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Your Reviews
Tell us what you think about Zoey 101:
  • Jaime, age 11 of London, ON
    I love the show because it always leaves u thinking at the end of the show... But its needs to be on through the week too because thats like the only show I watch along with Hannah Montana.

  • Morgan, age 11 of McAlisterville, PA
    I love Zoey101! This show is awesome not just because Jamie Lyn Spears is in it but also because it is very entertaining. I love Zoey101!

  • Thomas of Durham, NC
    I Love this show so much. Their school is so cool becuase they like restaurants for lunch and I just love this show.

  • Jovana, age 12 of New York, NY
    i love the show because my sis goes to a school like that and I found it cool to see what she goes through.

  • Sydney, age 12 of Surrey, BC
    I love this show but Zoey acts so perfect and shes always coming up with solutions. I like the show and I give it 5 toes.

  • Alison, age 11 of Beacon, NY
    Zoey 101 isnt really my thing. It doesnt really have any suspense, Zoey is too perfect, and the problems are really small so I cant really relate to them. I still watch it once in a while.

  • Grace, age 10 of Los Angeles, CA
    I love zoey 101 because I like to read or wach a girls life. I think zoey is grate I hope I was her.

  • Lizzie, age 14
    This show is ok, but is pretty unrealistic. I dont know of many people who are so "perfect " like zoey. It's sort of giving the message that you need to be popular and perfect to be happy and to succeed at school. I like zoeys clothes and stuff but her personality is really fake and she is waay too protective of her brother.

  • Renée, age 12 of Trois-Rivieres, QC
    I think it's ok but it's really annoying how Zoey is perfect and everyone loves her and she doesn't have any enemies. She always has solutions to everything. Also, she'd be really popular in real life. Look at her clothes! Nobody else in the show is dressed like her!

  • Maddie, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA
    I love this show!!! Even though there problems are small, it's a really good show about friendship. My favorite character is Logan. He is so cute!!! Matthew Underwood is also a great actor. Lola is also awsome. She is way better than Dana. Dana was rude and they didn't do much with her story. Lola has a story and she's nicer.

  • Keke, age 4 of Montgomery, KY
    I think zoey 101 is awesome.

  • Brittney, age 12 of Stockton, CA
    Zoey 101 rock's she is great on tv shows I think Zoey Is the best ever!!! Go Zoey your my great TV show to wotch!!!

  • Amanda, age 10 of Harrison Twp., MI
    I like Zoey 101 bcause it funny and I really like the outfits that Zoey wears they are really cool.

  • Rebeca, age 10 of Hawthorne, CA
    Zoey101 is the best. I love the relationships, the drama, and the humor.

  • Sophia, age 8 of Corpus Christi, TX
    I love it Iv seen most of her shows. Their so cool. I love the one when they sell the moon bars and put cactuce juice in the moon bars its so cool. I could watch her shows all day and want most of the stuff she has.

  • Abena, age 8 of Gaithersburg, MD
    I love it because Zoey makes very good fashions.

  • Brittanie, age 9 of Greenville, SC
    I love Zoey 101 because she is just being her self and not trying to be someone else, also she is a good roll model.

  • Kaelee, age 12 of Olympia, WA
    I love this show! My favorite one is when dustin is going out with the girl that is older than him and Zoey doesnt like it.

  • Emily, age 7 of Belleville, IL
    I love zoey 101 it is so so so cool. I think its better then good.. its super good.

  • Ivory, age 11 of Washington, DC
    I love Zoey 101 because it s like a true story and I can make a connection to it.

  • Michael, age 9 of Crystal Lake, IL
    Zoey 101 is a good show because its realistic and its kind of funny. My favorite episode is surprise because its more intristing than other episodes. The bad part about it is they dont show what happens after zoey sees chase with rebecca.

  • Meg, age 14
    I dont really like Zoey 101. It is really unrealistic, and nobody dresses like they do. I also don't understand why so many people who are really young watch this show. I think it can be kinda innapropriate, with the she likes him and he likes her thing. My oppinion is it's a little over 6 year olds heads.

  • Aimee, age 10 of Doylestown, PA
    I think it's cool how they show how a kids life can be sometimes. Plus it's funny!

  • Victoria, age 10 of Orleans, MI
    I don't really think little kids under the age of 8 should be watching it. I mean I love it, but there's just to much drama and love in it. But I do love it very much, it's the #1 show on Teen Nick. I think Lola and Zoey are my favorites. Wanna know a secret? What does Zoey have around her neck? A key for her doom! Cool huh?

