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The Basics

For Educators

Mr. Ratburn holds a book and waves.
Balloon Dance

Have your children ever seen balloons float away? Now they can imitate that movement by creating a Balloon Dance.

Be a balloon

Have kids begin by lying on the ground, pretending to be flat new balloons. Then, you pretend to blow up the balloons. Let your children slowly "unfold" and "inflate," rising to their feet as you blow. Say: Now we need to tie a knot so the air doesn't escape. Children now pretend to tie a knot. Ask your "balloons" to pretend to go outside and play: A little breeze lifts you up into the sky and carries you here and there.

Dance to music

Play music to inspire your children to dance like balloons floating in the breeze. When the breeze dies down (the music fades away), the balloons drift back to the ground.

Take it further

Try these fun extensions:

  • Paper Balloons: Provide paper cut into oval shapes. Let children design their own balloons by drawing patterns, faces, etc. Attach colored yarn to the paper balloons and display them on a wall.
  • Bubble Balloons: Put bubble solution in trays and provide tubes, strings, and bubble wands. Watch bubbles float through the air like fragile balloons.

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