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Photos of ZOOMers to print and cut out
Start by printing this page twice so that you have two game pieces of each ZOOMer and the ZOOM logo. Next, cut out each game piece and put all the pieces together like a deck of cards facing in the same direction. Shuffle or mix them up so that they're not in the same order.

Lay out the pieces on a flat surface, ZOOMer-side down. If you're playing alone, make sure you can't see the ZOOMers' pictures when you do this. If you're playing with someone, make sure they can't see them!

To play, flip a game piece to reveal the ZOOMer. Then, flip another piece to try to find its match. Is it a match? If so, keep those pieces ZOOMer side up. If not, flip both pieces back over and try again. Keep going until they're all showing, keeping track of the number of flips you're doing. When finished: the fewer flips, the ZOOMier your score (lower is better).

We also have a cool web version. To play ZOOMer Flip there, you'll need Shockwave.
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