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Is the ZOOM Pendulum for real?

Globe with a sign at the North Pole The ZOOM Pendulum is different from any pendulum that can be built in the world. Scientists call this an "ideal pendulum" because it shows an idea that doesn't really work on Earth. If the ZOOM Pendulum worked the same way actual pendulums work on Earth, air resistance and friction would slow it down. Also, the planet spinning under the ZOOM Pendulum spins much faster than the Earth. This means that in the time it takes the planet under the ZOOM Pendulum to rotate all the way around once, the ZOOM Pendulum swings back and forth just a few times! You should also know that the ZOOM Pendulum is located at the North Pole of the planet spinning underneath it. If it wasn't located at the North Pole, it wouldn't be moving clockwise and the pattern it would make would be wobbly.
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