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Web Credits
In the old days, theaters used to heat lime to make their lights. So the stars of the show were in the "Limelight." For this site, the stars are YOU. But behind the scenes, there are a few juicy lemons who helped put it all together.

The Team

Senior Producer
Meredith Nierman

Laura Nooney

Lead Web Developer
Kit Buckley

Lead Designer & Illustrator
Katie Caldwell

Senior Designer
Kate Pullano

Content Producers
Meredith Nierman
Laura Nooney

Content Developers
Marisa Nopakun
Jennifer Rodriguez

Unit Manager
Amy Stahl

Assistant Production Designer
Anthony Cerasuolo
Lisa Cerquiera
Amy Zall

Systems Managers
Jon Alper
Jason Kahn

Kit Buckley
Jon Alper

Executive Producer
Bill Shribman

For WGBH Interactive
Ron LaRussa, Director
Toby Bottorf, Design Director
Peter Pinch and Jon Alper, Directors of Technology
Jim Barton, Business Operations Manager

For WGBH Educational Foundation
Brigid Sullivan, Executive In Charge

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Project Coordinators
Ceit Zweil
Rachel Clark

Content Developers
Sharon Broder
Ceit Zweil
Gentry Menzel
Rachel Clark

Jamie Folsom
Daniel Bulli
Sherm Pendley
Hester Fuller

Senior Web Developers
Kevin Lesniewicz
Jamie Biggar
Peter Pinch

Senior Designers
Chris Wise
Kim Ducharme

Associate Designers
Sonali Manseta
Li Wei

Design Interns
Alison Morando
Colleen Quigley

Assistant Production Designers
Lynnette Lorenzo
Deb Berger
Duane Cardinez

Additional Illustrations
Alison Morando
Lynnette Lorenzo
Rick Pinchera
Leo Abbett
Duane Cardinez
Deborah Berger

Thom Shepard
Kevin Lesniewicz

Tim Halle
Jon Alper
Kevin Lesniewicz

Business Manager
Adriana Sacchi

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Science Advisors
Reen Gibb, M.S.
Robert V. Lange, Ph. D.
Elections Advisor
Stuart Shapiro, Ph.D.

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Other Helpers

Our colleagues at WGBH Interactive including Julia Whitney, Molly Frey, Bob Donahue and Brendan Kootsey. Sister Helen and the kids at the Jackson Mann Community Center, Allston, MA, Jet City Studios, Fablevision Studios, Pop! Multimedia and our friends at PBS Kids Online.

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Kid Testers

Alexa, age 11 of Auburn, MA
Aminata, age 10 of Boston, MA
Annie, age 10 of Shrewsbury, MA
Asia, age 11 of Boston, MA
Brenden, age 10 of Boston, MA
Brittany, age 10 of Redding, MA
Connor, age 10 of Nashua, NH
Dexter, age 10 of Boston, MA
Ellen, age 10 of Winston-Salem, NC
Emily, age 11 of Chatham, MA
Gabriela, age 10 of Boston, MA
Gabriela, age 12 of Methuen, MA
Geordy, age 12 of Winston-Salem, NC
Gregory, age 13 of Chestnut Hill, MA
Ilana, age 5 of Chicago, IL
Isaac, age 10 of Boston, MA
Ismael, age 9 of MA
Jackie, age 11 of Quincy, MA
Jared, age 11 of Boston, MA
Jeannie, age 11 of Boston, MA
Joey, age 10 of Lexington, MA
Jon, age 12 of Stratham, NH
Joshua, age 10 of Weston, MA
Julia, age 10 of Stratham, NH
Julia, age 12 of Concord, MA
Julie, age 11 of Andover, MA
Justin, age 13 of Sharon, MA
Kevin, age 9 of Littleton, MA
Kevin, age 11 of Boston, MA
Lara, age 10 of Concord, MA
Mei Ling, age 9 of Boston, MA
Mercy, age 12 of Boston, MA
Miles, age 6 of Boston, MA
Natasha, age 10 of Boston, MA
Natasha, age 10 of Concord, MA
Nicholas, age 12 of Boston, MA
Olivia, age 11 of Mattapoisett, MA
Pamela, age 9 of Boston, MA
Rudy, age 11 of Boston, MA
Sam, age 11 of Boston, MA
Samantha, age 12 of Concord, MA
Sirae, age 13 of Boston, MA
Sony, age 10 of Boston, MA
Sophie, age 11 of Belmont, MA
Susie, age 8 of Winston-Salem, NC
Tim, age 13 of Wakefield, MA
Vanessa, age 10 of Boston, MA
Vianna, age 11 of Boston, MA
Zoe, age 11 of Billerica, MA
Zoe, age 9 of Wellesley, MA

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