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The Basics

Tips for Kids

Baby Kate cries.

You might have heard about something upsetting that happened near you or far away. Sometimes these kinds of events can make you feel sad, unhappy, or afraid. Remember that it's okay to feel upset if you hear about or experience a scary situation. You might want to cry or feel like you can't settle down.

Mr. Ratburn holds a book and gestures.

If you feel scared or worried, talk to a grown-up, such as a parent, grandparent, or teacher.

Arthur hugs his dad.

Are your feelings making it hard to eat, sleep, or play? The grown-ups in your life are there to help you feel better.

Blue stuffed bunny.

You may want to cuddle up with your favorite stuffed animal, even one you haven't used in a while. That's okay, too.

Binky and Brain read together.

If you have a friend who is upset by something that happened to him or her, you may wonder what you should do or say. You can be a good friend by just offering to spend time together.

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