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Flu Survey Results - Got Remedies?

ZOOMers' Flu Remedies

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Achoo! Ge-ZOOM-heit! Did you know that the word "gesundheit" is German for "health"? People often say it to wish "good health" to someone who has sneezed. And when you've got the flu, good health can seem far away. In this ZOOM survey, we asked you to share some flu remedies that helped you feel better faster. Here are some of your responses. Remember, this is what ZOOM kids like to do. Never treat any illness on your own and always talk to your parents and a doctor first!

zoomicine Adam Z., age 9 of Spring Arbor, MI wrote:
Roman noodles, soup, playing my GB games (Game Boy=GB).

Alexandra Jamie F., age 14 of New York, NY wrote:
Medicine...bad medicine!

Amanda C., age 11 of Columbia, MO wrote:
I always find that the best food while sick is either soup, or cold pizza (you can warm it up if you like though). Those foods go down the best, or at least for me.

Amanda P., age 7 of Dallas, NC wrote:
The doctor prescibed antibiotics for me.

Amber L., age 15 of Peoria, IL wrote:
One remedy that I discovered is to drink 5 alive. It's a bunch of jucies mixed together.

Amy H., age 9 of Naperville, IL wrote:
Lots of 7up and hot chocolate.

Ana R., age 10 of New York, NY wrote:
I smelled a rose and it made my runny nose go away.

Andie G., age 11 of Gardiner, NY wrote:
Before I sneezed I said grapefruit 2 times and I didn't sneeze at all.

zoomtea Andrea, age 14 of ON wrote:
Sleep...Beautiful, beautiful sleep!

Angela S., age 11 of Montreal, QC wrote:
I used Tylenol and Dimetapp.

Anna B., age 6 of Madison, AL wrote:
Smushed jelly sandwich and Sprite that my Mama made me. Watching lots of movies and ZOOM!

Annette M., age 13 of Chicago Hts., IL wrote:
If I put on a warm blaket that had just got out of the dryer it would make you feel better.

Anonymous, age 9 of Grampian, PA wrote:
In this one book it said for headaces to hold that stretchy part of skin on your hand. (It really works!!!) It also helped to get a get well card.

Anthony M., age 11 of North Haven, CT wrote:
My mother's head rubbings.

Ashley H., age 12 of San Diego, CA wrote:
Hot wash cloth on my head made my stomach feel better (that was weird)!

Ashley T., age 12 of Elgin, TX wrote:
I used a heating pad for my stomach ache, and I took some ibuprophen for regular aches and pains, and when I couldn't stay active, I tried to sleep.

zoomtv Austin R., age 9 of Montezuma, IA wrote:
My Mom made a tent out of my bunk bed so I would not be bored.

Ben, age 6 of Eagan, MN wrote:
Oatmeal baths.

Brittany F., age 12 of Laurel, MD wrote:
My mom made me eat a b.r.a.t. diet so I wouldnt be sick as much. If you're wundering what brat means, it is bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

Caitlin B., age 5 of Washington, PA wrote:
Jello always makes me feel better when I'm sick. Popsicles are great for a sore throat!

Charmaine G., age 13 of Surrey, BC wrote:
Eat fruit and dress warm. Keep your neck, chest and feet nice and hot.

Chris M., age 13 of Florissant, MO wrote:
My grandmother's homemade medicine that contains honey and some other herbs. It is really nasty!

Chrissy T., age 15 of Burton, OH wrote:
I colored and drew for hours while I was in bed watching movies.

Christian E., age 9 of Kasson, MN wrote:
Pop Crackers.

Christina H., age 12 of IL wrote:
Somtimes what makes me feel better is if I get told a real good joke that makes me laph.

Claire P., age 10 of Alexandria, VA wrote:
I found that if you do or whatch something that takes your mind off the flu, for example whatching your favorite show, reading a book or drawing, then you're most likely to forget your miserableness.

Courtney "Shorty" J., age 12 of Newport News, VA wrote:
A warm bath with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

Crissy C., age 8 of Independence, MO wrote:
When the flu is going around, my mom makes us wash our hands alot and put hand sanitizer on. We also wash all the door knobs, light switches and faucets everyday. She also keeps us out of most public areas during this.

Dana F., age 7 of Omaha, NE wrote:
Gatorade made me feel better and so did sleep.

Destree D., age 11 of Hamilton, ON wrote:
A coke cola with vannilla icecream float and the determination that I was going to eat it.

Elyse P., age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
Tea and toast.

Emily D., age 8 of Waverly, NY wrote:
I got lots of rest and I had lots of peppermints because they calm your stomach.

Emily R., age 8 of Valley City, OH wrote:
Motrin and my cat, Butch (Butchie).

