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Age Range: 3-5

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Arthur the Unfunny

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The Funny Songbook by Esther Nelson
Shake My Sillies Out: Raffi Songs to Sing by Raffi
Wee Sing Silly Songs by Pamela Conn Beall
Acting Silly
Enjoy wacky songs and games

  • beanbag
Here are some opportunities for everyone to enjoy being silly.
  1. Silly Animals on Parade: Create silly animal walks with your children: waddle like ducks, scamper and squeak like mice, lumber like bears. Encourage your kids to suggest humorous specifics: Let's pretend we're ducks that oink like pigs. Let's pretend we're bears who want to be ballet dancers.
  1. Monkey-See, Monkey-Do: Players pass a beanbag while chanting:
Monkey, monkey, 1, 2, 3
Make a silly face like me.

The player holding the beanbag at the end of the chant makes a silly face. The other players must try to make the same face.

Talk About It
Talk about why it is so fun to be silly. Teach your children some humorous action songs and chants. (See the sidebar for some excellent resources.)

Take It Further
Prepare cone-shaped clown hats for children to decorate with paint, cotton balls, crepe-paper streamers, animal stickers, etc. Invite your kids to wear their clown hats as they participate in acts of silliness.

With a Group
These activities are great to do with playgroups or at birthday parties!

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1