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Mother's Day Survey

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked ZOOMers about the mother figure in their lives. Here's what 5,924 of you told us about Good Ol' Mom:

It's a TV Mom Face-Off

Of the ZOOMers who compared their mom to a "famous" mom, Carol Brady ranked number one, with Marge Simpson running an extremely close second. Almost half (48%) of all ZOOMers who took our survey decided not to compare mom to Carol, Marge, or anyone else for that matter.

Look, Ma...Handmade!

43% of ZOOMer respondents said that if they were a mom, they'd most like to receive a homemade gift from their kid on Mother's Day. A bouquet of flowers got 16% of the ZOOMer vote, and 11% thought an offer to help out around the house would be the the perfect gift.

Q.T. with Mama

More than half (59%) of all kids surveyed said they get to spend just the right amount of quality time with mom. 32% wish they could spend more time with her. 9% felt they had a little too much Q.T. with their mother figure.

It's a Fashion Statement...

47% of ZOOMer respondents said that if they asked to color their hair blue, mom would say, "Have you gone crazy?!" 22% said mom would ask them why before making a final decision.

Mom, Mommy, Mother, Alice

The majority of ZOOMers surveyed (75%) said they call their mother figure "Mom" or "Mommy." 2% said they use "Mother," and 1% said they use mom's first name.

Hey...where's the stuff about Dads? To find out what ZOOMers think about the father figure in their lives, check out the results of our Father's Day Survey.