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Tell us what you think about Word Girl:
Your Reviews
  • Mackenzie of Cleveland, OH
    All right I love Word Girl I give it a 5.

  • Zachary, age 9 of Portland, OR
    I love it. My favorite episode is when Lady Redundant Woman was in jail and pretended to sneeze.

  • Shyinga, age 10 of Jacksonville, NC
    I love word girl becaues it teaches kids new awesome words.

  • Dominick, age 12 of San Antonio, TX
    Word Girl is awsome I love it.

  • Kira, age 13 of Stafford, VA
    I love this show sooo much! Lady Redundant Woman and The Whammer are the best characters ever! The way they portray the characters is hilarious, and it's also educational! Captain Huggy Face is so awesome! Love this show! You must watch it!

  • Kyara, age 8 of Gardiner, ME
    I love WordGirl. I even memorized the theme song. But my little brother age four says, ''I don't like it''. I'll give it 5 toes.

  • Talyor, age 12 of Miami, OK
    not really my thing because the same people do the sam eold stuff like doctor two brains always to make every one a mouse and that little boy always has robots. kids are looking for something different on every episode so come how about something new and fresh every once in a while?

  • Lab Rat, age 11 of Wasilla, AK
    This show is so cool. Sometimes this show is so funny that I can't stop laughing! I give this 5 toes, or the highest amount of toes, my most favorite charectures is Word Girl and Dr. Two-Brains. Someday I want to be a charecture on this show!

  • Lea, age 12 of Oxford, NY
    Great show! I know most of the words, but I love their unique sense of humor.

  • Grace, age 10 of Jacksonville, FL
    This show is not just ok it is the best show in the world I have been watching it since the show started I am a big FAN!

  • Movie Nut, age 13 of Nashville, TN
    Oh, if only I had Wordgirl's superpowers! I actually learned some stuff from this show. It's a good idea, but I agree with the other kid who said that it's a bit young for PBS Kids GO. I also think it's too violent for the intended age group. People really should make shows for teenagers, and if they actually used more important words to know, it could be good to teach kids about my age important vocabulary. And another thing: no one guesses it's Becky when she doesn't look all that different. That would NOT work in the real world. She should wear a mask or something. Plus, the villains are LAME in capital letters. They're not like the stuff in the movies. I mean, I don't LIKE evil or anything, and it shouldn't seem really cool or look overpowering of good when good can ALWAYS defeat evil. But seriously- Wordgirl needs a more worthy opponent. Tobey- he's just a nerdy kid that's being used to make homeschoolers look stupid. I'm a homeschooler myself, and I know one or two people who act kind of like that, but most homeschooled kids AREN'T like that- we like doing the same stuff all other kids do. Well, that's another one of my super-long reviews finished. Talk to you later. WORD UP!!!

  • Mary, age 12 of Julian, PA
    I think Word Girl is cute, and it is really educatinal and appropriet for little kids.

  • Libby, age 7 of Kennewick, WA
    I and my cousins watch Word Girl everyday! I was Word Girl for Halloween. I love Word Girl!

  • Jack, age 12 of Trumbull, CT
    Its awesome! It is one funny awesome show! I know I am 12 and a boy, but I find myself watching it too! Its wonderful!

  • Kaoutar, age 10 of Shoreline, WA
    I don't like it. it is so babyish I GIVE it a ONE!

  • Madeline, age 11 of Pearland, TX
    I love wordgirl because the supper hero is a girl and I love learning what words mean.

  • Andrew, age 12 of Talbott, TN
    It's a little boring and the words on that show are words you learn in 2nd grade.

  • Noah, age 9 of Cermont, FL
    i like the episode with the greedy girl

  • Sarah, age 14 of Philadelphia, PA
    I like it, and some of the humor isn`t just for little kids. I`ll admit I know all the words already, but its still fun to just sit down a watch.

  • Joyce of Winlock, WA
    I absolutely LOVE Word Girl. She is smart, funny, and loves her family. She is also concerned with her community and tries to keep everyone safe at personal risk and sacrifice. This is a true hero. Thanks PBS!

