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The Basics

Tips for Kids

Buster stands next to a chart showing the lungs.

Hi, I'm Buster. I have asthma. Sometimes the airways in my lungs swell up, and it's hard for me to breathe.

Arthur holds a baseball and glove, Buster holds an inhaler.

You can't catch asthma from anyone, so it's perfectly safe to play with me. I'm still the same old Buster!

An open packet of cigarettes with a book of matches and an ashtray.

Certain things, like dust, make my asthma act up. Other things, like cigarette smoke and pet hair, can also cause asthma attacks. It's important to know what makes your asthma worse and stay away from those things.

Buster, Francine and Arthur play basketball.

Even though I have asthma I can still do all the regular kid stuff, like play soccer, eat pizza, and hang out with my friends. I just need to take my medicine and follow my doctor's directions. It's no big deal!

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