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Age Range: 3-5

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Night Fright
Related Books:
Monsters in the Bathroom by Bill Harley
Handling Fear
Learn strategies for handling scary stuff

  • marker
  • paper (large sheet)
  • stuffed animals or puppets
Empower your children by helping them explore ways to overcome fears.
  1. Share: Tell children about something that used to scare you as a child (e.g., a visit to the doctor, sirens, dogs). Ask for their advice: What do you think I could have done to make myself feel less afraid? Encourage suggestions, and write them down on a large piece of paper.
  1. Role-play: Introduce a stuffed animal. Ask your children what the animal could be afraid of. Make the toy ask for advice: How can I make myself feel less afraid? Have your children offer ideas (e.g., cuddling with a parent, singing a favorite song, etc.). Next, have the toy act out some of the advice and report how it feels: I feel better! Thanks!
Talk About It
As your children grow, encourage them to continue talking about their fears and finding ways to manage them.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1