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Millenium Survey

In this ZOOMsurvey, we asked you what you think of the new millennium, and how you celebrated the New Year. Here are some of the responses we liked.

Courtney C., age 10 of DE wrote:
Well for one thing my little sister turned four on the new year so that is kinda cool. I celebrated by singing happy birthday. I think there will be a new band that everybody will want to meet and they will think the band is so cool. All the old bands will die out.

Abby H., age 9 of Palmyra, VA wrote:
This year I hope ice cream companys start making new flavors! I celabrated at home, but I got to stay up to see the ball drop on T.V.!

Beth W., age 9 of Toronto, ON wrote:
I think this year/millennium will be a cool one. If you have food from December, so you can say: I have food from the last century! I didn't really celebrate the milennium, I stayed home. I got chocolate money, though.

Megan T., age 12 of Connersville, IN wrote:
I think the new year might be more advanced than last year. Everybody will probably have a computer, they might even have real live cyber pets that you can touch. I celebrated the new year by lighting fireworks, and banging on pots and pans and yelli

Donald wrote:
I think cows will rule the world!

Cici I., age 7 of NYC wrote:
I had a friend over and we did shrimp coctails. We never do have shrimp coctails.

Brittany T., age 10 of Madbury, NH wrote:
I think it's totaly cool that we get to see two different millenia in one life. for new years we had my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins over. We watched some of the old three stooges videos and played charades. It was a blast!

Taryn wrote:
I think people will live in outer space during the next millenium.

Adithya P., age 9 of Falls Church, VA wrote:
I celebrated by going to my parents friends house. I think in the 21 century their will be high- tech stuff. At my parents friends house my friends also came so me and my friends played together till 11:45. At 12:00 o'clock we told eachother Happy New Ye

Carla F., age 11 of Greenville, SC wrote:
I think everyone will dress weird and people will find aliens. My best friend vanessa has put somethings in a time capsule. in my capsusle I put some blue jeans and a white t-shirt just in case people do start dressing weird.

Kerri wrote:
I think the new year is awesome, so far. I celebrated 1999 by staying home and enjoying it with my family. Who else can you have fun with besides your friends? I think that the new year will be cool because the government is always coming up with new stuff.

Becky S., age 14 of Canajoharie, NY wrote:
I think that the only change that will happen is that the year is 2000 and it is going to be really hard getting used to writing that on papers in school and for my parents who have to write 2000 on checks.

Ashley A. and M. A., age 11 of Granbury, TX wrote:
My friend, stepmom, dog, and I stood outside and watched the fireworks. We weren't suprised that nothing happened. I think that the only thing that will be different this year is the date.

Sarah J., age 14 of Miami, FL wrote:
I think that the new millennium will be TOTALLY cool. the fashons will be awsome, like silver mini skirts, and the make-up will be SO cool like with metallic blues and greens. That will be so cool!

Amanda M., age 12 of River John, NS wrote:
I think personaly that the ""MILLENNIUM"" is just a bunch of craziness. We all knew the world wasn't going to end. We made it through the first one. I hope we don't go through this craziness in the year 3000!!

Alicia M. of New Mexico wrote:
Actually I don't think I celebrated the millennium? Probably because it doesn't come til next year. For the year 2000 I had a BIG party. I had cider at 12:00 and wanted to see all the lights go out.

A Friend, age 4 of Washington D.C. wrote:
It will be neat, I think. I wonder what it will be like in the year3000. Of course I wont be alive in that year. I think it will be a lot neater than the year 2000.

Anonymous wrote:
I was at my best friend's aunt's house! There were lots of strangers there and some of them were scary but most of them were nice and this one lady had a new year baby and she sounded just like a real baby! It was funny!

Steven R., age 12 of Aylmer, QC wrote:
My name is steven, this year there was a concert and light show in Hull, Canada and I went.

Catherine S., age 13 of Regina, SK wrote:
Last year I stayed at home with my family. This year I spent it with my friend at a hotel with water sliding.

