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ZOOMers Zestfully Zing Through Zummer!

In this ZOOMsurvey, we asked you what one thing you would change about summer, if you could. Here are some of your responses.

Sarah H., age 13 of Miami, FL wrote:
The tremendous heat waves!

Sarah B., age 12 of Pompton Plains, NJ wrote:
I would make it LONGER!!

Colleen M., age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I would change it so nobody gets sunburned because it hurts!

Nina T., age 13 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
I would make the weather cooler.

Paige P., age 4 of Moreland Hills, OH wrote:
Get rid of the bugs that bite.

Brittany L., age 9 of Yakima, WA wrote:
It would be that my parents didn't have to work so we could go to the movies.

Sorka Q., age 12 of Bremen wrote:
I would make it so summer never ends.

Kylie D., age 12 of Paso Robles, CA wrote:
I would make summer shorter, for one reason I like school and if I had to choose I would rather go to school all year round and just have time off for weekends and holidays.

Abby O., age 12 of Pittsburg, KS wrote:
That it wasn't so hot, and that there weren't droughts here in july.

Kellie S., age 9 of Phoenixville, PA wrote:
Play computer all summer.

Kaity B., age 14 of Millbury, MA wrote:
It wouldn't rain!

Kerrie S., age 13 of Onalaska, WI wrote:
That everyone could have a nice time off of work and spend time with there family

Carolina M., age 12 of West New York, NJ wrote:
I would love to go to my country, in Dominican Republic.

Kelsie R., age 9 of Bradford, IL wrote:
I would make the farms not have weeds so, I wouldn't have to hoe on my dad's farm.

Suraiya R., age 11 of Toronto, ON wrote:
That every single day you go out on a fun place.

E B., age 12 of Chandler, AZ wrote:
That it wasn't for 3 months because I also like school alot!

Tiara J., age 9 of Huntsville, AL wrote:
Going on the spaceshot.

Lauren M., age 10 of AL wrote:
Nothing, I like summer just the way it is.

Hillary M., age 12 of Lewiston, ID wrote:
I would probobly go to more camps.

Heidi O., age 9 of Scituate, MA wrote:
In my town it hasn't been very hot. I like when its hot,and it's been FREEZING!!!

Moises S., age 11 of San Diego, CA wrote:
I would take summer school out of the summer.

Emily V., age 5 of Wakefield, RI wrote:
Not as many trees around my house so that there would be more sun in my yard.

Jerri P., age 14 of Bartlett, IL wrote:
I would make it go by a little less fast.

Rachel T., age 7 of WI wrote:
To get a new bike.

Anikka, age 12 of AB wrote:
More rain and thunder.

Michelle R., age 14 of San Diego, CA wrote:
That I could travel to Europe!

Whitney T., age 13 of Sheldon, MO wrote:
Less of it. I enjoy school and miss the one thing I never thought I would, homework.

Brandy G., age 11 of Owensboro wrote:
Have an amusement park in town.

Kayla L., age 13 of Lr. Sackville, NS wrote:
That my mother wouldn't have to work and that she could come on vacation with me and my sister!

Brandi M., age 13 of Locust Fork , AL wrote:
That we would have some social event each week.

Alicia G., age 14 of Kamloops, BC wrote:
Have all my friends here because it would be way more fun!

Mallory B., age 13 of Pittsfield, MA wrote:
My best friend moved away for the summer, so if there would be one thing tht I could change it would be to have her stay here.

Kim F., age 13 of Olympia, WA wrote:
Me breaking my ankle. It's a bummer because in my backyard we have a big pond and now I can't go swimming in it to cool off.

Stephanie B., age 11 of Wendell wrote:
I would change the summer camps for soccer because you would have to run in the hot weather.

Marissa P., age 12 of West Allis, WI wrote:
I would go visit my Aunt in France

Allee T., age 8 of Colorado Springs, CO wrote:
No violence

Emily W., age 15 of Orlando, FL wrote:
I would go to more basketball & volleyball camps.

Christa M., age 14 of La Mirada, CA wrote:
More pools with more high dives and not so strict rules.

Ariel M., age 9 of Long Beach, CA wrote:
New Power Puff Girl cartoons.

Kyle L., age 10 of Victoire, SK wrote:
My allergies.

Justina B., age 12 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
I wouldn't just go to the beach one time, but a lot of times.

Kelsey P., age 9 of Manchester wrote:
More Flowers!!

Billy Ray Bob T., age 12 of Monroe, NC wrote:
I would go to the Smokey Mountains instead of staying at home.

Skye C., age 9 of Staples, MN wrote:
Spend more time with cousins!

Darrett W., age 9 of Easton, MD wrote:
Play street hockey.

Chrissy R., age 18 of Eminence, KY wrote:

Johnnie J., age 6 of McRae, GA wrote:
No more cleaning up !!!

Jessica, age 12 of London 0, ON wrote: Canada summer is tornado season.

Alli S., age 12 of Oxford, OH wrote:
It would snow for one week, and it would be seriously deep so we could go sledding.

