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Age Range: 3-5

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I'd Rather Read It Myself
Alphabet Shopping
Go on a letter-based scavenger hunt

  • child-safe scissors
  • glue
  • index cards
  • markers
  • paper (large sheet)
  • supermarket flyers
Young children love to help with grown-up tasks, so they'll really enjoy making this alphabetical shopping list.
  1. Prep: Write the letters of the alphabet across the top of a large sheet of paper. In addition, create a deck of alphabet cards by writing different letters on index cards.
  1. Shop: Have each child pull a card off the alphabet deck and scan supermarket flyers for words that begin with the corresponding letter. Help children tear or cut out the words and pictures they find, and glue them to the paper under the appropriate letters. (If a child can't find appropriate words/pictures, let her or him move on to the next card in the deck.) Play continues this way until the deck is gone (or until you or your kids are ready to stop!).
  1. Categorize: When you're finished shopping, work together to sort your items into categories (e.g., produce, canned goods, drinks, and household supplies).
Take It Further
Take a walk and have your children look for signs that start with different letters (e.g., s for stop, orw for walk). Younger children might also name shapes they see.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 2