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Age Range: 7

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How Much Will It Cost?
Assess the cost of a pretend party

  • marker
  • newspapers or circulars
  • paper
Help your children to create a list of items needed for a party, and then to figure out how much it will all cost.
  1. Discuss: Ask your children to pretend they are going to plan a party. What kinds of supplies would they need? Together, make a list of items (e.g., food, decorations, paper supplies, etc.).
  1. Shop: Using newspapers and circulars, have your children find prices for as many of the items as they can. Write the prices next to the items on the list.
  1. Add: Together, figure out how many of each item you will need for the party, and add up how much that will cost. For example, if soda costs $1.49 for one large bottle, and you need two bottles for the party, how much money will you need for soda?
Take It Further
Next time you plan an event for family or friends, invite your children to help you make a list and assess the cost.

Adapted from the WGBH Web Activities