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A Wrinkle in Time
by Madeleine L'Engle
has 1,538 votes. Recent average is 5 toes!

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  • Paul B., age 11 of CT
    I really like it. I like books with sci fi and/or fantasy. It is one of those books that you don't want to stop reading!

  • Kathy
    The book is so cool! I really like how Charles just seems to know every thing and he says it out loud. Calvin and Meg are just really cool!!!

  • Heather, age 10 of West, TX
    I love it. My teacher played us the vidio diare and we had to read along. It dint make since so I read the book and dint pay attention to the recording.

  • Jordan, age 12 of Miami, FL
    I had to read this for a summer reading assignment, but I didn't like it very much. It was very strange and hard to keep up with, especially because it's a 1963 British book. I don't really like this book much.

  • Nick, age 10
    I'm reading it with my mom it's pretty good so far 4 toes

  • Katie, age 9 of L.A.
    I love it! Its such a great book. But I have read more books by the arthur I can not make it past the 3 book.

  • Del, age 11 of Sparks, NV
    Love this book! I love the idea of tessering through space. The book was great, but the movie was horrible!

  • Nathan of WI
    I actually read this for a middle school assignment, and watched the movie, and it was pretty strange to just understand what was going on, but it's an okay book I guess. (Pretty good for a 60's book) But the movie was just awful, hands down.

  • Lexus, age 7 of Paanmal City, AL
    love it

  • Jazmin, age 9 of Des Moines, IA
    like I love it. its just like 1 of those books that you would love to compare your life to it

  • Hannah, age 12 of Forest, VA
    I LOVE this book!!! It was kind of scary and confusing at first, but after I read it again I loved it. This book and the next 2 in the series really make you think!!

  • May, age 11 of Detroit, MI
    When I first read A Wrinkle in Time, I was scared. It's also confusing, and now that I read it over again, it's pretty good. I recommend it to kids over 10.

  • Em, age 13
    It's all right, but it's confusing at a few parts.

  • Malia, age 12 of Portland, OR
    I really liked this book, but a couple parts were kind of confusing. It was a great story though. The next few books in the series are good too. Four toes!

  • Xenia, age 8 of Jackson
    A Wrinkle in Time is very freaky and scary because it has stuff that make me have nightmares.

  • Brittany, age 14 of New York, NY
    I did not like it. I'm not a science fiction fan.

  • Abbie, age 12 of Lake Charles, LA
    I have never read it but my friend told me it is extremely hard to understand.

  • Dorothy, age 13
    Awesome!!! One of my favorite books!!! I love reading!!!

  • Sam
    I don't know why, but I have difficulty reading it. I feel as though I'm slogging through a sea of molasses.

  • Irons Clothes In Time
    The Best book. I would LOVE to share this with my kids! As a teacher, it is very educational and exersises the childrens minds and imaginations!

  • Maddie
    this was an awesome book. I started to read the rest of the series and liked them to until it got to the point when meg calvin and charles had all grown up and I think there was new characters, it got confusing then

  • Ellie, age 14
    It was okay. My teacher read it out loud for school, which was a little wierd. It's not the sort of book that lends itself well to out loud reading. I read it again by myself though, and I liked it a lot better. Three toes.

  • Taylor, age 12 of Leesburg, GA
    This book is my ABSOLUTE favorite!! I love the idea of different worlds and dimensions, and the fact that its important to be your own self, not let anyone else control you!

  • Catlin, age 10 of Washington, DC
    i loved this book my teacher read it to us and it was sience fiction

  • Joshua, age 8 of Kenosha, WI
    love it. because it's awesome

  • Katie, age 10 of Rpv, CA
    I REALLY love that book. It has tons of tricks, and I COULD NOT stop reading it. It's AWESOME!

  • Dj, age 14 of Television City, CA
    It's not just O. K. iT'S NOT JUST LIKE. I LOVE IT. It is as if you are warped into time and space with Meg. It is better than watching the movie.

  • Ellen, age 10 of Stoughton, WI
    I love this book! It mentions Christian topics. That is why I like it.

  • Mallory, age 12 of Queen Creek, AZ
    I love this book!!! It really makes you think.

