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ESP = Spanish version

ZOOMsci: Experiments

Chemistry: Mix It Up

Recycling Paper (292K) NEW!

ZOOMGlue (77K)
ZOOMGlue ESP (78K)

Engineering: Design It

Balloon Flinker (72K)
Balloon Flinker ESP (76K)

Egg Bungee Jump (101K)

Flinker (88K)
Flinker ESP (90K)

Hoop Glider (82K)

Hovercraft (64K)
Hovercraft ESP (64K)
Keep-a-Cube (84K)

Marble Ride (65K)
Marble Ride ESP (70K)

Mechanical Grabber (475K) NEW!

Pencil Balance (56K)

Puff Mobile (82K)

Water Filter (44K)

The Five Senses: Sense It

Periscope (216K) NEW!
Periscope ESP (192K) NEW!

Phenakistoscope (64K)

Reaction Time (71K)

Thaumatrope (64K)
Thaumatrope ESP (64K)

Forces and Energy: Move It

Air Lift (52K)
Air Lift ESP (52K)

Balloon Car (64K)

Can Car (60K)

Cotton Ball Catapult (56K)

Electric Gelatin (56K)
Electric Gelatin ESP (56K)

Life Science: Live It Up

Bird Feeder (360K) NEW!
Pulse Rate (64K)

Patterns: Detect It

Backpack Challenge (108K)

Chromatography (56K)

Fingerprints (344K) NEW!
Fingerprints ESP (324K) NEW!

Guess My Rule (68K)

Mirror Messages (200K) NEW!
Mirror Messages ESP (200K) NEW!
Scytale Messages (196K) NEW!
Scytale Messages ESP (192K) NEW!

Shower Estimation (248K) NEW!
Shower Estimation ESP (220K) NEW!

Square or Rectangle (64K)

Sound: Listen Up

Structures: Build It

Cup Tower (80K)
Cup Tower ESP (80K)

Gumdrop Dome (124K)
Gumdrop Dome ESP (124K)

Marshmallow Tower (100K)

Paper Bridge (64K)
Paper Bridge ESP (64K)
Paper Tower (100K)
Paper Tower ESP (102K)

Super Golf Tower (84K)
Super Golf Tower ESP (88K)

Water: Go with the Flow

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