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In this ZOOMsurvey, we asked you what you like best about going back to school. Here are some of your responses.

Kelsey V., age 10 of Newton, IA wrote:
Wearing new back-to-school clothes.

Kayla C., age 13 of Martinez, GA wrote:
Seeing all of your friends that you missed all summer.

Becky A., age 14 of Federal Way, WA wrote:
I am homeschooled so I love it.

Kyley R., age 5 of Coral Springs, FL wrote:
New school bag.

Ty B., age 7 of Baltimore, MD wrote:
I'm going to be in the third grade and get to be more experienced with computers.

Nicole H., age 12 of Kankakee, IL wrote:
Since I'm going to junior high I like the surprise.

Amie F., age 11 of Omaha, NE wrote:

Decpra P., age 12 of Paragould, AR wrote:
Being in a different grade.

Kellen M., age 10 of Anchorage, AK wrote:
Seeing my friends everyday!

Ariel J., age 10 of Mancos, CO wrote:
Meeting new friends at my new school.

Stephanie T., age 11 of Mableton, GA wrote:
Going to middle school.

Synde Y., age 10 of Lexington, KY wrote:
Science projects.

Amanda C., age 12 of Arp, TX wrote:
Moving up a grade.

Stefan R., age 8 of El Paso, TX wrote:

Sarah I., age 11 of IL wrote:
The teacher that I get is a new teacher and she is so nice.

Sonia J., age 12 of El Paso, TX wrote:
That I am moving and having a chance to meet new people.

Kristen A., age 9 of Highland Park, NJ wrote:
I will always have something to do.

April G., age 11 of Las Vegas , NV wrote:
I really love to do math in class.

Sajan I., age 13 of India wrote:
Getting to talk about my Indian heritage that I am very proud of!

Alisa and Sarah P., age 15 of Corpus Christi, TX wrote:
Looking forward to talking with the teachers.

Angelyn L., age 14 of Wakefield, MA wrote:
I get to start high school.

Kristina A., age 14 of Elk River, MN wrote:
We're homeschooled, so cozy days doing math in front of the fireplace.

Madison S., age 7 of River Edge, NJ wrote:
I like my Computers class and my Gym class.

Jordan R., age 7 of Bowling Green, KY wrote:

Joel, age 12 of Nashua, NH wrote:
Going to history class.

Christina M., age 10 of Hopkinton, MA wrote:
I can sit whereever I want at lunch.

Lindsey L., age 13 of Milwaukee, WI wrote:
Getting a new start at grades.

Nathan, age 11 of Cape Elizabeth, ME wrote:
Checking out what everyone is like after summer and comparing what we did in the break.

Eric B., age 5 of Dothan, AL wrote:
Going to a new classroom.

Adam R., age 8 of Yonkers, NY wrote:
You get to do math.

Jamie C., age 12 of Portsmouth, NH wrote:
Buying school supplies.

Ashley J., age 9 of Aurora, IL wrote:
Spelling tests.

Kelsey P., age 6 of Boscawen, NH wrote:
Seeing all my friends and learning lots of neat things!!!

Peter C., age 9 of Portsmouth, NH wrote:
Buying school supplies and going to the school picnic.

Mayuri K., age 12 of Burnaby, BC wrote:
Well for me, it's a new and much bigger school, so there are more people to be friends with.

Summer B., age 6 of Evergreen Terrace, AK wrote:
Bringing spinach in my lunch bag to eat during school and lunch and recess.

Rosalind W., age 12 of Rocky Mount, VA wrote:
I can't wait to meet my teachers and get into plays at school and do homework.

Emma K., age 12 of Raymond, MN wrote:
Going into juinor high.

Kevin G., age 10 of Boston, MA wrote:
Seeing friends and recess.

Max S., age 11 of Redwood City, CA wrote:
I like going to new enviorments and having new challenges.

Spanky L., age 8 of Miami Beach, FL wrote:
I'm homeschooled, but I love all the field trips and science projects.

Amanda B., age 8 of Richfield, MN wrote:
I will get to go to the third grade!

Taria D., age 10 of Clarksville, TN wrote:
Gym class.

Megan W., age 13 of Effingham, KS wrote:
Playing sports.

Abigail G., age 6 of Westfield, NJ wrote:
I get to be inside.

Kimberly B., age 14 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
I will be entering High School. It will hopefully be fun and exciting.

Chrissy T., age 12 of Wakefield, MA wrote:
My favorite teachers and dancing.

Savannah F., age 13 of Fort Dodge, IA wrote:
Laughing at lunch!!

