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ZOOMers Zestfully Zing Through Zummer!

In this ZOOMsurvey, we asked you what you like most about summer. Here are some of your responses.

Jane A., age 12 of Cambridge, MA wrote:
I get to eat lots of ice cream.

Erin H., age 10 of Littleton, CO wrote:
Going on vacation.

Emma S., age 5 of Dayton, OH wrote:
I like going fishing and riding my bike.

Katrina B., age 10 of Levittown, PA wrote:
Going to water parks!

Kaylyn H., age 11 of Grass Creek, IN wrote:
Going to church camp. I also like 4-H.

Danielle R., age 13 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
I like that you don't have to get up early every morning.

Tatyana V., age 9 of Carona, NY wrote:
Spending time with my family.

Kayleigh L., age 5 of Pinebush, NY wrote:
Icepops and my birthday!!!

Amanda S., age 11 of Taylorsville, KY wrote:
I like to swim.

Whitney H., age 11 of Pulaski, TN wrote:
You can stay up late.

Allie B., age 11 of Acton, MA wrote:
Getting to wear comfortable clothes!

Kelly C., age 12 of Whittier, CA wrote:
I get to have more time to do volunteer work and babysitting.

Rosayln P., age 13 of Houston, TX wrote:
Going out of state.

CeIsha U., age 13 of Allen, TX wrote:
I like the weather. In Texas it is hot, so I can always go swimming.

Jenna L., age 11 of Orange City wrote:
Going on this web site.

Sonia C., age 11 of Pasadena, CA wrote:
I love going to the movies in the summer.

Vicky N., age 11 of Ottawa, ON wrote:
Having free time without having to worry about homework.

Jessica M., age 9 of Lawrenceville, GA wrote:
School shopping.

Chris L., age 8 of Bromley, KY wrote:
Book club.

Joanne B., age 13 of Lilburn, GA wrote:
Hanging out with my friends.

Nichelle S., age 10 of Riyadh wrote:
Seeing all of my relatives.

Mckenzie C., age 8 of Orlando, FL wrote:
Going camping with my dad.

Meegan D., age 6 of Allen wrote:
Playing in sprinklers.

Chelsea F., age 12 of Rocky Mount, NC wrote:
I like going to the beach.

Anjil W., age 6 of AZ wrote:
The sun!

Catherine M., age 14 of Sept-Iles, QC wrote:
I really like the weather. It's always sunny and hot outside.

Scarlet F., age 12 of Bronx, NY wrote:
You have lots of time to accomplish things you normally would not be able to do during the school year.

Lauren G., age 10 of Bethel, CT wrote:
The awsome soccer camp that I go to.

Veronica G., age 11 of Rockville, MD wrote:
That I get to help others and that I am with my family, and that I am going to the library and learned more .

Chloe Mandy L., age 10 of Oak Park wrote:
Not going to school. Not that I don't like school. It just feels great to be out!

Ruth Ann F., age 11 of Huntingdon Valley, PA wrote:
I love hanging out with my friends because I am an only child and get very lonely sometimes when there is no school. I also love to go shopping for all the new school supplies and clothes at the end of the summer!

Elly S., age 11 of Littletpon, CO wrote:
Horesback riding, camp.

Bethany H., age 5 of Iron Station, NC wrote:
I like seeing all the different bugs! I like all the pretty flowers. Playing on my swingset and riding my bike and having fun with my dog Sheba.

David, age 15 wrote:
Going to camp.

Kenny J., age 13 of Ironton, MO wrote:
What I like most about summer is going swimming and anything that has to do with playing any sport. Especially Basketball and Baseabll.

Michele C., age 14 of Long Beach, CA wrote:
Fun, fun, and more fun!

Nikki S., age 11 of Fowlerville, MI wrote:
You have no school and you can see all your shows that are on tv! And you can have more sleepovers with your friends.

Leigh D. of CT wrote:
I like the summer because their is no school and because I go to basketball camp and lots of picnics.

Julia P., age 9 of Webster, NY wrote:
I like being freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kristen P., age 14 of Schenectady, NY wrote:
Going to my summer house in Lake George.

Dana G., age 12 of Arlington, TX wrote:
Swimming, Swiming, Swimming! I'm a water bug.

Kendra P., age 13 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
I get to talk on the phone more, and I have been given the responsibility to travel to more far away places by my myself.

Emily G. of IA wrote:
All the the free time I have to realx and just be a kid not having to worry about what homework has to still be done and what is the next activity to do.

Amanda C., age 11 of NS wrote:
Eating ice-cream.

Katie K., age 10 of Liverpool, NY wrote:
Go to six flags.

Alex W., age 10 of North Platte, NE wrote:
I like playing golf, watching ZOOM, bowling and much much more!

Tia R., age 13 of Carson, NM wrote:
Hanging out with my friend Rose.

Ariel D., age 11 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I get to rest. Play with my dog. And have fun!!

Samantha L., age 14 of Plainfield, DE wrote:
There is no heavy book bags, homework, and stress.

Holly H., age 9 of Hayward, CA wrote:
Going to the pool with friends.

Elyse M., age 12 of Lincoln, RI wrote:
There's no school; it's not freezing every day; being able to swim

Cassandra R., age 6 of Portland, SC wrote:
Swimming & playing with my new friend Jessica from accross the street.

