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Click on the thumbnails above to print out the cards. If you want, you can color the cards. Then cut them out along the dotted lines.

Playing the game by yourself
Here's how to play the game. There are two kinds of cards: a FACE card and an EVENT card. The FACE card has a picture of an African American hero. The EVENT card will show the hero doing something that made him or her famous. You need to match the FACE cards with the EVENT cards.

First, place all cards face down on the table. Mix them well and arrange them in rows. Flip over a card. If you find a face card, you'll need to match it with the EVENT card. If you get an EVENT card, read about the hero then find the FACE card it matches. If you don't make a match, turn both cards face down in the same locations and try again.

When you've matched all the FACE and EVENT cards, you've won the game! Now, see if you can win all four games!

Playing the Game with a Friend
You can also play this game with a friend! Once you've placed all the cards face down in rows, flip over two cards. When you flip over cards make sure your friend can see the card, too. If you make a match, you can take another turn. If you don't make a match, turn both cards face down in the same locations. Remember where the cards are so you can match them up later. Now it's your friend's turn to play! The game ends when all the cards are matched. The person with the most matching pairs wins!

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