Adina M., age 12 of TX wrote:
Well the new year is cool,but when it turned 2000 nothing happened with the computers!It was all fake,or at least it seemed.I celebrated it by having a few friends over! We had bubbles,sparklers,silly string,streamers,and hats!

Jena C., age 14 of OH wrote:
Nothing will probally be different this year except that there might be more homeless people because many people are selling their houses and stuff. I spent this New Year just like last year, in front of a fire in my own home.

David M., age 10 of Springfield, OH wrote:
I plan to learn how to fix and work on cars in the new year! I am really looking forward to seeing more of ZOOM and I'm going to get on the internet more because I dont' have the internet at my house and am on the web at a friend's house!

Sarah P., age 13 of Cranbrook, BC wrote:
My parents were all scared about the new Millennium but I didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Katie P., age 11 of NJ wrote:
I thought that this year was awesome because I entered middle school and made many friends who have the same interests that I have like watching zoom. It also was a bad year because jared's not on zoom anymore.

Alex P., age 13 of Swartz Creek, MI wrote:
I think that alot of cures will be discovered in the 21st century. This year I celebrated the end of the 20th century with my parents & siblings. I hope that some more positive things happen in the 21st century, unlike the shootings and the World Wars.

Munya S., age 13 of Seattle, WA wrote:
We celebrated by going to 2 parties on New Years Eve and then we drove to a hill downtown and watched the fireworks go off the Space Needle. I think what may be different for this new century is that we will probably have a female president and we will develop cures for sicknesses over this year and on.

Abbee D., age 8 of Spokane, WA wrote:
For the first time I was allowed to stay up 'til midnight. We watched the celebrations from around the world. At midnight, there were fireworks(which wasn't good because they are illegal in my city).

Leah P., age 12 of Fort Atkinson, WI wrote:
I think that this year will be great, but it's kind of being made too much of a fuss over. Last year my parents and some friends (and me) played games until 1:00 in the mornining. I hope that things will improve for people and this planet in the new millenium.

Brianna W., age 8 of Stafford, VA wrote:
I stayed at home with my Mom & Dad and watched all the different countries midnights. It was really cool. I liked Paris and Washington DC the best. I think that in this millennium everyone and not just astornuts will get to go to moon.

Danielle D., age 11 of Nutley, NJ wrote:
Well I think living to see the new millenium is extremly neat. In my town they had a gathering in the middle of town and they dropped a giant nut {our towns name is nutley}. When it dropped the numbers 2000 lit up and we had a little fire work display. I think for the time being everything will stay the same, until new ideas come up. I think this is because it is a new year, but it doesnt feel any different.

Erika S., age 11 of Emmonak, AK wrote:
Every year in my village in western Alaska we go out to the river, it is frozen, and we wait with most of the rest of the village until midnight , and then have a beautiful fireworks display. By the way, my village is pretty small, we have a very small school of 200 kids, dont have a library, and our village has about 2000 people.

Kelsey P., age 11 of Berryville, VA wrote:
I think the next millenium will be way different from this one because people will probably want to start a new and change. If I could make the next millenium the way I wanted it, I would make it like it is now, but improved.

Alexandra K., age 8 of Lenoxburg, KY wrote:
I think it will be wierd because our kids will be born in a different century than us, and on the news they said that if you were in a coma your clothes would call the ambulence.

Renae R., age 12 of Stoutsville, OH wrote:
I think that the new millenium is totally awesome!! It is really cool to be alive at the start of a new millenium. I think that the new millenium will be pretty much the same only a lot more high tech.

Althea, age 5 of Lancaster, PA wrote:
My family went to a party and I went to a special party at my grandmother's. We also watched the world celebrate New Years on TV and we found those countries on the globe.

Brittany L., age 13 of Baytown, TX wrote:
Me and my friend made wish bags where you decorate your own paper bag. When the people count down the last ten seconds of the year you whisper the wish in the bag, blow the bag up and when it is finally midnight you pop the bag and your wish will come true!