  • Ashton, age 13 of Lagleva, ON
    i love wordgirl because it helps me with my vocabulary and I love captain huggy face.

  • Ali, age 10 of Toronto
    I love watching Wordgirl I watch it every day and if I miss even 45 seconds of WordGirl I go crazy. my favourite villan is the butcher and my favourite part of every episode is when wordgirl sends the villan(s) to jail of teaches them a lesson.

  • Blanka, age 14 of MO
    I really like word girl (im 14!) they purposely make it kind of lame so it's reallyyyy funny:D but I know most of the words...:/

  • Janira of Boston, MA
    I loved word girl because it's really edcutional for my nience

  • Alexzandria, age 14 of Moorhead, MS
    love it because it is totally me

  • Suzy of Hamburg, NY
    Word Girl is unique and smart. I love Captain Huggy Face and all the funny situations they get into. It cracks me up that no one suspects that Becky is Word Girl. My eight year old son Simon and I watch everyday!

  • Julia, age 9 of Pembroke, NH
    I love word girl because I like to learn knew words

  • Myriam, age 4 of Sugar Hill, GA
    I HAVE to watch Word Girl everyday. Word Girl and I are alike because we both use big words. My favorite word is redundant. My mama made me a costume so I could be Word Girl for Halloween. Word up!

  • Kayley
    Word girl is awesome! It teaches kids new words. But I have to admit, it can be a little boring at times, but it's cool. My favorite caratures are Word Girl, Captain Huggy Face, Dr. Two Brains, the butcher, Granny May, Tobey, and Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy. Mr. Big, Lady Redundant Woman, and the Whammer? No Way! I'll give you reasons why I don't like them. Mr. Big: predictable, weird (because of the "squishy bunnies"), and he just isn't a real villan. Lady Redundant Woman: can be easily defeated, weird, and boring. The Wammer: I don't know what he means by "wammer".

  • Amy, age 10
    Word girl is a little boring. the words are so common, everyone knows them.

  • Alexis, age 8 of Bellflower, CA
    WordGirl is AWSOME!!! I mean, how does anyone not like WordGirl? Well, that would be some people. I'd give her a million toes if it is possible.

  • Ali, age 6 of New York City, NY
    I like Word Girl I think she is the best.

  • Jordan, age 6 of Bayside, NY
    I like word girl because her plans always work and word girl is also pretty and smart.

  • Melissa, age 12
    It is great for my little brothers. I actually learn some stuff from it too! 5 toes!

  • Mall, age 11
    I love wordgirl.

  • Kendra, age 5 of Milton, NH
    I love Word Girl and my brother like Captain Huggy Face, I wish I could by stuff of them on it for school.

  • Hanna, age 10 of KY
    Word Girl is pretty good, but not my favorite show of all time. I know most of the words and each show is kind of the same but it's still good. I like the animation and the bad guys are neat. Oh, and Clark, I like your idea about Word Boy, except I think he should have a Saber-toothed tiger as a pet, because that would ROCK!

  • Vanessa, age 12 of Westwood, NJ
    I love Word Girl! She taught me words I didn't know. Captain Huggy Face is so cute. The villians are awesome!

  • Alexis, age 8 of Bellfower, CA
    I like the show WordGirl because I like superheroes. She's cool.

  • Grace, age 7 of Williamsville, NY
    LOVE Word Girl, AND Captain Huggy-Face! He rocks, especially when he does his dance at the end (which for some unknown reason, hasn't been happening lately:(

  • Amanda, age 14 of Walterboro, SC
    LOVE IT!!! I now have an obsession over it! (Obessed: to never stop thinking about something) True it does have some corny shows everynow and then, but the great ones overcome it all and makes it a great show!!! Tobey is awesome (he rox your socks off!)! I would love it if Tobey and Wordgirl ever got into a relationship! That would be so cute!:]

  • Clare, age 7 of Prairieville, LA
    I totally love it!!! My mom is making me a Word Girl costume. I love adding bigger words to my vocabulary and impressing my parents and friends.

