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Feast of Saint Lucia

George's relatives in Sweden celebrate the holiday of Lucia on December 13. Lucia celebrates the Christian martyr St. Lucia, and is a celebration of light at the darkest time of the year. Kids dress up in white and have a big parade with stars and candles.

One of George's cousins was elected to dress up like St. Lucia. She wore a white dress, and a wreath of candles on her head. Sometimes they use battery-powered candles instead.

The parades go all through the streets in Sweden. When it's all over, everyone's feet are frozen stiff, but they've had so much fun they barely notice!

During the parade, a pack of snow fell off a big oak tree right onto George's uncle! He froze from his nose to his toes!

Lucia can be celebrated with dancing and lots of tasty baked goods, like spicy gingersnaps (called "pepparkakor") and sweet lussekatt saffron buns. Mmmm!

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