to Washington
If I Were President
Define a future presidency

  • art supplies
  • paper
  • pictures of things/people related to the presidency
Are any of your children interested in becoming president? Talk with your children about the role of President of the United States, and help them think about what they would do if they were elected.
  1. Discuss: Show pictures as you talk about the President, his job, family, pets, and the White House. Briefly describe how a president gets elected. Encourage children to share any information they may already know. Tell them that someday they will have a chance to be voters, too.
  1. Imagine and illustrate: What new rules and laws would your children make if they were elected? Help them illustrate their ideas. Write the captions they dictate on their pictures.
With a Group
Give children two choices for snack. Let them vote by hopping to two different parts of the room. In this election, everyone gets the choice he or she voted for! Help children make their elected snacks.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1