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The Virtual Kitchen: YEE-HAH!

Try these at-home versions! Remember to check with an adult before using anything from around the house.

NICE WORK! You probably already know this -- seeing as you're so savvy -- but here's the scoop:

Many acids, when mixed with baking soda, will produce carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is a gas. If enough CO2 forms inside a corked water bottle, the pressure the gas creates will send the cork flying! Some acids won't produce enough gas to launch a cork, but you can still see the CO2 bubbles!

This game is based on the results we got when we tested these experiments ourselves in our swanky ZOOM Web Lab. Some people may get different results because they use a different brand of orange juice, or a different kind of cork, or a different amount of liquid.

Blah, blah, blah. WHERE'S MY REWARD?, you ask. Look no further:


Baking Soda + Acid = CO2