  • Mason, age 4 of North Liberty, IA
    I like Word Girl because she is so cute and great. I love her. She makes power and says to the bad guys, "Not so fast!"

  • Madi, age 11 of Phoenix, AZ
    I like word girl because I have always had this thing that I love super heros. so I am writing a book about a super hero. now it is my favorite tv show. you know, word girl. someday I will tell the world what inspired me to write my book. you rock, pbs kids. thanks!

  • Alyssa, age 6 of VA
    I give it five toes but mom has to make my word girl costume this year because it is not in any store.

  • Dolly, age 13 of Portland, OR
    Word Girl is great for younger kids and even older ones. My mom and I think the show is funny. (My 3-year-old sister loves it!)

  • Sofia, age 7 of Alhambra, CA
    I love wordgirl it kind of inspires me to use big words. My favorite episode is princess triana and the oger of casle bom

  • Coyotea, age 13 of Orlando, FL
    I love word girl, but not only because of word girl herself. I love Tobey! He's cute, funny, smart, and he teaches us vocab too. I've actually learned alot from this show, now I just have to convince my friends I'm not to old for it... I think there should be more episodes with Tobey, and a word girl for teenagers too, (as long as Tobey's in it too!)

  • Maria, age 12 of Revere, MA
    I love word girl, because each show is full of suspense! I love when she battles all the bad guys too.

  • Christina, age 15 of Palmdale, CA
    Its the greatest show ever! Its like a edcucational anime cartoon! My favorites are WordGirl, Huggy and Two. Brains. Best show ever! 5 stars!.. er.. toes!!

  • Sarah, age 12 of Indianapolis, IN
    I LOVE Word Girl. It taught me a few word like "preposterous" and "murrall." I also pay a lot of attention to the adventures. My favorite ones are probably the ones with Tobey in them. GO WORD GIRL!

  • Jaiden, age 6 of Sioux City, IA
    i love word girl because its so awesome!!!

  • Tim, age 10 of Dallas, TX
    The bad-guys are the only good thing about it 2 Toes

  • Abby, age 10 of Lexington, KY
    Word Girl is kind of fun to watch, but I already know the words. But it has some funny characters and parts. My personal favorite episode is the one with the mice that Doctor Two-Brains wants to steal cheese for him. Three and a half stars out of five.

  • Connie of Pasadena, TX
    My nieces are three yrs old and one is has autsium and they love this show.

  • Lily, age 8 of Seattle, WA
    It is really funny, I like the episode where Mr. boxford says, "If you cant trust advertisers, who can you trust?"

  • Abbiegail, age 8 of Rutland, MA
    watching wordgirl makes me laugh out loud.

  • Imagin, age 9 of Ashville, NC
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE word girl!. My little sister loves her to! she says WORD UP! all the time! I give word girl 5 tows!

  • Edgar, age 6 of Chapel Hill, NC
    I love EVERYTHING about Word Girl.

  • Katherine, age 7 of Lowell, MA
    It is one of the best shows I ever wacted.

  • Alice, age 11
    It's OK, but after a while it the same shows come on over and over.

  • Brice, age 12 of Melissa, TX
    The thing about this show that I like is that kids can be taught new words plus enjoy the violenece of super heroes!!

  • Alana, age 11 of Apex, NC
    I love it! It's fun and streches your vocabulary.

  • Aisha, age 11 of Toronto, ON
    I really like it. It's educational and hilarious. Like some parts, the enemies act dumb.. that's really funny.

  • Abby, age 13 of Richmond, VA
    Word girl is a fun show. It has enough humour in it to be extremely funny. I really appreciate its cleaness. It has a quick exiting story line and it is go, go, go all the time! The only thing I would have changed is that the words they use are not very new words. Maybe the state of our nation's vocabulary is worse that I know, but most people know what their vocabulary words on the show are. I give it 4 toes. It would have five if the words were more advanced.

  • ZOOM Fan, age 13 of Holyoke, MA
    I think that Word Girl is like a comic book. It is funny for me as well as my bros and sises. I agree that there is no such thing as 'teen show'. There is also no such thing as a baby show. Just because a show doesn't have violence and talk weird and have boy/girl stuff in it doesn't mean it isn't a good show.