  • A Wrinkle In My Paper
    AMAZING BOOK! Some words were too big but I loved it! 5 toes!

  • Amanda, age 12 of Minneapolis, MN
    I didnt really understand it to be honest! It was really confusing!

  • Isabel, age 13 of Arlington, VA
    I loved it so much! Finally, a book we had to read in school that was actually good and not boring.

  • Lydia, age 14 of Broadalbin, NY
    For a while, this was my favorite book! I loved the fantasy aspect, and I believe that L'Engle gave readers a very vivid image. The story is quite interesting and the characters are endearing, to me anyway. Fantastic!

  • Riley, age 13
    okay, I love fantasy but this was just plain bad. everything happened too slowly and I was bored to tears by the 3rd chapter! don't read it!!! my friend read it and loved it, but I say boooo!!! just plain WEIRD!!! don't waste your time!!!

  • Elizabeth, age 12 of VA
    It was great!! It really made you think. Then let you solve the problem without giving you the answer. I truly enjoy a book when I can't guess the ending in the middle of the first chapter.

  • Zoe, age 15 of Ransom Canyon, TX

  • ZOOM Fan, age 11 of Longview, TX
    adored it. every time I read a page turened the page and continued reading I loved it!!! i would recomned this book to you it's wondrful.

  • Hannah, age 13 of Cincinnati, OH
    this book is really cool!

  • ZoomFan
    The fantasy in this book is FANTASTIC, but it could have been less weird. The story is engrossing and hard to put down once you start, so if you don't like odd, sci-fi books with really strange things in them, don't even start reading it. If you can look past a few things, it's a really good read. However, even if you DO like this kind of book, I wouldn't reccomend reading it more than once. 3-and-a-half toes- great storyline, but a bit weirdo for my tastes. Sorry Mrs. L' Engle! No offense- you're a great writer.

  • Leah, age 10 of Williamsburg, VA
    This is my favorite book!!!

  • Brittany, age 16 of Williams, OR
    I love this book!! I hve the next book in the series, too. And one of the much later books features Meg and Calvin's daughter. GREAT!!!

  • Nicky, age 14 of Chicago, IL
    This book is bad!! We read it in second grade [we really didnt get it] then we read it in 6th grade and it was bad. dont read this book.

  • Jordan, age 13 of CA
    This book is simply outstanding! It is brilliantly written with relatable characters and an interesting plot. These factors combined will make you not want to put down the book; I started reading it for a school assignment and could not be pulled away! A must-read for adults and children alike!

  • Austin, age 11 of St. Augustine, FL
    Love it! What a grabber! It is very moving and I love the author's work!

  • Brianna of Albuquerque, NM
    It is a book that I had to read in 8th grade... most 8th graders do. I thought this book was awful, I complained every step of the way. I was critical of Calvin as soon as he first appeared in the story. I had trouble relating to Meg and the 3 ladies confused me. But after I went through more school, A Wrinkle in Time proved to be one of the best readings yet. My favorite character is Charles Wallice. I advise anyone who hasn't seen the movie, not to watch it. The book is 100% better and has way more science fiction and suspense. The story challenges your mind. It is most likely one of the author's best. The story makes you think, but I still don't personally put it as one of my favorites.

  • Lily, age 9 of Colorado Springs, CO
    Love it! As soon as you open the book, you can't put it down! I brought it with me everywhere: to the doctor's office, to my cheerleading competition, even on the bus! If you haven't read it, it is a definate must-read!

  • Heather, age 11 of Morganville, NJ
    I didn't like a Wrinkle in Time! I was forced to read it for school, and it was painful. I don't like mystical stories. I prefer realistic fiction, you know, stuff that can actually happen. The story was just all too weird for me. There was like an evil brain that was on a table. Weird, right? My friends liked it but I didn't.

  • Lili, age 11 of Katy, TX
    This is a great book but they have a lot of hard words in it. So hard even some adults can't figure it out! I really liked it but it did get a tad bit confusing. 4 toes

  • ZOOM Fan
    I read it at school. It was ok. I thought it was very strange.

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