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The Basics

Tips for Kids

Francine, Arthur and Buster play basketball.

Exercise! It helps your body become strong and remain healthy. When you exercise, your blood flow increases, which helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently. It also increases the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain and the rest of your body. Exercise can help you think better, feel more relaxed, and live a longer, healthier life.

Arthur, Pal and D.W. watch TV together.

Turn off the computer, TV, smart phone, or game console and do something active (unless you are using your device to play active games!).

D.W. dances with a boom box while Arthur covers his ears.

Put on music and dance around your living room.

Francine walks.

Go for a walk. Walk in a pattern: skip 4 steps, walk 4 steps, skip 4 steps, walk 4 steps.

D.W. and her friends play.

Play follow the leader, toss a ball or a beanbag back and forth, or take a walk in the park with your friends or family.

D.W. plays with a beach ball.

Keep a beach ball up in the air using your feet, knees, head, and hands.

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