  • Sammy, age 9 of Laguna Beach, CA
    Ok so, if there was a choice of negative one I'd give it. This television show is supposed to depict the way teens live in California? I live in California, and I don't go around acting the way Zoey does. Chase is ridiculous with the way he supposedly cares so much about Zoey. Come on buddy! Can't you realize she's not interested? Worst show ever put on the air!

  • Itzayana, age 11 of Houston, TX
    I love it!!! Zoey 101 is cool because it is funny and i like zoey's style. It is the best show I have ever seen!!

  • Jennita, age 11 of Leamington, ON
    Love it! It rocks! I'd like Chase to tell Zoey he likes her though, but I understand why he wouldn't because if things didn't turn out right, he'd loose his friendship. But Yeah the show rocks because it gives a good portrait of everyday life.

  • Kiki, age 11 of Moorestown, NJ
    I love Zoey 101. It is so fun. It explains the way some people feel in every day life if your rude to them, or nice. It also shows the difference between a happy camper, and a not nice no no friend! I love Zoey 101.

  • Lori, age 10 of Upland, CA
    Because its cool and it makes me smile. Ilove to watch it.

  • Jazmin, age 11 of Santa Ana, CA
    I love Zoey 101 because it's funny Probably one of my favorite characters is Quinn because she's wierd and funny. My favorite thingt about her is that when she does an expiriment it always fails.

  • Liz, age 11 of Euclid, OH
    I love zoey101! Zoey, nicole, and lola are my favorite characters. I wish there were new episodes every night. I give this show 5 toes!

  • Hannah, age 10 of MT
    I love zoey 101 she rocks. I really wwant chase to tell zoey he loves her. My favorite season is the 3rd one.

  • Anjelica, age 10 of New Jersey
    I love Zoey 101 because you don't know if Zoey will get on her brothers nervs or if she will find out the boy that likes her.

  • Ruth, age 11 of Cleveland, OH
    I don't think Zoey 101 is a very good show to watch. Zoey and Lola don't really wear nice clothe so I think think its bad for younger kids to watch the show and think thats how they need to dress. I didn't like the episode "suprise" and now I don't care for it. But Quinn is the best charactar on Zoey 101 and she's my only favorite.

  • Raven, age 11 of NH
    I like this programme cause its like what I want my future to be like, going to a boarding school, and staying in dorms with mates, I should mesion that they have the best dorms on t. v as a programme I've ever seen.

  • Chelsea, age 13 of Lincoln Park, MI
    Zoey 101 is the best show ever! I luv it! Jamie lynn spears (zoey) is the best charater and chase. She has a great personality and her acting is great. My fav. season of zoey 101is the one that just started, in september 2006. My fav. episode is the 2nd 1 where chase's gf tells zoey to stay away from chase and he breaks up with. Zoey is really grt,(great)! I luv her alot along with her sister britney spears she is my favorite ever!

  • Jasmine, age 9 of Houston, TX
    I love Zoey101 it is my favorite show on teenick. My favorite episode is the suprise episode. I love Zoey101 so much that I watch it everyday on turbo nick.

  • Jaellyn, age 10 of Riverdale, GA
    I love Zoey 101 I would love to go to a school like that!

  • Olivia, age 10 of Kansas City, MO
    I love this show! I love it because it gives me great advice. I can relate to Zoeys life in many ways. But I just have one question. When will Chace tell Zoey he loves her? Keep up the shows!

  • Quinn, age 10 of Augusta, ME
    I love it because I love the characters!

  • Jessie, age 7 of Heppner, OR
    I love this show it gives me hope.

  • Christian, age 12 of San Antonio, TX
    I love'd it before, but I didn't like it much after 'Spring Break Up'. I didn't like the ending. It was to sad that Chase missed the chance to tell Zoey how he fells. Now I have fallen in love with it again. It's to funny.

  • Marisa, age 12 of Springfield, OR
    I love this show. I think Jamie Lynn Spears is beautiful. In the show she plays about a year older than I am. Check it out!

  • Vicki, age 14 of Lexington, KY
    I like it because she's always helping her friends out and taking the blame for things so others wont get in trouble too.

  • Terasha, age 13 of Beaumont, TX
    I really love this show. Jamie Lynn Spears is very talented and some of the shows are really funny. Please keep this show on air.

  • Alyssa, age 13 of Brampton, Canada
    I love Zoey 101. I can relate to her life so much! I don't have a younger brother that goes to my school but I know how it would feel. I have the best friends every, even if the odd one is like Quinn. She deals with everyday life situations just like me! Zoey 101 is pretty cool!

  • Hannah, age 12 of Toronto, ON
    I think Zoey 101 is a pretty good show. It is just that sometimes it is just so cheazy. Everything always goes well. I just want to have a real life problem that they just can't solve!

