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Age Range: 3-5

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The Perfect Brother

Related Books:
What Do You Say, Dear? by Seslye Joslin
Good Manners
Practice good manners at a tea party

  • dress-up clothes
  • tea set
  • What Do You Say, Dear? by Seslye Joslin
Practice manners and conversation skills with your children at a make-believe tea party.
  1. Read: Start by reading What Do You Say, Dear? Pause to let children predict the right thing to say in each quirky situation.
  1. Dress: Tell your children they are going to a tea party. Let them show their sense of style by putting on some dress-up clothes.
  1. Invite: Have your children invite each other to this make-believe tea party. This is their chance to show off their excellent manners (which you can model).
  1. Have tea: Welcome your children to the tea table. Serve your guests pretend refreshments, and engage them in polite conversation: Would you like some tea? Yes, please. No, thank you. Please pass the milk. Mmm, this is delicious!
Take It Further
Using raisin bread and cookie cutters, help your children make fancy snacks for the party.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1