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Age Range: 3-5

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Sue Ellen Moves In

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Hello! Goodbye! by Aliki
Loving by Ann Morris
New Shoes for Silvia by Johanna Hurwitz
Somewhere in Africa by Niki Daly and Ingrid Mennen
Culture Commotion
Delve into diversity

  • Hello! Goodbye! by Aliki
  • music from diverse cultures
  • picture books from and about diverse cultures
Providing daily exposure to various cultures will enrich your children's experiences, and enable them to appreciate and share their own heritage.
  1. Read and dance: Tap into the resources of your community to find books and music that you can share with your children. Read stories to your kids about contemporary children in different countries. Invite children to dance to the music of different cultures.
  1. Learn many greetings: Read Hello! Goodbye! by Aliki. Sing the song "Hello Everybody" (below) as you teach the word for hello in several languages.
Hello everybody, yes indeed, yes indeed, yes indeed.
Hello everybody, yes indeed. Yes indeed, my darling.
Spanish: Hola
Italian: Buon giorno
Japanese: Konichi wa
Russian: Priviet
Mandarin Chinese: Nea how
French: Bonjour
Hebrew: Shalom

Talk About It
Ask your children to talk about their own heritage and what it means to them.

Take It Further
Look for cultural organizations holding events in your community. Invite family or friends to share their childhood experiences in other countries or among various U.S. cultures. Ask your guests to teach your children a game, song, dance, or greeting specific to their country or culture.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1