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School Days Missed 
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ZOOMers who took part in the ZOOMflu survey missed a total of 20,920 days of school because of the flu! That's over 57 years or 29,959,200 minutes or 1,797,552,000 seconds of missed school!

That's a lot of missed school, but the average ZOOMer missed just 4 days of school when they had the flu. So, not everybody missed the same amount, right? How many days of school do you think the most ZOOMers missed? Or the least? Build a Flu got you missing school? graph to get the answers.

Here's the data:

Number of ZOOMers Missing School
1 day:1264 9 days:55 17 days:12
2 days:145710 days:13318 days:8
3 days:110811 days:3019 days:13
4 days:53412 days:2520 days:17
5 days:54813 days:2221 days:11
6 days:15914 days:4022 days:10
7 days:19015 days:2523 days:4
8 days:7016 days:1324 days:14

Here's what you need to do:

1. Using a ruler, make a graph by drawing a large capital "L" on a big piece of paper. You'll need to take up most of the paper so that you have enough room to plot all of the data points. Next, on the line going across, mark 15 evenly spaced points and from left to right number them from 1 to 15. Label this line "Number of School Days Missed Because of the Flu." Do the same thing on the line going up, but this time number each mark 100-1500 (so, 100, 200, 300...) and label this line "Number of Kids." The point on the "L" where the two lines meet should be marked zero.

2. Now it's time to plot the data. How many kids reported missing one day? 1264, right? Find the number 1 on the "Number of School Days Missed Because of the Flu" line. Hold that spot with your finger or a pencil. From that point, start moving up the "Number of Kids" line until you think you are even with 1264. Put a big dot in the spot. That's your first data point. Do this for every point.

3. What do you see? How many days did the most ZOOMers report missing? How many days did the least number of ZOOMers report missing? Is there a pattern in the data? What does it look like? Does anything surprise you about it? Where would you fall on the graph? How about your friends and family?

4.Send your results to ZOOM. Each week we'll publish a whole bunch right here.

Some of your results:

Janice, age 10 of CA wrote:
When I get the flu I only get sick for one day!

Brittany, age 11 of CA wrote:
I have pink eye what do I do?

Ania, age 8 of NJ wrote:
I got the flu in December.

Mykeisha wrote:
One day I was sick and my mom said that u gotta go to school but I thought I had strep thought and we went to the hospital to see and come to find out I had the flu and I had miss school and I wasnt happy becase we were gone to have parties because holiday break was coming up and some people birthdays was coming up thew that break and I had missed those parties and I was mad but owell at least I tried thank you.

Molly, age 8 wrote:
I live in NY. I got the flu for 8 days. I missed 5 and a half days of school.

Chelsea, age 9 of KS wrote:
I have missed 4 days of school.

Jezzie, age 8 of LA wrote:
I never had the flu isn't that weird?

Shana, age 12 of CT wrote:
I missed 10 days of school because of the flu and I live in ct I missed the school days in november and december.

Chelsea, age 11 wrote:
The flu has got me in its hands all day. I am sneezzing it is crazy.

Ashley, age 11 of FL wrote:
I get sick in March, EVERY YEAR!