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Games: Get gamey with gizmos and downloads!
Stay and Play
Goldburger To GoGoldburger To Go
Complicated Contraption!
(Flash required)
3 Puck Chuck3 Puck Chuck
Chuck a puck and test your luck!
(Flash required)
ZOOMer FlipZOOMer Flip
Concentrate and flip some ZOOMers!
(Flash required)
Kitchen ChemistryKitchen Chemistry
Get cookin' with Chemistry!
Virtual Kitchen
(Flash required)
Keep your noodle nimble with this brain trivia game!
Don't let gravity get you down!
Make it Swing!
(Shockwave required)
Send a shout-out across the Web.
ZOOM PresentzZOOM Presentz
ZOOM over to ZOOMy stuff found elsewhere.
Ubbi Dubbi TranslatorUbbi Dubbi Translator
Decode the secret language of ZOOM.
Whose Chair?Whose Chair?
Take the who-makes-ZOOM? quiz.
ZOOMer 101ZOOMer 101
Test your ZOOMer knowledge.
Download and Play
Balloon CarBalloon Car
Make this Virtual Vehicle VROOM!
Tunes & SpoonsTunes & Spoons
Create H2Overtures with this aquatic acoustic apparatus.
Redecorate your desktop - ZOOM style.
ZOOMtag ScreensaverZOOMtag Screensaver
Save your screen! Keep the OO out of ZOOM.

not yet implemented