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our latest mailbaggage: zmail
Analisa, age 10 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
Fanneedoolee likes books but doesn't like novels.

ZOOM replies:
HeLLo, Analisa! You are the one and only FaNNEE fan this wEEk, and you sEEm to know her preTTy weLL! What haPPened to everyone else? Don't teLL us you've forgoTTen about your fuNNy friend FaNNEE! We want to hear more riDDles about her, so show us what you know! Send in your FaNNEE facts to Zmail and we'll post them right here in the WEEkly DOOlEE.

Joe, age 12 of Prairie Village, KS wrote:
I think you should have a recipe for banana pops. First, peel the amount of bananas you want to eat. Then, cover them in honey. Then cover them in brown sugar. Afterwards, Put them in your freezer for 2 hours. Last, Enjoy.

Shae, age 11 of North Bay, ON wrote:
Hi, Me and my sister were bored so we tried out a weird recipe. Luckily It worked out and was awsome! The recipe was:

2 cups of Chocolate chips
1 cup of cherios
1/3 cups of rice crispies
Teaspoon of melted butter
Stir, then freeze for half an hour!

We call it the Choco Delicioso!

Priscilla, age 11 of Kingston, Jamaica wrote:
To make pink meringues you need:
3 egg whites
1 and a half cups sugar
3 pinches of cream of tartar
a few drops of red food colouring
a mixing bowl
a mixer
a baking sheet
butter or margarine

To make pink meringues:
1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
2. Pour the egg whites into the mixing bowl.
3. Add cream of tartar to the eggs. Mix the ingredients in the bowl.
4. While mixing, add the sugar a little at a time. Mix until the paste turns into a whipped cream-like substance. Add food colouring while mixing.
5. Grease a baking pan with butter or margarine. Spoon out the mixture into mounds on the pan. Makes 24 meringues.
6. Put in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 mins.
7. Let cool on stove and enjoy!

ZOOM replies:
Hi there, Joe, Shae, and Priscilla! Thanks for your recipes, they look great. The best part about them is that they all have something healthy in them, like bananas and different kinds of cereal, so we can eat them every day, right? Well, okay they have a lot of chocolate and sugar too, so probably we'll just have them as a treat. But it'll be one tasty treat! Send in more super snacks to Zmail with "RECIPE" in the subject line and we'll post them right here. We can't wait!

Tabitha and Josh, age 7 of ON wrote:
Try siting in a bucket and leaning forward and not falling forward.

Ella of Toronto, ON wrote:
I challenge you to put an elastic band on your fingers and run around on rocks and see if you can keep your balance.

Kimico, age 14 of Goldsboro, NC wrote:
Make a domino system like you see in movies that show the effect of "Chain of Events".

ZOOM replies:
What's up, Tabitha, Josh, Ella, and Kimico? You came up with some funny challenges! But, um, what if we get stuck in the bucket? Or can't balance on the rocks? Or knock the dominoes down by accident? We'll have to be careful, but we'll master them eventually! Have you come across anything else that's tricky to do? Send a Zmail to us with "CHALLENGE" in the subject line and we'll challenge everyone to do them!

Matthew, age 6 of Portland, OR wrote:
I want you to do a relay of bobbing for apples! I want you start at one line (in teams), run to the other, bob for an apple and carry it in your mouth back to the original line and put it in a basket, and then tag the other person in line, and they go and bob for an apple. Once all of them are gone your team wins!

Sarah, age 9 of Newfoundland wrote:
I know a new game it is called guess what. You play it by taking the peals of the graps and take the pail of the orange and squshing the orange. Then put each in a bool and blind fold some one els and put there hands in the bool and they have to guss what it is.

Bryanna, age 13 of Chino Hills, CA wrote:
Its called Find The Rythm. First you turn some music on, then find two pencils or something, then when the song starts you tap to rythm around the house with another player, then you count how many diffrent things they tapped on and whoever has the most wins!!!!!

ZOOM replies:
Greetings, Matthew, Sarah, and Bryanna. It's almost Halloween and what we really want are some spooky ghostly games. These are great ideas and we think we can turn them into great Halloween party games. Bobbing for apples is already perfect for fall. The "Guess What" game could be called "Gross What" if you just tell everyone those are squished eyeballs and mashed stomachs. Even "Find the Rhythm" will be scary if you use some spooky music! Looks like we're all set for our Halloween party, hope you can come! As always, feel free to send us more game ideas right here to Zmail, just be sure to write "GAMES" in the subject line.

Mackenzie, age 13 of Tucson, AZ wrote:
I think you should do somthing like a lunch type menu and then people can follow it. Then they can fix it as a snack 4 them.

Christina, age 11 of Edmonton, AB wrote:
I know how to make the most AWSOME goop there ever was! All you need is some corn starch and some water. (And if you like you can add some food coloring.) All you gotta do is put some corn starch in a bowl. Then add some water. If it's too hard add more water. If its too wet add some more corn starch. Compare it to water and see how many things are differnt. Have fun!!!

Samantha, age 8 of Warren, MB wrote:
You will need: gumdrops, toothpicks.
1. Push 3 toothpicks in the gumdrop. They must be in a triangle so the gumdrop stands.
2. Get another gumdrop and pick up another toothpick. Anchor the bottom legs together and build upward.
3. Keep building the shape. Every time toothpicks come together anchor it with a gumdrop.
4. Start with a triangele-shaped base of 15 gumdrops with a gumdrop on each end of the toothpick.

ZOOM replies:
Hiya, Mackenzie, Christina, and Samantha! These are fun ideas for activities when you're bored or stuck inside. We love the lunch menu idea because we have SO many foods on our site in CafeZOOM and even more snacks here in Zmail. That menu could really come in handy. We could even put goop and gumdrop houses on the menu. Send in more activities we can do to Zmail with "PROJECT" in the subject line and we'll post them right here. Thanks!

Dorche, age 11 of Wisconsin wrote:
I love shool but I have a bully at school so what should I do?

Holly, age 9 of Scott, LA wrote:
One day my frend bullied by a girl and this is what I said back off she don't won't no trouble.

ZOOM replies:
Hey, Dorche and Holly! Dorche, we're sorry to hear there's someone who's making school not fun for you. Holly, thanks for letting us know how you handled your school bully. Hang in there, you'll figure out a way to deal with the problem. If any other ZOOMers out there have advice or similar experiences, let us know so we can help Dorche out. Send us your advice and experiences to us in a Zmail with "SCHOOL" in the subject line.

Chelsea, age 13 of ON wrote:
Your show is educational, and good for young children learning about science and that tuff. Nice to see, your helping kids see how fun science and anything really is.

Lexion, age 10 of St. Louis, MO wrote:
You have a very nice show and it is funny and educational and I love to watch it its just so inspiring.

Maddison, age 12 of Aztec, NM wrote:
I just want to say you guys have inspired me to be evry thing I can be. When Im older I want to be just like you.

ZOOM replies:
A big hello to Chelsea, Lexion, and Maddison! Thanks for letting us know how you feel, it's great to know we're doing a good job. But really, we're learning from you just as much as you learn from the show. Everything you guys write in about, your recipes, games, experiments, even riddles, inspires us to share all that good stuff with even more ZOOMers. So, thanks everyone!
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