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Age Range: 3-5

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The Return of the King
Home Olympics
Organize simple athletic events

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Help your children create their own Home Olympics! Try to hold your event outside, or put mats on the floor indoors. Remind children that the object is not to win, but to have FUN! (Note: Supervise your children at all times.)
  1. Obstacle Course: Help your children plan and create a safe course they can go over, under, around, and through.
  1. Balloon Volleyball: Players on either side of a taut string bat a balloon back and forth.
  1. Tumbling Tornadoes: Let your kids tumble as they wish on a safe, soft surface.
  1. Cross the Brook: Using tape or chalk, make two lines that are a foot apart. Participants hop or run across the "brook." They can also look for ways to build bridges.
  1. Cooperative Race: Partners link a part of their bodies together (such as elbows or hands) and run to a finish line.
Take It Further
Have children create their own Olympic medals and hold a medal ceremony.

With a Group
The more, the merrier!

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 2