Willow Z., age 12 of Verona Island, ME wrote:
Being surrounded by new ideas every day.

Alexandra B., age 11 of KY wrote:
School shopping.

Matthew S., age 12 of Edmonton, AB wrote:
I will be in grade 7.

Lesley B., age 12 of Turin, NY wrote:
School sports!

Gloria E., age 13 of San Antonio, TX wrote:

Felicia T., age 10 of Pace, FL wrote:
Having homework again!!

Grischa D., age 9 of Las Vegas , NV wrote:
I get to play kickball again.

Ariel Y., age 10 of Lewisville, NC wrote:
The 1st day of school.

Kim P., age 5 of Hamilton, OH wrote:
Playing on the playground!

Anna J., age 11 of Ipswich, MA wrote:
Seeing my friends. Doing the work. Accepting the challenge.

Michael R., age 5 of Endicott, NY wrote:
Making crafts.

Jesse, age 10 wrote:
Learning new stuff about history.

Dallas V., age 6 of Silverdale, WA wrote:
You can make things at school.

Derek D., age 13 of El Cajon, CA wrote:
I like going back knowing that you can always improve, even if you're doing the best you already can.

Randall S., age 7 of Hamden, CT wrote:
We get to learn more stuff and then there's our winter holiday season, which brings all sorts of good stuff!

Sara Z., age 16 of HI wrote:

Chelsea L., age 11 of Citrus Heights, CA wrote:
I do not go to a public school anymore, my mom decided to homeschool us. The feeling that I have is "excited-nevrous."

Audrey C., age 11 of Fairfield, CT wrote:
Well I am starting at a new school this year and that should but cool and fun.

Jessica P., age 11 of Gloucester, MA wrote:
A new adventure.

Shanice W., age 10 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I won't be bored.

Sunny W., age 15 of Tallahassee, FL wrote:
I'm home-schooled, so I guess any new books to read projects to do.

Danielle, age 14 of WI wrote:
Everything, execpt history class!

Nicole M., age 12 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:

Colby M., age 11 of Auburn, IN wrote:
I like to see my friends and get good grades.

Anna D., age 8 of Calgary, AB wrote:
I can do more art again.

Mukunda S., age 13 of Cary, NC wrote:
I like learning new things and doings experiments in science class.

Charity G., age 9 of Columbus wrote:
To sing, to dance, to do math, to go outside.

Angie G., age 10 of Austin, TX wrote:
That I can see some of my friends that were gone during the summer.

Allison S., age 14 of MA wrote:
I'll be closer to graduating.

Samantha S., age 4 of Central Square, NY wrote:
It's fun!

Sofia J., age 13 of Washington, DC wrote:
I especially like being in my school play!

Miranda E., age 8 of Cincinnati wrote:
Not very much, except recess.

Rachel M., age 13 of Wakefield, RI wrote:
It's a new year and I can start fresh.

Clark D., age 9 of Morgantown, WV wrote:
I'm going to be older.

Nancy M., age 12 of New York, NY wrote:
I have more responsiblities.

Kristen T., age 5 of Monroe, NC wrote:
Going to school for the first time.

Heidi O., age 9 of Scituate, MA wrote:
I'm doing home school for the first time! I wonder what it will be like?

Joanna S., age 10 of Martinsburg, PA wrote:
My new classroom.

Denny S., age 10 of The Woodlans, TX wrote:
Reading and writing.

Rachel H., age 10 of Pleasant Prairie, WI wrote:
Special subjects like gym, art, music and of course computers.

Brea B., age 11 of Olathe, KS wrote:
New teachers.

Kacie L., age 13 of Mukilteo, WA wrote:
I like not knowing what the day will bring. Who are your teachers? You'll never know until you go.

Saimah S., age 14 of Southlake, TX wrote:
I get to learn and prepare for college and my career with classes designed to enhance my knowledge.

Devon H., age 7 of San Diego, CA wrote:

Jillian R., age 8 of Davis, CA wrote:
Learning more and getting new challenges.

Jenna T., age 12 of Vicksburg, MI wrote:
I will get to learn spanish in 7th grade.

Elaine D., age 11 of Ellicott City, MD wrote:
I get to go to a public school for the first time in my life. The coolest part about it is that it is for middle school!

Jakob W., age 6 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:
I learn and study.

Stephanie G., age 11 of Ludlow, MA wrote:
Everything! (except homework)

Christi S., age 9 of Albemarle, NC wrote:
Feeling older.

Katie B., age 15 of Newport News, VA wrote:
Playing softball.

Raiza F., age 11 of Riverdale, CA wrote:
Art, poems & parties.