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Age Range: 7

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Ali, Child of the Desert by Jonathan London
Bedtime for Frances by Russell Hoban
Lost! by David McPhail
Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco
Being Lost
Learn to handle scary situations

  • paper
  • markers
Using advice and role-play, help guide your children through an exploration of how to handle scary situations like being lost.
  1. Share stories: Have your children share experiences about times they were lost or in scary situations. Brainstorm with children what they can do to prevent getting lost, as well as what to do if they are lost (e.g. tell a police officer or store clerk). Make a list of their ideas.
  1. Tell a tale: Tell your children a story about someone being lost and upset. (If you don't have a story handy in a book, refer to an experience you've had or have heard about, or make one up.) Stop the story to ask your children what they might do in the same circumstance. Is there any advice they might offer the character in your story? Explore some ways to handle the situation, and then share the end of the story.
  1. Role-play: After the story, have your children role-play the character's situation, or a different scary experience. One person can play the character who is lost, while another can play someone who can help.
Talk About It
Explain to your children that being lost can be very frightening, but that coping skills will enable them to handle such a situation. Encourage children to share ideas about ways they can handle scary circumstances.

Take It Further
Watch the ARTHUR episode 'Lost!' (Check the TV schedule or your local listings. Also available on video.) Ask your children to imagine they are sitting near Arthur on the bus. Stop the video when Arthur realizes he is in an unfamiliar part of town. Ask your children: What advice would you give Arthur? Discuss some solutions to Arthur's dilemma before watching the rest of the episode.

Adapted from the WGBH Web Activities