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Customize your desktop with ZOOM!

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For you Windows ZOOMers:

  1. Right-mouse-click on one of the pattern squares above and you should see a menu.

  2. Select the option Set As Wallpaper.

    If it's not tiling (there's just a square in the middle of your desktop) do this:

  3. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP:
    Go to the Start menu, then Settings, then open the Control Panel window. Double-click the Display icon. The Background tab should already be selected at the top.
    Windows 3.1:
    Open the Main program group, then Control Panel, and double-click the Desktop icon.

  4. Where it says "Display" (or "Wallpaper"), choose the Tile option.

For you Macintosh ZOOMers
on Mac OS 9:
  1. Click-and-hold (or Control-click) on one of the pattern squares above until a menu pops up.

  2. Select Copy This Image or Copy Image.

  3. Find the Control Panels under the Apple Menu, and Paste it into either the Appearance, Desktop Pictures, or Desktop Patterns control panel (depending on the Mac OS version).

  4. Click Set Desktop (or Set Desktop Pattern).

  on Mac OS X:

  1. Drag one of the pattern squares above to your desktop.

  2. Find System Preferences under the Apple menu and select the Desktop and Screen Saver panel. Select Desktop from the top tabs.

  3. Drag the pattern square from your desktop into the target square in the Desktop control panel.

  4. Choose the Tile option.

not yet implemented