Maria R., age 11 of Annandale, VA wrote:
Going to theater or drama class.

Molly Z., age 9 of Bartlett, TN wrote:
I like going on trips in the summer.

Joanne T., age 15 of Villa Park, IL wrote:
Spending time with my friends, being a counselor at an energy camp, lifeguarding at the pool, going on vacation.

Lev L., age 7 of Newark, NJ wrote:
Camp is so much fun. I love it! All year I look forward to going to camp. And, of course, who could forget about ZOOM? I have more time to be a ZOOMer in the summer!

Tien D., age 10 of Round Lake Beach, IL wrote:
I really like the fresh air and the sun.

Rachel S., age 11 of Rocklin, CA wrote:
You get to make your own agenda, and not have a teacher tell you what going to happen next. You can be your own boss.

Jess F., age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
About the hot weather and you only have to go outside with shirt and shorts. But in the Winter you have to pile on clothes.

Whitney R., age 12 of Memphis, TN wrote:
Free time to hangout with friends and talk on the phone.

Tauri M., age 8 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
That it is hot and I can play all day with my brother.

Shant G., age 11 of Vancouver, BC wrote:
Going to parks with my family and playing outside going to Playland for some rides.

Kyle K. of Woodbury, NJ wrote:
I like watching my favorite show zoom and sleepovers.

Masleena A., age 12 of Singapore wrote:
Going out with friends to different type of places.

Natalie T., age 13 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
Going to camp and being a counsellor for the first time.

Lauren S., age 11 of Camden, NC wrote:
No Math Class!!

Misty R., age 13 of Thomasville, NC wrote:
The beautiful weather and the pretty flowers.

Yasmeen J., age 11 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:
You could eat all the water ice and go to amusement parks also cookouts and most of all swimmming!

Andrew S., age 8 of Ione, CA wrote:
Swimming, playing with my little brother, and visiting aquariums.

Kyla P., age 11 of Calgary, AB wrote:
What I like most about summer is I like to go swimming, rollerblading and playing football with my friends.

Vicente P., age 8 of Edinburg, TX wrote:
Seeing PBSkids and most of all is seeing ZOOM.

Meghan H., age 9 of Perrysburg, OH wrote:
The most I like about the summer is reading and playing.

Sarah A., age 8 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
I like going to my grandmas house and I love to swim in the lake or swimming pool.

John V., age 13 of Wake Forest, NC wrote:
Getting jobs to make money!

Leroy X., age 4 of Hillsville, VA wrote:
I like to swing on my swing at home.

Kristen S., age 11 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
The thing I like most about summer is going to practice every Tuesday and Thursday and trying my best to become the best Basketball player I can be.

Bridget W., age 12 of Mt. Pleasant, MI wrote:
I can read A LOT of books!!!

Jessie M., age 12 of Jacksonville, NC wrote:
Working at a horse farm. It's really neat to spend time geting to know a horse.

Leah P., age 11 of Sheridan, AR wrote:
I like being able to sleep in late. I also like it because it is 'hay season' and I drive the truck for my grandpa to load hay.

Caitlin S., age 14 of Eugene, OR wrote:
The 4th of July.

Ashley T., age 11 of Sparkman, AR wrote:

Jeremy V., age 14 of Pittsburgh, PA wrote:
I have more time to skate and work on my webpage.

Angelica C., age 10 of Milton, MA wrote:
Going to my gymnastics camp.

Athena G., age 9 of Orleans, ON wrote:
The sports because I am in karate,soccer and swimming.

Amanda C., age 11 of Worcester, MA wrote:
I get to meet my half brother Robert for the 1st time in my life.

Jessica D., age 10 of Grants Pass, OR wrote:
Going to my mom's in Oregon it is so fun.

Emily N., age 11 of Tucson, AZ wrote:
My Grandma's Cabin.

Kayura G., age 11 of Orlando, FL wrote:
I can swim and do anything I want to at home.I also get to go to Downtown and the public library more often.

Kella B., age 11 of Eugene, OR wrote:
What I like most about summer is that my imagination can flurish. At last I can try out all of my projects and write all the books I've had in my head.

Meagan C. of OH wrote:
The thing I love most about summer is Church Camp. We get to learn more of God. It is really fun.

Katie C., age 10 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
I like to stay outside in the evening and catch lightning bugs on the weekends. I really like to watch the fireworks too.

Shemeka M., age 12 of Landenberg, PA wrote:
I get a break from school!

Alison P., age 8 of Eaton Rapids, MI wrote:
The new puppies that i saw being born, their mother, going to Pictured Rocks with my Dad, Uncle Will from North Carolina, Grandma and Grandpa Peebles, swimming with Megan my best friend going to Detroit, making stories, drawing.

Sami R., age 12 of Holcombe, WI wrote:

Willy Z., age 9 of West Chester, OH wrote:
Swimming with my friends, selling lemonade.

Sarah G., age 9 of Maple Shade, NJ wrote:
That this Summer We're going to New York City!

Annette B., age 11 of NY, NY wrote:
Listening to music.

Bahar M., age 11 of Havertown, PA wrote:
Going to bed late, no homework, and spending time with friends and family.

Angie M., age 14 of Tallhassee, FL wrote:
I can do what i want to do. I practice my violin and practice singing.

Amanda D., age 11 of New Berlin, IL wrote:
I made a friend !!!