Erica O., age 10 of Wilmington, DE wrote:
It was a glass of water and two spoons of salt and suger. I really didn't want to take it but I had to.

Ernie K., age 10 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
I ate lots of candy canes. That made me feel better.

Franklin T., age 13 of Ohio, WI wrote:
Soup and my mommy, long bathes with bubbly bubbles. Lots of T.V, and orange jucie.

Goldie Z., age 12 of Flushing, NY wrote:
Talking to you're friends on the phone alot. It cheers you up to see that people care.

Greg A., age 17 of Bowling Green, KY wrote:
A wash rag soked in hot tea layed on your chest.

Howard Y., age 11 of NY, NY wrote:
I jest rested and ate Chinese medicine (I'm Chinese).

Janet C., age 11 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
I used some herbs from my country Panama. My Grandfather sent them in the mail and I felt much better.

Jeanette S., age 12 of Rochester, NY wrote:
If you wet a paper towel and put it on you're nose, it helps it especially if you're nose hurts. RELAXING plays a big part if you want to get well fast.

Jennifer J., age 10 of Bristol, IN wrote:
It made me feel better to hold my doll, eat chicken nodle soup, and drink 7UP.

Jennifer, age 11 of Littlestown, PA wrote:
My mother makes delicous homemade chicken noodle soup. It can cure just about anything!! That is what you would call gooooood soup!!!

Jessica H., age 9 of Hampton, VA wrote:
Ate peanut butter (extra crunchy).

Jody E., age 12 of Mesa, AZ wrote:
My mom makes warm lemonade to soothe my throat. She uses a freshly squeezed lemon half and some water and she puts some honey in it to sweeten it. That is the part that makes your throat feel good.

Joey W., age 12 of Marrysville, WA wrote:
Milk with honey & ginger tea.

John B., age 15 of MN wrote:
Baking soda and water, and coca-cola.

Kathryn J., age 10 of Johnsonville, NC wrote:
If you have gross tasting tylonal, mash it up and put in apple sauce. It worked for me!

Katie F., age 10 of Erlanger, KY wrote:
I ate pickles.

Katie H., age 10 of Dublin, TX wrote:
Chcolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Katie H., age 14 of MA wrote:
The warmth of my dad sitting next to me, and the medison.

Kayla P., age 10 of Millbrook, AL wrote:
The flu shot and the doctor!!!

Kelly H., age 11 of WI wrote:
Took a bath with little oil balls (not exactly sure what they're called, they smell good and are oily little balls that dissovle in the water).

Kerr M., age 17 of Galloway Township, NJ wrote:
I went to the doctor and they gave me some medicine and within two to three days I was feeling better and within a two weeks I was healthy again.

Kimberly C., age 7 of Portage, MI wrote:
My mom stayed home from work with me, and let me lay in her bed and watch t.v.

Kristen T., age 11 of North Webster, IN wrote:
I drink alot of grape pop (my favorite). I drank so much that my lips turned purple for a day.

Kristin M., age 13 of Lowell, IN wrote:
It seems like everytime my mom touches my head, it makes me feel better. I've heard the mother's touch is the best remedy.

Kristin Z., age 11 of Gulfport, MS wrote:
Use tissue with lotion.

Kristyn, age 13 of Bakersfield, CA wrote:
I used warm, flat Pepsi to calm my stomach.

Lauren D., age 12 of Warwick, RI wrote:
I took a teaspoon of drained onion juice and garlic. It tasted bad, but it made me feel better!

Leah M., age 15 of Cincinnatus, NY wrote:
I just stayed home in bed all day. I refuse to take any medicine because I do not like the way it always makes me feel. So I just wait it out.

Leah V., age 12 of Northampton, MA wrote:
Keep wet washcloths near your bed. If you get really hot in the night or if you have a fever and are sweating, rubbing a cool washcloth over your face, arms and legs really helps. Also, if you have a fever, take a bath in LUKEWARM water.

Levi W., age 8 of Holdrege, NE wrote:
I felt better by laying in bed, eating lots of cold stuff, drinking lots of liquids, and praying.

Lillyana S., age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:
What made me feel better was taking a hot bath and reading a Harry Potter book.

Lily M., age 10 of Ogilvie, MN wrote:
Two kinds of caugh medicine, a red & a green kind. The green kind worked better & tasted alot better.

Lucy F., age 8 of OH wrote:
I mixed orange sorbet with orange juice and 7up. It was delicious!

Lynette H., age 9 of Boise, ID wrote:
Eucaliptose Oil in the vaporizer, Oregon Grape Liquid Herb. I got over it in 3 days.