  • Angelica, age 9 of Los Fresnos, TX
    I Love it because Zoey and Lola are like awsome, cool, and pretty. I also love Zoey101 cause quinn makes wierd stuff. My favorite characters are Zoey, Lola, Quinn, nicole. The funny characters are Chase and dustin. My sis is like Zoey. Zoey101 rocks!!!

  • Christopher, age 10 of Liverpool
    I like zoey 101 because it's based on everyday situations, my favorite character is dustin he's 10 like me and he looks like me appart from I've got darker hair than him, I give Zoey 101 5 toes, it's good for any kid any age.

  • Savannah, age 11 of Brantford, ON
    I Love It. My fav. caracter is Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) she acts very good and looks very cool in her out fits.

  • Natasha, age 12 of Seattle, WA
    I like zoe 101 because it is an insparation to girls and it kind of gives them tips on how to live their life and helps them in their school years.

  • Lizzie, age 12 of Singapore
    Zoey 101 is a cute show. Though it is a little bit cheesey and totaly unrealalistic it is a cute show. The actors and actreses are very good. And I like the way zoey's personality is, she likes to show that girls can do any thing boys can do which is true. I also like this show because the carachters deal with regular day to day problems. I give it 4 toes.

  • Kayla, age 13 of Spokane, WA
    I love Zoey 101! Not only is Jamie Lynn very cute and pretty, but she is also a great actor. I love the story line.

  • Tania, age 12 of Montreal, QC
    I love the show Zoey 101 because the charactors are very funny and I like there stories.

  • Maddie, age 8 of Wilmington, DE
    I like the show Zoey 101 because it is sort of realistic and I watch it all the time.

  • Mursal, age 10 of Fremont, CA
    I love Zoey 101 it is one of my favorites to watch! I love all the characters especailly zoey. The show is fantastic! I think it deserves 5 toes!

  • Kaleigh, age 12 of Welland, ON
    I love zoey 101 it's the best show since lizzie! It is great!!!

  • Jamie, age 14 of Seattle, WA
    Zoey 101 is ok but it gets old after a while!!!

  • Chloe, age 6 of Sherwood Park, AB
    I love zoey 101 I watch it every time its on with my big sister Courtney. I love it because its funny and my favrote carachter is zoey.

  • Mary and Samantha of Austin, TX
    Love it! it was the bomb. I like how chase keeps that secret from you in the movie. I like you character.

  • Ashlee, age 10 of AZ
    i like zoey 101 becuase its funny and the charters do a good job. me and my sisters play zoey 101. im zoey and my 2 anthor sisters are the 2 anthor girls.

  • Victoria, age 10 of Roseville, MI
    i love it because its teaches me a lot about the real life. and its an edgucatanual show

  • Rose, age 10 of Charlotte, NC
    I love this show it is one of my favorites to watch. I have seen almost wvery episode. It is great!!

  • Haylie, age 14 of Charlotte, NC
    I love Zoey 101, I think its the best show out there of all time!! I love all the characters especially Zoey!! I watch it all the time!! I've seen every single epsiode!!

  • Katrin, age 14
    I love it! Its the best show ever except, have u ever seen a real boarding school? Definetly doesnt look like that! Especially not the dorms! But except for that I think its the best show ever! It deals with so many problems teens face and its really funny!

  • Olivia, age 13 of Madison, WI
    It's a cute show, I admit it. Very cheesy, but lovable. It's not like real boarding school because its too easy to be a real school. I guess if they were in class all the time it would be a boring show, so I see where they're coming from. I give it three toes because Logan (Matthew Underwood) is so cute.

  • Christina, age 10 of Staten Island
    I love Zoey 101 because it is just fantastic!!! I also like it because Chase is sooo cute!!!

  • Harriet, age 16 of London
    I love Zoey 101. Jamie Lynn Spears is awesome and there are some really funny episodes, both in thenew and old episodes. Too many for me to name. It's aweaomw though, and Logans kind cute.

  • Deanna, age 11 of Newcastle, England
    I love Zoey 101 it is great. Why? Because it has my fav carater in it (jamie-lynn spears) and the program always has amazing things in e. g sushi rox burnd down zoey nicole and lola having to chearlead for logan. And I wish I could meet Jamie Lynn Spears

  • Makenna, age 14 of Draper, SD
    Zoey 101 is an "okay" show. I really like Zoey's style and how she always wears that key. It not like the real world because they always have enough money for everything! When I watch this show I always think, "Is this a real boarding school?" Because it would be really cool to go to it! They need to be coming out with more because I'm tired of watching the same thing over and over again!!!

