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our latest mailbaggage: zmail
Gerly, age 10 of Dallas, TX wrote:
I know a cool game to play it's called Octoball it's like dodge ball but you have to stay in one place when you get hit and act like an octopus. Oh and I almost forgot two things. 1. There are two teams red and blue. 2. When you are an octopus you have to tag people without moving you're feet. That's it, hope you have fun!

Ranita, age 8 of Union City, CA wrote:
How to play a game called spud.
First everbody has a number. One person has a ball, they call out a person's number and they throw the ball up into the air and the person that has that number catch the ball but if they don't they are out.

Maddy, age 8 of Findlay wrote:
I have a cool game it is called the last letter game. Here is how you play. You get a paint brush and paint. You can ask players to turn their backs and you and another person spell a word and then cover the last letter. Then they have to guess the word.

Kodiak, age 7 of Lewis Center, OH wrote:
We want you to play this game freeze tag. Here is the instructions to the game.
1. Get more than 3 people.
2. Choose a tager.
3. When someone gets taged they freeze.
4. When everyone gets taged the game is over.

Luciano, age 10 of Laredo, TX wrote:
A cool game I invented. To play this you need 5 players or more. All the persons play a race. The one who wins first chooses a place to race. Use paper or toy planes to race. The person who land on that place wins.

ZOOM replies:
Game on! A big thanks to Gerly, Ranita, Maddy, Kodiak, and Luciano for sending in these fun games! We can't wait to act like an octopus, get our friends to guess the word, try to freeze tag, and find out whose toy plane is the fastest. Awesome! If other ZOOMers have a game to share, just send it to Zmail with "GAMES" in the subject line. We'll post your messages right here in a few weeks.

Haider, age 5 of Richmond, TX wrote:
I would like to share a poem

Another World
I am riding a bicycle to another world
World full of candies and chocolate
Where I will do toothbrush after eating chocolate
Where I can go to park even after dark
World full of birds and animals
Where I can play and stay
And now I am riding back to my world

Jackson, age 12 of Lillington, NC wrote:
Dear ZOOM, I love your show.
You make young minds grow.
You are supreme.
You work as a team.
3, 2, 1, go!!!!

ZOOM replies:
Howdy Haider and Jackson! Thanks for sending in these fabulous poems. Haider, that was a great idea to write about another world you'd like to visit! And Jackson, thanks for celebrating ZOOM in verse! We are honored. Bravo! ZOOMers can always share their poems with Zmail, by sending them in with "POEM" in the subject line. We'll put the spotlight on more of your creative creations right here in a few weeks.

Katie, age 11 of Dacula, GA wrote:
I love this websight becuase its fun and it helps kids under stand better things!

Isabella, age 6 of CA wrote:
Your games are so fun I want to play all of them.

Paige, age 11 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
I love your show. You guys are so awesome.

Charlie, age 7 of San Gabriel, CA wrote:
One of my favorite show is ZOOM. It is good.

Anthony, age 9 of AL wrote:
Your show its awesome.

Tajuan, age 10 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:
I love ZOOM beclase i like it is fun and wonderful show for big kids and teens.

Miles, age 15 of Cumming, GA wrote:
I miss you guys! ZOOM was my all time favorite show. After I got home from elementary school, I would watch your show! You guys are the coolest. Let me rephrase that. You guys are the best. Wow I miss watching your show! Time flies so you gotta make the best of it!

Heather of Cedar Rapids, IA wrote:
I was watching old episodes of ZOOM... in my dorm room... in college. And I remembered watching the same episodes with my best friend. ZOOM was amazing, the only show I have ever seen made by kids for kids and even though nothing I ever sent in was used it just made me feel like I could be a part of something bigger. It made me feel like I could be anything I wanted to be.

Laura of Champaign, IL wrote:
I guess from your age selection answers, I'm a pretty old gal (21... which I always thought was relatively fresh and hip). My friends and I just spent a decent portion of the evening reconnecting to our wonderful ZOOM memories of the past, and watched several hours of old episodes. So much enjoyment was had. So. Much.

So I just wanted to pass on the news that you've hooked several ZOOM fans for life. We're actually now planning out a college party with a ZOOM-theme. (We're all seniors, so we're going to call it "Senior year is zooming by.") Any advice on how to make this shindig fully in the ZOOM spirit? Any thoughts in general you'd like to share? Any sort of response back would be beyond stellar and so very appreciated!!

ZOOM replies:
Greetings to Katie, Isabelle, Paige, Charlie, Anthony, Tajuan, Miles, Heather, and Laura! We're happy to hear you like the show and site. Thanks for sharing! Laura, you can get all kinds of ZOOMy party ideas by checking out ZOOMparty in the Activities from the Show area of the site. That's where you'll find instructions for fun crafts and games like Homemade Chalk and Jump Rope Relay, plus recipes for awesome party snacks like Funny Face Pizza and Cinnamon Snails. Check it out, and don't forget to tell us how you made your party ZOOM!
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