Lynnelle C., age 11 of Overland Park, KS wrote:
When I thought I should get better I started thinking of ideas to have fun and get the sickness out of my system. I also took medecine for my coughing and sneezing. After I thought of all the good things and fun things I felt lots better.

Marielle A., age 8 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
Tylanol, Benedryl, and my mom rubbed VIX on my chest and back.

Mark V., age 6 of ON wrote:
Medicine- banana flavoured!

Matthew G., age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I took a little bad cherry tasting medicine and poof! cold is gone.

Matthew M., age 5 of Powell, OH wrote:
I just stayed home and cuddled with mommy.

Matthew N., age 10 of Seattle, WA wrote:
I went to the doctor to get medication and I didn't play out side with my friends and I ate soup for lunch and I went to bed early.

Meghan P., age 12 of Jacksonville, FL wrote:
My dad gave me some peppermint tea. He also gave me lots of medicine and now I'm on antibiotics.

Michael C., age 15 of Santa Ana, CA wrote:
I had to go to the doctor. He gave me some good cough medicine that made me sleep alot. I only ate chicken soup and toast because I would get sick if I ate anything else. I also drank alot of water and orange juice whenever I was awake.

Michelle C., age 12 of Norcross, GA wrote:
Seeing my grandparents.

Mikaya J., age 14 of Roanoke, VA wrote:
Lots of sleep, quiet music, hot soup (mushroom, tomato, & chicken nooodle), reading the Bible, and most of all people prayed for me!!!

Miranda S., age 7 of Ann Arbor, MI wrote:
I made a nest out of blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, and body pillows and I stayed in the nest till I felt better.

Nicolas D., age 7 of Two-Mountains, QC wrote:
I drank a cup of hot water (off the stove) with a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon mixed in. A heating blanket and a heavy pillow on top of my belly helped my stomach ache.

Pat G., age 12 of Spearfish, SD wrote:
Sleep and ravioli and pears and water.

Quinn M., age 11 of MN wrote:
You find the temples on your head, then you take your pointer and middle finger of each hand and you move in counter clock wise fashion. This helps to get rid of any head aches you have.

Rachel J., age 14 of Arlington, TX wrote:
I went to the doctor and he gave me some horible green stuff, but it helped!

Raenay G., age 13 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
Eat plain honey.

Sam D., age 11 of St. Ignace, MI wrote:
I discovered that if you don't lay down all the time you will feel better.

Sarah W., age 12 of Oak Park, MI wrote:
Lots of TLC from mom.

Sasha L., age 11 of Pflugerville, TX wrote:
All you really can do is stay away people that are sick and wash your hands.

Shannon A., age 4 of Staten Island, NY wrote:
I drank lots of milk and ate crackers.

Sharli W., age 14 of Katy, TX wrote:
My mom made me drink a lot of liquids, and that helped. But what worked the most is when I drank orange juice and took vitamins. I think it helped me gain strenght to fight off the sickness.

Stephanie B., age 10 of Mcallistervile, PA wrote:
A DRINK CALLED "VINNEY or HONIGER" when you mix a little bit of honey & viniger with water.

Steve U., age 17 of Ellison Bay, WI wrote:
Drank Hot Apple Cider.

Steven R., age 10 of Willingboro, NJ wrote:
Stomachace and coughing--ate saltines, drank pink lemonade,and took Pepto Bismal. Headache-- took asprin and took plenty of rest.

Tara C., age 13 of North Haven, CT wrote:
While I was sick, I figuared out that if you use a peice of ham and lay it on your stomach, then it helps the aching go away.

Tatum, age 12 of Baltimore, MD wrote:
I used my grandmothers remedie of 1 tbs of lemon and 2tbs of honey. It works and its tasty!!!

Tim B., age 10 of Kewaskum, WI wrote:

Todd W., age 11 of Halifax, NS wrote:
Playing sony playstation.

Vanessa A., age 11 of Hialeah, FL wrote:
What made me feel better was the medicine I was taking and when my family used to tell me funny stories!

Vantiel-Elizabeth D., age 12 of Topsham, ME wrote:
Took caugh drops with vitium c in them. I had a hat a on all the time when i went outside.

Whitney J., age 13 of NJ wrote:
I found out that hot steam made me feel better because I got chills and I was sneezing and coughing a lot and that unclogged my nose and throat. And for some reason, Jell-O helped too because I couldn't eat certain foods or soda.

Yvonne W., age 11 of Peebles, OH wrote:
My cat helped when he purred!

Zachary S., age 6 of Ephrata, PA wrote:
Warm Seven-Up and Valentines from my school friends and my mom and dad made me feel better.

Remember, this is what ZOOM kids like to do. Never treat any illness on your own and always talk to your parents and a doctor first!

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