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Age Range: 3-5

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Bully for Binky
Conflict Resolution
Explore conflict resolution strategies

  • puppet or stuffed animal
Use role-play to set up and resolve conflicts.
  1. Introduce: Binky Barnes has a reputation for being the class bully. Explain to your children that Binky, like some kids, sometimes does things that scare other kids or make them mad. Introduce a puppet as Binky.
  1. Role-play: Set up role-playing situations reflecting conflicts that may occur among children. Possible scenarios include: (1) Binky tries to grab your crayon, saying: You've got the red crayon. I was looking for that; (2) Binky knocks your block tower down, saying: Hey, I'm an earthquake. Your tower is history.
  1. Resolve: Encourage children to use their own words to work out a solution with Binky.
  1. Discuss: After each role-playing situation, discuss what happened. Praise children for their good problem-solving skills.
Talk About It
Brainstorm with your children on some different approaches to resolving conflicts. Here are some examples:
  • Suggest compromise: I'm using the red crayon at the moment, but I'll finish up quickly so that you can use it, too.
  • As your children come up with responses to situations, have them think about how those responses would make them feel.
  • Emphasize the importance of thinking before talking/acting.
Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1