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When ZOOMers Got the Flu 
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8038 ZOOMers who took part in the ZOOMflu survey got the flu between October and March, but not all of them got it during the same month. What month would you expect to find the highest number of cases of the flu? The least? Do you think there will be a trend? If so, what will it look like? Build a Flu got you when? graph to get the answers.

Here's the data:

Cases of the Flu by Month
October:368 January:1854
November:869 February:1638
December:1910 March:1399

Here's what you need to do:

1. Using a ruler, draw a large capital "L" on a big piece of paper. You'll need to take up most of the paper so that you have enough room to plot all of the data points. Next, on the line going across, mark six evenly spaced points and from left to right label them October, November, December, January, February, and March. Label this line, "Month." On the line going up, divide the line into 20 even spaces, then number them 100-2000 going up. Label this line "Number of Kids Who Got the Flu." The point on the "L" where the two lines meet should be marked zero.

2. Start by plotting each data point. How many kids reported getting the flu in October? 368, right? Find October on your "Month" line. Hold that spot with your finger or a pencil. From that point, start moving up the "Number of Kids Who Got the Flu" line until you think you are even with 368. Mark that spot with a big dot. That's your first data point. Do this for every month.

3. What do you see? What month did the most ZOOMers have the flu? What month did the least number of ZOOMers have the flu? Why do you think that is? Do you see a pattern? What does it look like? Mark a spot for yourself on the graph. How do you compare to other ZOOMers?

4.Send your results to ZOOM. Each week we'll publish a whole bunch right here.