  • Christine, age 12 of Jackson, MS
    I think it's a great show that girls just love to pieces! I think it has the goods and bads of a normal show, Zoey 101 can turn out just "to good to be true" or too perfect, but normally it's a cute show! I love it!

  • Virginia of Richmond Hill, ON
    I am pretty much like all the girls above... I love Zoey 101. I started watching the show after my friend told me about it... it's amazing. I hope the show never finishes and over the time that it has been playing, I have fallen inlove with every single character and the acotor/actress. Lola is great but I don't know what happened to Dana... I wish I knew!! Zoey 101 rocks!!! It should never end!!!

  • Katelynn, age 12 of Boston, MA
    It's alright. I watch it probably a couple times a month. I'd say It's my 5th favorite show. The Suite Life is 1st. I'm obsessed with it. (Because of Cody). Anyway I like it. I'd give it 4 toes.

  • Keyana, age 9 of Calgary
    I love this show sooo much! My favourite people in this show are Lola, Zoey, Nicole, Chase, and Logan. My favourite show of it was one of the new shows of Zoey 101 were they were doing odd jobs to get the sushi rox restaurant back for Kazu and Zoey nicole and Lola had to cheer for Logan! I love this show because Zoey and everyone are such good actors and it's so realistic!

  • Elizabeth, age 11 of Bay Point, CA
    I love Zoey 101! My brother and I watch it every night at 8:30. I like Zoey, my brother likes Dana,(because she is tough), And my best friend likes Quinn. She kind of acts like her, too!

  • Callie, age 14 of Tulare, CA
    I think this show is awsome. Im even thinking about joing a boading school just like PCA.

  • Yarday, age 14 of Lynn, MA
    I love Zoey 101. Zoey 101 is my first best series on Nick. Ataully because I like the way Zoey, Necole, Queen, Sane, Cristopher and the ohter 2 can hangout. My brother ask me why I love sereis so much? And I told him you may not know much because you`r a guy. He like washing movie with violence and I`m not into it, so he always try to convince me! And I will say it right back to him that I'm not a kid and we`d all bust into laughter.

  • Dionnah, age 14 of Philadelphia, PA
    I like ''Zoey 101'' because it states real life problems with logical answers.

  • Virouna, age 10 of Nashville, TN
    I love Zoey 101. It is so cool. I think I'm like Nicole because I'm sort of crazy. I love Logan Reese! That show deserves 5 toes! I am they're #1 fan!

  • Katherine, age 14 of New York, NY
    I guess it's good since most people watch it. But to me it's sort of cheesy how everyone is so preppy and perfect. Also it bugs me how every minute of the day they can afford to eat huge trays of sushi, and how Jamie's acting is really fake.

  • Bailey, age 9 of Climax, MN
    I love Zoey 101 because she makes people learn lessons. I love it also because she is Jamie Lynn Spaers and I love her. I look up to her because she teaches me stuff like friendship and how I should treat my friends.

  • Maeva, age 11 of London
    I love zoey 101 because the actors are great and the show is great.

  • Rebekah, age 14 of New York
    Well personally I think that zoey101 is ok, I watch it when theres nothin else on. I used to love it. But I don't like the way zoey has to be perfect n everyone loves her.

  • Daniel, age 9 of Montgomery, AL
    I think ZOEY 101 is a pretty good show. Sometimes it can be very interesting and funny. Jamie Lynn Speres is a great actor.

  • Emily, age 12 of Olds, AB
    I love zoey 101. It is the best show ever because not everyone on the show is perfect and they all have a different personality!

  • Meredith, age 11 of St. George
    I love Zoey 101 but I think it swears too much! I would totally love to go to a school like that, though!

  • Harmeet of Highland Lakes, NJ
    I absolutley love Zoey 101 because it sort of teaches kids who watch it how they can solve their own problems at a certain age withput depending on your parents for support. My favorite girl characters are Zoey, Nicole, and Lola. My favorite guy characters are Chase and Michael. I give it 5 stars.

  • Tara, age 11 of Rochester, NY
    I totally luv it! It deals with real life problems and the comedy is outstanding! Two thumbs up!

  • Jessica, age 9 of Rawcliffe
    I love the show its great. I really like nichole cause shes so funny. I like lola two my favrite is zoey though shes soooo amazing.

  • Lauren, age 8 of Liverpool, UK
    I love Zoey 101 because Jamie Lee Spears is sooo cool. Me and my sister Abbie watch it every day. We want to be like her. She is great.