Pauline Q., age 16 of La Junta, CO wrote:
I wrote a poem. It is a haiku: ""MILLENIUM millenium craze year 2000 is here now y2k is grand"".

Kristen, age 10 of Nashua, NH wrote:
I think that it will be a little more different then in the nineteen-hundreds, but I also think that it will be a big difference for our older people.

Daniel T., age 8 of Portland, OR wrote:
I went to my grandparents' house and stayed up until midnight. My whole family was there and we had a lot of food. I think the new year will be the same.

Robbie P., age 8 of Humboldt, TN wrote:
I celebrated by having a pajama party with my family, we ate chili dogs and popcorn and watched home movies of me and my brother when we were babies and my cousin. I don't think anything will be different this new year.

Sarah M., age 10 of Kearney, MO wrote:
I try to watch zoom every day. I celebrated the end of this year by having my best friend, come and spend the night. At mid-night we banged pots, pans,and wooden spoons together. I thought the computors are going to stop my dad said do not worry about it.

Liz, age 11 of West Milford, NJ wrote:
I think Y2K was just a big commercial. A lot of hype about nothing.

Adam T., age 6 of Eagle, NE wrote:
I was with my Grandpa at the lake of the Ozarks, we went fishing off his dock. Then we had pizza for our dinner .Then I tried to stay a wake with my Aunt Jenny.

Maya A., age 14 of Terre Houte, IN wrote:
I think that in the new millennium people will accept each other more.

Abigail R., age 8 of Beavercreek, OH wrote:
I think that the Millenium is going to be a very exciting year. I celebrated the end of the old year at my house watching television and having bubbly kid's champagne. I think a lot of stores will change their prices and that new things will be invente

Rain, age 14 of MN wrote:
I think the world will be a better place. It will be an even better place if we all help out!

Candace J., age 12 of Capitol Heights, MD wrote:
I think the new millennium will be great! I hope that there won't be as much violence throught the world.

Ali G., age 4 of Concord, OH wrote:
I am going to have a baby brother!

Abby R., age 8 of Clayville, NY wrote:
I think there will be a specail machene that if you put a Cd in a Cd player and hook it up into your tv, It will show the music video.

Angela T., age 11 of Hattiesburg, MS wrote:
I had to be in the hospital for the turn of the century. But I would do everything as if I will never do it again, I will do it with all my energy, the best I can. I'll try to stop procrastinating, I try and do everything as quick as I can. I also try to catch every episode!!!

Jon B., age 11 of South Elgin, IL wrote:
I went to my dad's house for New Years Eve. We took some blank paper, colored it all with different colored marker, tore it up and used it as confetti!

Autumn H., age 13 of Altoona, PA wrote:
I was a little scared at first with all this talk about bombing us and the earthquake, but now I'm fine.

Lindsay wrote:
I celebrated the end of the year '99' by going to my nieghbors house and having a big party. Most of them were from Brazil which was neat because it's always nice to make friends with new people.

Anonymous wrote:
I think this year will be a better one than last year, but technically, the new millenium starts in the year 2001. Not too many people believe me whenever I tell them that though.

Victoria A., age 10 of Toronto, ON wrote:
I think that the New Year is going to be out going and out standing. What I mean is that people are going to be more nice and well, Cool. I think that what's going to be different are people's apearences and personalitys. People will be nicer.

Lydia P., age 12 of PA wrote:
I went to my next door neighbor's house for a big huge party. At the stroke of midnight all of the kids went outside even though it was 30 degrees outside! When we went back inside, someone turned all of the lights off as a joke. Everyone thougth it was Y2K!

Joshua wrote:
I drank sparkling grape juice. And mostly played games. It was really fun! I love the show!

Jessica wrote:
We usually just watch the ball drop on TV it is usually not exciting for us this year though we went to a very fancy party!

