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Lend a Hand

Arthur stands with his hands stretched out to each side.

Gather drawing supplies, paper, and pencils.


Brainstorm with your child about ways to help people. Have they ever helped someone? You may need to start off the discussion with a few examples of your own. Write these ways of helping on paper.

Write about it

Have your child think of a time when someone helped them, or when someone was particularly kind. Ask them to write about and illustrate the experience. Encourage your child to mention the name of the person who was kind or helpful, and to include details about what happened. Offer sentence starters such as:

"I remember when..."

"Once ______ helped me..."

"I want to thank ______ for the time when..."

Talk about it

Help your child explore ways that they can help others in the future, or make other people feel good about themselves. Record their ideas on paper. If you can, put one of the plans into action.

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