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Age Range: 3-5

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Arthur's Treasure Hunt
Archeology 101
Dig up some cool stuff

  • paint brushes
  • sand
  • shovels or spoons
  • sifter or kitchen strainer
  • miscellaneous objects (e.g., toy dinosaurs, feathers, shells)
  • water table or large tray
Help your children go on an archaeological "dig" and create a museum.
  1. Set up: Fill an empty water table or tray with sand. Bury miscellaneous objects in the sand.
  1. Dig: Invite your children to use archaeologists' tools (spoons, brushes, sifters) to find the hidden objects.
  1. Exhibit: When they have unearthed the items, help your children set up a "museum" to display their discoveries. Older children may enjoy writing labels for the artifacts.
Talk About It
Discuss what kinds of objects are found in museums. Be sure to use and define related words, such as museum, fossil, ancient, etc.

Take It Further
Use play dough or modeling clay to create fossils. Let your children push objects found in nature (e.g., leaves, pine cones, shells) into the dough or clay to create impressions.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 2