Rachel R., age 12 of TN wrote:
I am excited about the new year and all of the oppurtunities I am going to have but at the same time sad to see the past generation, the one I have grown up in, go. I think that later on in the 21st century , we will have more tecnology or a better way of doing things, or both!!

Courtney O., age 10 of Huntsville, AL wrote:
Well, in school it will be be different to write three zeros. I think that if we didn't depend so much on cumputers we wouldn't have had to worry. But I do want to say that I'm proud to be part of the new millennium.

Alexandria A., age 10 of Pena Blanca, NM wrote:
I think the new year is really neat. We celebrated the new year by watching it change all around the world on TV. I think houses will be different.

Melissa B., age 12 of Alton, IL wrote:
The new year is just how I thought it would be. I thought it would be just like every other new year without anything going wrong. I'm glad it didn't. I always go to our town's celebration called First Night. They have a lot of fun activities and also have choirs and bands. It's really fun. This year we even had our own ""big ball"".

Sabrina P., age 11 of Miami, FL wrote:
I think that the world is not going to end its just the beginng of a millennuium.

Emily R., age 10 of Camp Hill, PA wrote:
Well, I'm hoping that everyone will realize what is happening, (violence, sexual harrasment, ect.) and will try to stop these things from happening.

Alex H., age 12 of Jacksonville, FL wrote:
Hi, I'm Alex. I think this new millennium will be awsome! There could be flying cars, thinking computers, and a lot of cool new tchnology. I'm starting off my teen years in a new millennium.

Christina L., age 13 of Vineland, NJ wrote:
I think things will just continue going like they are except for a few things, like companys might change their labels and do bussiness differntly. There are more things that will change too but not alot.

Brittani C., age 12 of Sioux City, IA wrote:
I think this year is especially special because it's a brand new century. It's awesome!!! I celebrated at home becase I was too sad to go anywhere. I was too sad to go anywhere because my doggy Jasmine died. She died two days before Christmas.

Elizabeth H., age 14 of Harrisburg, NC wrote:
I celebrated the end of 1999 sitting in front of my TV and eating lime sherbert because I got my tonsils and adnoids take out last week.

Keya W., age 12 of Tucker, GA wrote:
All my cousins and aunts & uncle came over and we had a party. The cousins and I searched the house for paper and tore all of it up. Then before 12 we ran through the house and threw it every where. I think the new century will be so cool!

Ashley R., age 10 of Vero Beach, FL wrote:
I think that it won't be different.The reason why I don't think it will be different because it's just a change of numbers! I will celebrate it happily and without worry.

Luke G., age 12 of Carrollton, GA wrote:
On Dec.31, I stayed up untill 12:30. I was glad because the lights didn't go out.

Lindsay P., age 10 of N.J, NJ wrote:
I celebrated the new year by staying up late with my family. It is such a great time to spend with your family. And having a lot of food to fill you up!

Kaleb E., age 12 of Watauga, TX wrote:
I think the new year is really awesome becasue the people living now will never see the next mellinium. When my family and I celebrated we just screamed ""Happy New Year"".

Kaytee A., age 11 of Monee, IL wrote:
I think food and things you buy will be even more expencive.

Ben V., age 13 of Deerfield, NH wrote:
I think there will be so many new inventions with the use of the most amazing invention, the micro chip. I also think that since so many mature kids are deciding to go against drugs and smoking, cigarette companies and drug dealers will go out of business

Shannon S., age 11 of Ann Arbor, MI wrote:
I celebrated with my great Grandma Betty. If my family didn't decide to come celebrate the millennium with my Great Grandma Betty then she would have celebrated the millennium alone. Maybe we could make peace now!

Julie G., age 6 of Montgomery,, AL wrote:
The new millenium is happy to me. It will be really fun, since I'm in the 1st grade this year.

Aaron Y., age 12 of Henderson, NV wrote:
well i think there is nothing realy differient about the new year it is all the same. Something that happened was that my dads computer at work would'nt work.