  • Alexandra, age 11 of Norfolk, VA
    I like zoey 101. My favorite character is lola she is really pretty. Nobody talks about michael I wonder why. I'm glad dana isn't on the show anymore she didn't fit with the show.

  • Kellie, age 14 of Gilbert, SC
    I love this show because not only does it deal with issues that teenagers deal with in life, but they have to deal with them on their own and not having to depend on their parents for help. I think that is what a lot of people should learn once you get to be a certain age!

  • Cassandra, age 8 of Calgary, AB
    I love the show so much! But I'd have to say the new episodes are way better than the old ones. My favorite character is Lola. I would probaly have to give it 5 stars.

  • Ellie, age 9 of Braintree
    I appsaloutely love Zoey 101 it's my favourite program in the whole intire world. As well the reason I really really like Zoey 101 is because Zoey has attitude just like me and the rest of them I find quite funny. I love Zoey.

  • Jazriel, age 11 of Hamilton, ON
    I love Zoey 101 it's my fav show! The characters r funny, and there is always a problem that Zoey has to solve in the end. I never thought that I would like the show because of the previews. They never put anything exciting in them! But when all my friends at school were talking about it... I decided to see how "cool" this show really was! I ended up laughing and giggling in the end and decided that Zoey 101 was now my ultimate all time fav show. Now I never want to miss even 1 of the episodes 5 toes for me!

  • Pal, age 10 of Bethel, CT
    I love the caracters in this show but my favorite one is nicole because of the things she says and does.

  • Carlenna of Neosho, MO
    I really like the show. Zoey always there for her friends. Even she get little mad at chase he still her friend. I really think chase like zoey.

  • Kristina, age 12 of Smithfield, RI
    I love Zoey 101 because the character's are awesome! I also liked Zoey 101 Spring Break up but it did have a bad ending. I think that all the characters are awesome, but, I think that Quinn is just a little weird if u know what I mean. I wish that my school was like that!

  • Danielle, age 12 of Peterborough, ON
    I love this show soo much Zoey (Jamie) and Nicole (Alexa) oh and Lola (Victoria) have the cutest clothes in the show!!! I love this show but the new episode r alway on friday at 6 and I have dance from 5:30-6:30 and Im so obsessed I always tape it I love it!!

  • Bailey, age 9 of Roswell, GA
    I love the show, but I think Lola is the best. Zoey101 Spring Breakup was agreat movie!!!

  • Mari, age 14 of Lakewood, NJ
    Well I think that zoey 101 is an ok show aside from the fact that jamie spears isnt an ok actress. The show does not relate to my life at all. All of the cast members are rich n their problems are not really so important. I think the show is type corney at times.

  • Ruby, age 11 of Milwaukee, WI
    Zoey101 is a one of a kind show that you can relate to. I'min sixth grade and I go to a private school which is totally different than zoey's boarding school and that' what I like about it. I give jamie lynn spears two thumbs up!

  • Kayla, age 12 of Wells, ME
    I loove this show soo much. I think that it rocks. It is one of the best shows on nick. I hope that this show will continue for a long time. I would like to see the episod when chase tells her how he feels about her. I cant waite. Well I can not waite till spring break.

  • Hope, age 10 of Bexley, OH
    I love Zoey 101, Zoey 101 is such a good show because zoey is just plain cool. I like everyone on the show because they are so funny and in style.

  • Kara, age 16 of Boston, MA
    I like it but it is nothing like bording school at all but otherthan that it is ok.

  • ZOOM Fan, age 12
    I think this show is very unrealitsic. I mean... it has some good plots and can be funny sometimes, but no boarding school is like that. I have never heard of a boarding school that is by the beach and you can have like surf boards and motorcycle scooters. Or of one that is so classy. It maybe giving the wrong message to kids about how boarding school is or really is. Sometimes I watch it, and I like the characters but I wish they would think about how different it is from real life.

  • Rachel, age 12 of Olney, MD
    I love Zoey 101. I just saw Zoey 101 Spring Break Up. It was awesome! Chase should really tell Zoey. He was sooooooo close. Oh well. I know he will someday. Lola is cool. She is a great actress. Logan is very concited. Chase is really cool. I think Zoey and Chase make a great couple. I think Zoey likes Chase but is fighting inside and is trying to deny it. This is a great show and it can relate to real life a lot. I hope this show never ends.

  • Sophie, age 10 of Newcastle, UK
    I love zoe 101. Some say its not realistic but its a kids programe so it doesnt need to be and some say that you never have enough free time as they do but if it was lessons all the time they wouldnt be astory line to it would they. Any way I luv zoe 101 and the charicters its the best show ever. Sometimes I dont get ity but the seting is great and so are the cast I luv it.

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