Dana M., age 14 of Washburn, TN wrote:
All pools would be free.

Danielle I., age 13 of West Caldwell, NJ wrote:
I would make the schools stay open, with all the teachers still there, so if you get bored or miss school, you can go. But it IS optional, don't worry.

Chrissy M., age 11 of Beverly, MA wrote:
You wouldn't have to glob on sun srceen every time you go out.

Max A., age 7 of Sterling Heights, MI wrote:
We would be able to go ice skating.

Alika F., age 5 of Stockton, CA wrote:
That I was in Hawaii or Tahiti.

Cassondra M., age 8 of Leroy wrote:
The world would be made of pools and ice cream.

Sarah W., age 11 of Johannesberg, South Africa wrote:
Make it longer (here in South Africa we only get three weeks!)

Courtney D., age 10 of Calgary, AB wrote:
No stormy days.

Angela S., age 11 of Montreal, QC wrote:
Well this summer in Montreal was very wet! It rained a lot and the winds were really cold so I would change the weather.

Jessica T., age 14 of Manhasset, NY wrote:
The humidity.

Naveed N., age 6 of New York, NY wrote:
I would have liked to go to Disney Land.

Keila R., age 10 of Newark, NJ wrote:
I would spend more time with my father.

Kaitlyn B., age 13 of Coventry, RI wrote:
No bees to sting you.

Matthew B., age 16 of Muscatine, IA wrote:
I would like to change it so that i could have a longer vacation and a shorter school year!

Chelsea B., age 11 of Kansas City, MO wrote:
It would be to have a hole entire kids town were every day kids of all ages come and do what ever they want to do!!

Kelly M., age 12 of Rochester, NY wrote:
I would change summer school,I wouldn't have it.

Erik L., age 10 of Woodbridge wrote:
Kids could go in the jacuzzi.

Gina K., age 9 of Lakehurst, NJ wrote:
I would change the heat to 70-90 degrees only.

Evelyn G., age 14 of San Diego, CA wrote:
It would SNOW!

Kathryn S., age 13 of Northville, MI wrote:
I wouldn't have any housework!

Kelsi H., age 11 of Helena, MT wrote:
Have a big sleepover for the whole summer with my friends!!

Jena S., age 13 of OH wrote:
I would love to be able to drive!!

Cassie B., age 11 of Lexington Park, MD wrote:
Getting into amusement parks for free!

Kendall A., age 11 of London, ON wrote:
Public pools would cost less even though they're pretty cheap.

Julie C., age 10 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
That our ice cream wouldn't melt.

Emily M., age 9 of Ottawa, KS wrote:
That your popsicles wouldn't melt.

Monique L., age 14 of Plainfield, IL wrote:
I would change our yard work at home.

Barbara S., age 7 of Grapevine, TX wrote:
My level at swimming lessons.

Claire M., age 14 of Seaford, NY wrote:
That no alarm clocks waking me up and birds waking me up.

Bianca C., age 13 of Marrero, LA wrote:
Everything is always open late night.

Sydney O., age 12 of Dallas, TX wrote:
That they didn't show so many reruns of TV shows during the summer.

Kristin M., age 9 of Torrington, CT wrote:
I would like to live at the ocean.

Julie H., age 9 of Malvern, PA wrote:
There would be a day where you got to see your old teacher and friends.

Ambrianna W., age 10 of Manson, NC wrote:
To not have to go to bed.

Kim B., age 11 of Palatine, IL wrote:
Having more jobs that kids could do, like working in a store, teaching swimming lessons, teaching sports, being a summer tutor.

Meryl R., age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I wish that you could see and talk to your friends even when you're away, or when they're away.

Janet S., age 11 of Gurnee, IL wrote:
My mom would say yes every time I asked to go to the pool.

Nicki C., age 10 of Shenectady wrote:

Bhavarani S., age 11 of Cottonwood, AZ wrote:
Make it not so hot.

Andrea K., age 9 of Spring Hill, FL wrote:
Have school for extra credit.

Kelsey H., age 10 of Cement City wrote:
It would be that I could have more money during the summer so I could get more malts at the up-town store.

David E., age 7 of Cincinnati, OH wrote:
I would like more computer time for playing games.

Shedelia C., age 9 of Chester, SC wrote:
I would make the prices lower for family swimming pools.

Stephanie C., age 12 of Nanaimo, BC wrote:
I wouldn't have to babysit.

Bridget D., age 12 of Cedar Hill, MO wrote:
I would make so there were no flash floods.

Scott & Adam W., age 11 of Truro, NS wrote:
We get to golf for free.

Matthew B., age 11 of Harleysville, PA wrote:
The only thing I would change about summer it would be to make it the only season.

Ethan L., age 10 of Hamden, CT wrote:
No book reports for the summer.

Alyssa D., age 8 of NY wrote:
I wish I could go in the pool all day.

Tessie N., age 9 of Milwaukee, WI wrote:
You wouldn't have to do chores.

Kelsey S., age 8 of Boise, ID wrote:
That the ice cream man would come everyday!