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Be a Cat, Be a Tree

Cheikh in a tree costume.
The Cat:
  • Start on your hands and knees.
  • Look up. Curve your shoulders up.
  • Hold the stretch for three counts as you purr like a happy cat.
  • Now look down at the floor and arch your back up.
  • Hold the stretch for three counts as you hiss and growl like an angry cat.
The Tree:
  • Stand on one leg. This is the tree trunk.
  • Place the other foot at the knee of your standing leg.
  • Now raise your arms high above your head, with the fingers touching.
  • Count slowly to five as you imagine the sun shining down on you.
  • (Note: Children who have trouble balancing can stand on two feet or lean against a wall.)
Take it further

Supervise your children as they create simple gymnastic routines using tumbling mats, a pretend balance beam (a strip of paper taped to the floor), and music.

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