  • Erin, age 13 of Delanco, NJ
    world girl is one of the worst shows i`ve ever watched it stunk

  • Lena, age 16 of New York, NY
    My little 8 year old sister loves this show and when I watch it with her so do I.

  • Clark, age 11 of Manti, UT
    I think Word Girl is totally cool, but I have a good suggestion. I think there should also be a character called Word Boy. He would have all the powers of Word Girl and they could work together to conquer evil. His favorite animal would be the saber-tooth tiger and he could have a side-kick hamster named Simon. What do you guys think?

  • Cecilia, age 12 of Tempe, AZ
    I love Word Girl. The show is funny and entertaining. I give it 5 toes.

  • Emily, age 10 of Philidephia, PA
    I think Word Girl is a bit boring. I know all the words. Lexicon ( also the name of the planet Word Girl comes from) means vocabulary. Contagous is a word everyone knows(a disease you can catch). The villans are blunt and dull.(Pun not intended). The story always repets itself. I give it 2 toes.

  • Diana, age 16 of El Monte, CA
    I love this show!!! It's really funny. And it's true that they should use more difficult words, but other than that, this show is awesome.

  • Hailey, age 10
    I think it's oky the only real problem I have with it is that she gives the definition and example of a word every episode which can get really annoying. On the bright side it is kind of funny.

  • Bryan, age 7 of New York, NY
    I love word girl beacause she has cool villans

  • Connie, age 11 of Houston, TX
    I like the show, but I think it really could be improved. For example WordGirl defeats the villains really easily, knows every single word, and never does anything 'wrong.' A character, even a superhero, shouldn't be perfect. Also if there could be episodes geared towards older kids with tougher words and stuff that would help a lot.

  • Jorden, age 7 of GA
    I wish I can be word girl's sidekick but not a monkey.

  • Alexandra, age 8 of Albany
    It's okay to me my brother and sister like to watch it. Sometimes they really want me to watch with them while my mom is putting my baby sister to bed.

  • Sara, age 8 of NY
    I just LOVE the episode "When life gets you patatoes"! I like it when Wordgirl tells the Sherriff about the word "glum"!!! But I mostly like the part when Capatin Huggy Face shows us glum!!! But I mostly liked when the Sherriff ate his hat made of meat!!! LOL! (I still have more to say!!)

  • Maddie of Tucson, AZ
    I really like it. It's clever and fun, it would have been perfect when I was in 2nd grade! I wash I didn't already know those words!

  • Anne, age 12
    Word Girl is Awesome! I love the way she fights criminals one minute, then just talks to them the next. My little brother quotes it all the time. It's the best show! 500, 000 toes!!!

  • Sam, age 12 of Saline, MI
    This show is okay. But I already know all the words they talk about and I think the show has wimpy villians.

  • Mandi, age 11 of Norborne, MO
    I love the show because it's hilarious and teaches good vocabulary. I just wish there were more words less kids know because, well, I knew all the words on Word Girl since 3rd grade and I'm in 6th grade now. They could use words like "sesquipidalian" "diaphanous" or "jejune." (Look those words up if you're not sure what they mean.)

  • Daniel, age 10 of Phoenix, AZ
    wordgirl is so cool me and my sisters watch it every day.

  • Sara, age 8 of NY
    It os soooooo funny! I just love ot when Captin huggy face is really Bob!!!

  • Lily, age 8 of Colorado Springs, CO
    Love It! I give it 5 toes. I only get to watch it when it's a 3 or up day weekend or in summer or when I'm home sick, but I like it because it teaches me new words. I like it when that monkey dances at the end. My favorite one is the one when the burger person tries to crush the biulding. My favorite part is the guess the word part near the end. Oh yeah I like "What's my favorite word".

  • Marissa, age 11 of Wilmington, NC
    So funny! The only thing I don't like about it is that I already know all of the words that they talk about and I think it's sort of weird that Wordgirl is the only character who knows what they mean.