Megan N., age 12 of Elgin, IL wrote:
On new years eve my mom, my dad, and I went to Nashville Tenn. to see Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw in concert, I wanted to because country music is my favorite. The concert was cool because it was indoors and when the stroke of midnight came they had special indoor fireworks that they set off.

Lauren K., age 11 of Elk Grove, CA wrote:
I think that it is great to be able to live through a millenium. It can give you memories so that when you are really old you can tell your great grandchildren that you lived in the 20th and the 21st centuries.

Liz J., age 9 of Bedford, MA wrote:
I think we will play on computer games for school. An English game for English class, a math game for math class, you get the picture. If you finish all the games, you could play anything you want.

Louis P., age 6 of W.Hurley, NY wrote:
We celebrated New Years Eve with our Nana & Papa at our home. We played battleship, Yahtzee, hide and seek, we restled, danced and my mom took pictures of us all. It was a special night because I spent it with my favorite part of my family: my Nana, Papa, Daddy, Mommy, and my little sister Erica.

Anna H., age 12 of Amherst, OH wrote:
The new year will probaly be weird at some points for people like store managers to keep stuff on track and even for us kids it might be weird cause we have never witnessed a new mellennium and these changes before.

Jayme, age 15 of TX wrote:
Well, technically it isn't the millinneum until 2001. We didn't start with 0 bc we started with 1 bc! Anyways. My resolution will be to keep secrets and save my money better so I can actually buy something I want!

Meghan M., age 11 of Newtown, PA wrote:
Well I think that the world will be a better place than it was. We have learned from our mistakes that we have made in the past and now I think that our dreames will finally becom a reality.

Ryan Y., age 10 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
I think that the new millennium will bring a new type of sport. Nothing like the other sports. Maybe one more harder, maybe more funner, or easier. That's what I think.

Ashley M., age 9 of East Boston, MA wrote:
I think what is going to change this year is that I will HELP my mother and earn some money to buy a toy.

Philip H., age 11 of Warwick, RI wrote:
I had a big party. I think cars will be able to fly.

Claudia wrote:
To me the millennium is great. God gave the earth another year. I believe nothing will go wrong in the year 2000. Zoomers, hope you have a great year with the show!

Colby M., age 11 of Auburn, IN wrote:
I think that people may begin to realise what they are doing and will be more respectalbe to the earth. On New Years Eve I called up a couple of friends and they came over we broke the pinata (I took the recipe from the ZOOM web site) we let off fire works (that we bought a licience for) and we played many cool games.

Allegra W., age 10 of Franktown, CO wrote:
I think the new millennium will be mostly the same. My friends arent run by computers so I have every thing I need!

Kate J., age 11 of Andover, MA wrote:
I think in this millenium not a lot of things will change, but a lot of medical research will be done and a lot of sicknesses will be stopped and cured. A lot of people think that robots will be a part of everyone's life in upcoming years, but not me. Probably only a few people will have robots, if any.

Jordan S., age 6 of Brooklyn Park, MD wrote:
I celebrated the new millennium by falling asleep while it was still 1999. Of crouse, I didn't fall asleep, the next day when it was the year 2000. I hope that the new year will bring happiness, peace, and more love towards others. Also I am a dancer and I would like to be one of the Zoom dancers.

Agnes F., age 12 of Hollis, NY wrote:
I was surprised at what occurred during the end of the old millennium. I was expecting flying cars, vacations at mars, all that stuff. I thought there was actually gonna be a Y2K bug so I had my own supply kit. hehe!

Vanessa F., age 12 wrote:
At first I was really freaked out about the whole Y2K thing, but then I figured it was probably a hoax. I thought people were trying to make money off of it! I even had cereal that was in celebration of the new millennium!

Caitlin F., age 9 of Federal Way, WA wrote:
I think it will be a drug free world!

Danielle M., age 9 of Foxborough, MA wrote:
I think that in the newyear I will seceed in becoming a zoom memer! P.S I really hope so!