  • Alex, age 11 of San Antonio, TX
    I love it beecause I love spelling and things like that!!!

  • Chloe, age 9 of Joplin, MO
    I love Wordgirl because she has super powers and she never gets heart. Thats why I love Wordgirl.

  • Brooke, age 11 of Tallahassee, FL
    Word Girl is super awesome!

  • Matthew, age 11 of Pittsburgh, PA
    I like this show. Although it is kind of young for PBS Kids GO!, it is pretty funny. My dad loves it, probaly becasue he ca't see it, he's at work. I gave it 4 toes. Long live Zoom, and GO! Ruff Ruffman!

  • Abby of Washington, DC
    It's pretty cool because you learn new words. My favorite is Lady Redundant Woman.

  • Ahmad, age 7 of Anaheim, CA
    I like it a little bit and I play with my friends a game based on it. Igive it 2 toes.

  • Sarah, age 12 of Pennsylvania
    I like it! Its pretty funny to watch. I don`t watch it all the time but I have seen enough of them to know whats going on. The monkey is cool and word girl is neat too. 3 toes

  • Eugenia, age 9 of Goderich, ON
    I love word girl Igive it 10 toes up

  • Jennifer, age 10 of Adelphi, MD
    Some of the characters act dumb because when wordgirl talks about a work, they're confused, and I mean some of the words even I understand.

  • Lila, age 4 of Austin, TX
    I like Word Girl because she saves people. I like Toby best of the villains. Toby has cool robots. He wears glasses like I do. I like the yellow robot best. I LOVE to see Capt Huggyface do his dance at the end of the show. My mom likes that there is a girl with glasses in the front row of the game show because she is cute and I am cute and we both have glasses.

  • Sara, age 7 of West Demoine, IA
    I love it because she has powrs

  • Robert, age 8
    it is so cool.

  • Boogie, age 9 of Tennessee, TN
    it aint good

  • Caira, age 12 of Parker, CO
    I love Word girl. I especially love the villains. Except for the butcher. He gets on my nerves. My favrite villian is doctor two brains. He's hilarious, and he's kind of cute.

  • Kitty, age 12 of Fayetteville, NC
    totally love it!!! I guess I'm to old for it but who cares?! my 4 year old brother is afraid of it, but the rest of my family loves it!!! I gave it 5+ toes.

  • Abby, age 10 of Lexington, KY
    It's not a bad show show but it's not really good. Parts of it are funny, but mostly it's boring. But if there nothing else on then it's not bad.

  • Richard, age 6 of Messina
    Because I love Words!

  • Alex, age 13 of Beaverton, OR
    Word Girl is very cute and the little ones just love it!!! 5 toes!!

  • Patricia, age 7 of Lowell, MA
    I have a lot to say. I love Word Girl. It rocks! I like it when she tells me what the word means. The monkey is so cute. I wish I was Word Girl. Why don't you let Word Girl's family know that she is Word Girl? Mabey it is because they keep begging and begging. I still have more to say. I think Word Girl is the best! If you don't think that is a lot that is all I have to say

  • Shayla, age 12 of Jackson, GA
    because, well it's just BORING to me that is. so, what are some of your tv shows that you like?

  • Piper, age 12 of Midland, MI
    PBS Kids is cool in general, but then they just HAD to put in this new show. I think it is very stupid. It's not even that funny. The animation is weird and the jokes are so cheesy. I don't like it!!!

  • Matthew, age 8 of Van Buren, AR
    i love it because captain huggy face does funny stuff. GO MONKEY, GO

  • Gala, age 10 of Glen Ellyn, IL
    Wordgirl is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny! One minute the Butcher is her enemy and the next minute he is in a "normal" conversation with her. Same thing with Granny May, too- in this one episode her nephew, Wordgirl, and Violet are out watching clouds!

  • Katherine, age 7 of Lowell, MA
    I love word girl because she has a cute monkey. When she fights the bad guys with words it makes kids learn new words.

  • Zahin, age 9 of Elmhurst, NY
    Whenever the show word girl comes on tv I never miss it is like mytotally favorite show ontv in pbskids

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